In This Year 1992 : 10 Greatest Films Of 1992

  • 1. Malcom X
  • 2. The Bad Lieutenant
  • 3. Hoffa
  • 4. Unforgiven
  • 5. Lorenzo's Oil
  • 6. Like Water For Chocolate
  • 7. The Crying Game
  • 8. The Player
  • 9. The Story Of Qui Ju
  • 10. Glengarry Glen Ross

It does not speak well of 1992 that a Steven Seagal movie cracked the top 10. Sure, it was probably his most entertaining (or, more accurately, least painful :-), but to make a "best 10" list, ay-ai-ai.

Or is this just a test to see if anybody is reading? Are you waiting for somebody to mention Reservoir Dogs, El Mariachi, or A Few Good Men? :-)

Or A League of Their Own, Howard's End, Passion Fish, A River Runs Through It, Aladdin, or even, God help me, My Cousin Vinny?

Under Seige? Say it ain't so . . . :-)

Definitely shocked to see Under Seige over Reservoir Dogs or Howards End. On the foreign film front, Un Coeur en Hiver or The Story of Qiu Ju come to mind as excellent contenders for this list.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Les and Jim, thank you for voicing your concerns. I think Under Seige is still one of the best films of this year, but Les woke my ass up with The Story Of Qui Ji, a fantastic film. How could I forget that. I watched that film three times one day because I felt it was too short. I needed More of it. I'm re adjusting this year.

You once asked me about Zhang Yimou. I mentioned Raise the Red Lantern, but it sounds like mentioning Qui Ju would have rang a bigger bell. He's great.

I didn't realize he was the director Of Qui Ju. I will investigate his body of work now, you can count on it Jimmy.

How do you people remember what movie came out in what year? Is there a list somewhere? There is no way I could remember this stuff.

I used as a guide. For each year they have a title index. I go through the titles, find the ones I've seen, and determine from that list what my ten favorites are.

Apparently I never went to a movie in 1992. Nor rented any of these.

I haven't seen The Bad Lieutenant, but the rest are all good. I'm comfortable recommending Like Water for Chocolate, The Story of Qui Ju, and Glengarry Glen Ross. Unforgiven is also a fantastic western, but very dark. Finally, I remember The Player as being my favorite Robert Altman movie, but that may change as I rewatch more of his films.

I totally did not see Player on the list at first glance. I did see that movie. I love movies about the movie business. I enjoyed this one immensely.

I really like Robert Altman....