A-Z of my favourite places in the world (IN PROGRESS)

  • A - Atlanta, my home town. But, if we are talking about places to travel to Athens should be here. Athens has a lot of history. The Parthenon is incredible. The Temple of Zeus, Ampltheater of Dionysos, and the old Olympic stadium are must sees. Also, the old ancient graveyard on the outskirts of town is also neat to see. I loved sitting in the open courtyards and eat mussaka, spinikopita, and dolmandes. Athens is wonderful.
  • B - Belize, Bealize is beautiful. There is some of the best diving in the world he re. Belize is home to the 2nd largest barrier reef system in the world. Also a must see is a dive in the Blue Hole. There are also wonderful Mayan Ruins. The tropical rain forest is also beautiful and we got to see the howler monkeys in the wild.....the y were so cool.
  • C ??? California, I have been to both San Francisco and Los Angeles and loved both trips. Both cities have lots to see and great nightlives. definitely when you go to S.F., you need to go to Alcatraz, the Pier, Ghiradelli Square, and seve ral of the museums. In L.A., you need to see the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign (but, you can't climb it unfortunately), and the Labrea Tar Pits. I'd like to see Northern California.
  • D - Delphi, Greece. The ruins at Delphi are incredible. The temple and sta dium are fantastic to see. They are in the mountains in some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere.
  • E ??? Ephasus in Kusadasi, Turkey. Some of the most incredible Greek ruins anywhere.
  • F - France, Paris. I loved Paris. The museums are fabulous. The be st museum is the Muse' D'Orsay. The Louve is fabulous, but takes longer than a day....most people rush to see the mona Lisa and miss some of the most fabulous works of art. Also must sees are Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triumphe, and the art ist squa re. We also went to see the show at the Moulin Rouge which was a lot of fun.
  • G - The Galapogos Islands. The best diving that I have ever experienced was here. We saw hammerhead sharks, black tip sharks, white tip sharks, all kinds of rays, sea li ons, peng uins, sea horses, sea turtles, swimming iguanas, eels, all colors of starfish, and all kinds of fish when diving. We also got to see the big Galapogos tortoises. There are also lots of endangered species of birds here. If you love animals and na ture, this is where you need to go.
  • H - Helen, GA. Helen, GA is a cute town in the North Georgia Mountains. It looks like a little Bavarian village. All buildings have to have the Bavarian theme to be approved. They also have a large Oktoberfest celebration ev ery y ear with live music and other festivities. It is a lot of fun. There is also a lot of good hiking and camping sights nearby. There are some of the prettiest hikes near there with waterfalls in the N. GA mountains.
  • I - Ireland, I loved Ireland. All the peo ple were so nice. Whenever we'd go out for dinner and a pint of Guinness, we would always meet people. It never ended up just 1 pint. we traveled all over the beautiful countryside. The places that should not be missed in Ireland are St. Patr ick's Cathete ral, Killkney Castle, The Blarney Stone, Nightlife in Dublin & Galway, the Celtic rings in Sligo, and the Giant's Causeway in Antrim.
  • J ??? John Pennecamp Reserve, FL. The John Pennecamp Reserve is off Key Largo and Key Tavenier. There is g reat div ing here. There are also several really cool wrecks to dive. Speigel Grove is highly recommended.
  • K - Key West, FL. Key West is so much fun. It has a great nightlife. I also recommend seeing the Hemmingway House. It is really cool. There are c ats every where wi th extra fingers on their paws. It is also a pretty island.
  • L - Lookout Mtn., Chattanooga. I went hanggliding here. It is an incredible experience. It is beautiful here, There is also Ruby Falls and Rock City here. Both are fun to visit. Ruby Falls is a hugh underground waterfall. Rock City has cool rock formations.
  • M - Maui, Hawaii. Maui has incredible beaches. Everywhere you look is another picturesque view. We went hiking into the bamboo forrests to see some of the most incredible waterfalls. We went to Kalakaea volcano crater and rode horses into the crater. It was really cool looking, almost surreal.
  • N ??? New Orleans. New Orleans is a fun town. Mardi Gras is an experience in its own. The Jazz Festival (May) and Voodoo Festivals (Oct) are great music festivals in New Orleans. I like the French District and the Garden District. New Orleans is a charming city that is a lot of fun. I also love canjun style food. yum!
  • O - The Occoee River. This is the river that was used for the river kayaking in the 19 96 Olympics. This is one of the best rivers in the country to kayak. But, it is by no means for beginners.
  • P ??? Peru. We loved Peru. Machu Picchu is breathtaking. We also saw went to Cuzco. Cuzco was the capital of the Inca Empire. It was taken over by th e Spanish and there are some beautiful churches from the Spanish. Ollantaymbo also had great ruins. I did not get to the Nazca Lines, so we have to go back to see them.
  • Q ??? Quito is a pretty city in Equador. It is surrounded by mountains. There are lots o f pretty buildings and sights to see. The hiking in the mountains is good right outside the city. Flying into Quito is a little nerveracking because you feel like you are going to hit the mountains.
  • R - Rhodes, Greece. I loved Rhodes. There is the Old Med evial City and the old ancient city of Lindos. To get to Lindos, you have to either walk or ride by mule because cars are not allowed on the ancient streets. The Old Medeival City is really cool looking with the draw bridges a nd the parapets. It is a grea t place to go and visit.
  • S - St. Marten. I loved the diving in St. Marten. We did a shark dive here, which was fabulous. The island is pretty. One side of the island is French and the other side is Dutch, so there are 2 disti nct personalitie s to the different sides of the islands.
  • T ??? Tallulah Gorge, Georgia. Tallulah Gorge is so beautiful that Tallulah Bankhead (the singer) named her after the Gorge. You can go down into the Gorge and at the bottom is a waterfall that y ou can slide down i nto a crystal clear spring. Then you can go boulder hopping down to a series of waterfalls. A few times a year they let the dam down so that you can go kayaking. You have to prove you are an experienced kayaker to get a permit for this. It is a tough ride. Also, nearby is Panther Creek Trail, whick is a wonderful hiking trail.
  • U ??? Utah, It is a beautiful state. We went hiking in the mountains in ther northern part of the state. Then went to swim in the Great Salt Lake. Then went to Bryce Canyon, Zion Cany on, and National Arches Park, which are incredibly beautiful places.
  • V - Versaille, France. The Palace of Versaille is incredible. The elegance and beauty in all of the rooms are breathtaking. The gardens are gorgeous. It is just a sight to behold.
  • W - Wa shington, D.C. I love the museums and the historical monuments in D.C. Some must sees are the Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian, the Capitol building, Jefferson Monument, Washington Monument, and the Lincolm Memorial.
  • X - Xtapa, Xtapa is a place on the Yu catan Pennisul a which has lots of cool animals in their natural habitat, both land and sea life. They also have some ancient Mayan ruins to see. The night show is recommended because they show the Mayan culture through dance an d sports demonstrations for the first half. The second half celebrates the Mexican culture.
  • Y - Yucatan Penninsula, Mexico. We stayed on the Yucatan Pennisula. It is incredible. There is great diving here. You can dive in the Cenotes, which are underwater caves that are crystal c lear and have a ncient relics that you can see. There are also animals in there that I have never seen before. There are also incredible ancient Mayan ruins there. Some of the best ruins are Chichen Itza, Coba, and Tulum.
  • Z - The Zoo. I hate puting a gene ric one down. Bu t, I like going to the zoo. I tend to like to try to see the animals in the wild instead. Hopefully, I'll be able to go on an African Safari and see the Gorillas in Zambia or see Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Then I would have a Z. But, for now, we will stick with zoo,
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Thank you for the inspiration. I copied the idea of this list, but made it my own. It was harder than it looked. I had a hard time with Z. I also had a few places for several of the places.