A-Z of my favourite places in the world

  • A - Augustiner Beer Hall, Munich, Germany
  • B - My sister's Backyard for Barbeque
  • C – Café in Paris (or just about anywhere, or just about anywhere in Paris, for that matter)
  • D - Da Michele (Pizzeria), Napoli, Italy
  • E – the Evergreen forests of the Queen Charlotte Islands (give me a break, Q was taken!)
  • F - in front of a Fire
  • G - the Gym (or Greece)
  • H - Hon's Wonton House, Vancouver, BC
  • I - Italian pastry shops on Commercial Drive, Vancouver
  • J – Jazz bars (ex. Matt & Phred’s Manchester, UK)
  • K - in any Kitchen with a friend
  • L - at a Lake, camping
  • M - Merchant's Inn (pub), Rugby, Warwickshire, England
  • N – Nice, France (or Nuremberg, Germany)
  • O - Opera house in Vienna
  • P – Pho Hoang, Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, BC
  • Q – the Quay at Lonsdale in North Vancouver, BC
  • R - Riomaggiore harbour, Cinque Terre, Italy
  • S - Sooke Harbour House (restaurant), Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC
  • T – Thermal baths, Budapest, Hungary
  • U – UBC (the most beautiful campus I’ve seen – includes the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts)
  • V - Vancouver
  • W - Wine shops (or a Weed café in Amsterdam)
  • X – Nothing starts with X
  • Y – York, Northern UK (maybe? I’ll be going there in a few weeks, so I’ll find out then)
  • Z - the Zoo (otherwise known as the Vancouver Game Farm. Haven’t been in years.)
Author Comments: 

I'm ripping this off of the other list that covers all the lists Listologists would like to see. To whoever that was, thanks!

This is much more difficult than I anticipated. For example, I want to list a Vietnamese Pho Restaurant, but V,P, and R are taken, and all the restaurant titles usually begin with "Pho".

I liked this list. I copied it and made my own list of cool places with the alphabet. I loved Paris too. I also went to Vancouver a few years ago and went over to Victoria. It is beautiful out there. For B- I wanted to put Buchard Gardens which is out near you. I wanted more B's. I wanted to trade in a Z for a B.

Yeah, I don't know who it was who originally suggested this kind of list, but I thought it was a great idea. It was much harder than I anticipated. I wanted more V's, P's, and G's. Actually, I could think of several for a few of these, and I ended up making a list of ALL my favourite places, picking the most important, and trying to slot them into the alphabet. It took some juggling.

I read your list yesterday - nice one. I've never been to Ixtapa, but I studied a bit of it in Archaeology. Is it really spelled Xtapa, or are you cheating a bit? If you are, I won't blame you one iota. ;)