Worst movies I've seen in awhile

  • Misery~ Man, the book wasn't too bad. I actually kind of enjoyed it. But they raped the film. It was done so incredibly poorly....the only good thing I could say about the film was the house looked good, like I imagine it. But everything else was all gone to hell. And Kathy Bates won an oscar for that. She was terrible, she came off more like an eccentric aunt or something than crazy. Caan was just boring too. He's a good actor, but he just was so boring and showed zero emotion. They just screwed that movie so bad....
  • Natural Born Killers~ I just finisher this one and my god is it offensive. What is it trying to say? Killing is good and media is bad? Sure, the media can be a bunch of assholes I agree, but the satire here was lost. It was just lots and lots of pointless violence the world could do without. Kind of ironic that they talked about worthless movies and this one is so unnecessary. I can hardly believe Quentin Tarantino wrote something so shitty.
  • Lost Highway~I watched this one today too. Here's my take on it: They started filimg one movie, wasted half thier budget on it and decided to can it. So they just put a qig on Patricia Arquette and told her to show her boobies alot and got another story going, and then threw the two stories together sloppily without any explanation and tried to pass it off as "deep" or "open to interpretation" Yeah right. That sucked.
  • Chicago~ This isn't really fair, but I f'n hate musicals. So It wasn' fair me to see it, but it gets the distinct honour of being the only movie I've ever walked out on. I found it offensive, pointless, and overall not evertaining. The main character is a whore with no redeeming qualities, yet we're still supposed to get behind her and love her? Its not even like human flaws that she shows, she's just downright a horrible person, and the satircal side of this does not shine through at all. I hate how they act in musicals, I hate how they sing, and I hated the plot of this movie especially.
  • One Hour Photo~ I was highly dissappionted with this movie, especially considering the guy at the movie place said if you like Donnie Darko, you'll like this. Everytime it started to build up some steam, get some tension or something good going, it totally ruined it and all was lost. Robin Williams wasn't bad in it, could've been better, but mainly the story was boring and it was freaky for the most part. Lots of the movie was pointless fluff. Shame, could've been very good.
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I was just hit with an onslaught of bad cinema. Wish I had never seen these crap films....

There's a lot of hate for Misery at Listology that I don't understand.

I didn't know that, everyone I've ever talked to liked it. I was so dissappointed...I just think its a terrible film. If you like it, then don't read the book to see how good it could have been.

Not quite sure what the deep insight to NBK was either. I always thought of it as an Oliver Stone dorkfest in which he let out all his perverted deep-set funk. It's pretty awful.



your right not only do we like the same movies we hate the same aswell, tho natural born killers , was 'ok'

I don't understand the hatred for "Natural Born Killers" either. I thought it was a fun, trippy film with an interesting point about how the media can cheapen something horrifying like murder by turning it into some kind of weird craze. We have all become so desensitized to violence and horrible things, and that's why Stone made choices like making some sickeningly dysfunctional family into some weird sitcom with Rodney Dangerfield.

I hate to sound so pretentious and elitist, but I'm not sure everyone really gets it.

Oh, I got it. Media misrepresentation of violence, dramatzing death, blah blah. If it hadn't been so "masturbatory" in its storytelling the movie would probably better skewer it's target. Stone glamorizes his subject in subtle ways to make his movie effective, then says "See! you like the voilence you sickie you." To use an old quote, "don't piss on my head and tell me its raining."



Ah, but the masturbatory style was so much in keeping with the satire. I don't think Stone was judging the audience (if that's what you meant). I think his glamorizing was consistent with the irony of his message. I think it functions on two levels: Stone says that media and pop culture glorify violence and desensitize us to it, and then he bathes the movie in a wash of colors, bells, and whistles to make the sick violence fun. I think it's a very intelligent, satirical movie.

I think the satiracal sense of the film is completely lost though. It feels like that his excuse for amking the film that violent, but it seems more like he just wanted to kill lots of people.

I'd have to agree with 5intheface but I get your point AJ, I just didn't like it.



Where'd you go stook? I figured I'd come to the point of your last known whereabouts and ask.

5intheface, I hope this doesn't offend you, but do you have trouble stomaching some violent films? It seems like when a film is very violent or bloody, that alone is enough to make you dislike it. I was just wondering...

Sorry AJ, I forgot to mention that I think you have a solid point and like your argumant, but I still think it wasn't very good.

As for violent movies, I like alot of violent movies. Pulp Fiction and Fight Club are two of my Three very favorites, The Godfather was very good and most movies could use some violence for shock value and realism and to keep your attention. But its when used in excess and doesn't add to the plot anymore is when I draw the line and it doesn't seem enjoyable to watch anymore.

At the line would be Resevoir Dogs and Kill Bill. I love these movies, I love Tarantino and these have awesome plots and great characters and style and everything a movie should have. but there's parts where its just a bit too strong on gore for my taste. Like the whole Ear scene was hard to watch, but you get over it because its a great movie. Or in Kill Bill Volume 1, where (I don't know how to make the fancy highlight spoiler warning, so just be warned of SPOILERS:) O-Ren's parents are murdered in the Comic-book style animation, its just too much there. That whole chapter doesn't add much to the plot and as great as the animation is, its too much for me.

SO I don't mind violence when used tastefully and it adds to the plot, like any in Pulp Fiction. But what I don't like is when its just done for the sake of doing to try to save a horrible movie.

So, wait. Did you dislike the ear scene because it was hard to watch, or because it didn't add to the plot? Or both?

Me, I too thought the ear scene was tough to watch, but it was part of Tarantino's style and artistic purpose. And if it didn't contribute to plot development, then I certainly think it contributed to character development, in that it helped portray Michael Madsen as a sadistic psychopath.

BTW, to create spoiler warnings, just take one of these < and one of these > and put the word SPOILER in between them. Then at the end of the spoilers, do the same thing but put /SPOILER in between them.

No, I liked where the ear scene went, it was just watching it freaked the hell out of me, I didn't see it coming at all. I liked where the o moovie went from there and it was good character developemant, I agree.

Thanks for teaching me how to do Spiolers.