In This Year 2001 : 10 Greatest Films Of 2001

  • 1. The Lord Of The Rings : The Fellowship Of The Ring
  • 2. The Others
  • 3. Memento
  • 4. Bully
  • 5. A. I. Artificial Intelligence
  • 6. Monster's Ball
  • 7. Waking Life
  • 8. Panic
  • 9. A Beautiful Mind
  • 10. Amelie

Cool beans . . . another Panic fan! I think that makes three of us.

Who would be the third?

The sleepless, more cinematically literate Jim. See his post here. I know. Thanks Jim.

And I would be the 4th...

Ah, so you liked Bully, eh?
I put it on my third tier, but now that I've got some breathing room, I've discovered that while I didn't love the film, I did enjoy it more than I originally thought.

I loved Bully. Larry Clark is a great film maker. He really knows how to make young peoples movies.