Worst Movies of All Time

  • This isn't complete yet - Send me any I missed.
  • Dumb and Dumberer
  • Ishtar
  • Gigli
  • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 5
  • Pinnochio (2002)
  • Baby Geniuses 2
  • Highlander 2
  • Virtually anything Mary-Kate and Ashley
  • Friday the 13th 3
  • Friday the 13th 8
  • Jaws 4
  • Shriek if you know what I did last Friday the 13th
  • Silence of the Hams
  • Amityville 3-D
  • Jaws 3-D
  • Stayin Alive (AKA Saturday Night Fever 2)
  • The Master of Disguise
  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash
  • The In-Crowd
  • National Lampoons Gold Diggers
  • Halloween 5
  • Supergirl
  • Air Bud 2
  • 2001: A Space Travesty
  • Boogeyman
  • Darkness
  • Deep Core
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Sextette
  • Sorority House Vampires from Hell
  • Robo C.H.I.C.
  • Urban Warriors
  • Voodoo Academy
  • GI Samurai
  • Death Ship
  • The Cars that Ate Paris
  • Bloody Bender
  • Alien Prey
  • In Service to America
  • Plan 9 From Outer Space (Tell you honestly, this is bad enough to be worth watching. I'd really like to see this one - I heard it's so bad that it's really really hilarious, not unengaging and painful like the rest of these.)
  • Catwoman
  • Going Overboard
  • Mom And Dad Save The World
  • Alexander
  • Date Movie
  • Material Girls
  • Epic Movie
  • Cheetah Girls 2
  • Bratz

i liked Dumb and Dumberer :)

lol - well, this is mostly an opinion list. I jsut personally couldn't stand it. (Then again, I loved the first one - Dumb and Dumber.)

see that is odd... because from what i've seen the only people who really hate dumb and dumberer, didn't really like dumb and dumber... but the ones who loved dumb and dumber, thought dumb and dumberer was ok, like myself.

Haha, well, you're honestly the first I've met who liked Dumb and Dumberer.

I agree on all those I have seen, especially Scooby-Doo 2 which I watched yesterday. Terrible!

gigli... so bad it's on your list TWICE!

i didn't think the in-crowd, was worst movie of all time material... but then again my tv is set to the lifetime movie network half the day(basically whenever I don't have the clicker)

lol - I didn't actually notice that.

Meh, maybe I'll leave it. It's actually pretty fitting. Nah...there are worse on this list.

Thanks for pointing it out!

I'd nominate Dumb Luck, very poor, unfunny Martin Short/Danny Glover comedy. Mars Attack, didn't really have an honest laugh throughout the film, more forced laughter than honest ones anyway.
STarsky and Hutch, same deal. The Ending was a HUGE disappointment, and do we really have to have cameos of the TV Starsky and Hutch when it makes an ending so damn awkward?

I don't know, I enjoyed Mars Attacks, and I thought Starsky and Hutch was just mediocre, not absolutely awful.

I haven't seen Dumb Luck...I'll have to watch it first.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I Nominate "Godsend"

Haven't seen it. I've heard awful things though.

Going Overboard - Adam Sandler - his 1st movie
Martians Go Home - Randy Quaid
It's Pat - Julia Sweeney - SNL Hell
Hail Caesar - Robert Downey Jr., Samual L. Jackson & Anthony Michael Hall

I haven't seen any of those: exept Going Overboard. +adds

I'll have to watch them...thanks!

And...I'm out.

Reefer Madness: Like Plan 9 From Outer Space, this horrendous and ridiculous propaganda films about the dangers of smoking marijuana is so bad, it has been virtually moved to the comedy category. Laugh my ass off at the crazed, wide-eyed pot heads acting more like they are on speed than weed.

lol - I've actually heard that one called "a classic." I'll have to check it out! :)

I think Daredevil and Cawoman should be included... it would be CRIMINAL not to include them. God. What did we do to desreve such crap! Both of em try to be psuedo-superheroish and end up screwing soooo badly u actually start laughing as the movie ends.

Catwoman for sure, not Daredevil though. Daredevil was just mediocre, not "worst movie of all time" worthy.

Boat Trip
Friday After Next
Queen of the Damned
House of the Dead
Joe Dirt
My Bosses Daughter
White Chicks
Charlie's Angesl 2: Full Throttle

Worst Films I've ever seen:

I haven't seen half of those...but for the ones I have seen (Joe Dirt, White Chicks, Charlies Angels 2, Queen of the Damned), I wouldn't call them the worst movies I'd ever seen, just totally forgettable - like 1 and a half to 2 star movies (ot of five)...

Although Joe Dirt is pretty close.

Remember: theser movies have to be so bad you actually remember watching them, because they were so painful/unintentionally hilarious.

A movie you walk out of and go... "that sucked...next", doesn't really qualify for this, because there are something like 10 bad movies released every month.

i'll second going overboard... and i'd have to nominate E.T. although i know no one else in the world thinks it's bad enough to compete... i do.

I think E.T. is an excellent movie. It doesn't go on the list. Even if I didn't like it, there would be no way it could ever hold a candle to the awfulness of anything on this list. Also, ET is on the 1000 best movies ever made list, and deservedly so. I think you're probably the only person who doesn't like it.

Going Overboard is definitely worthy of the list though.

i told you i was the only one... haha


I don't know if you put this on there but it blows all the others away.

---> Mom And Dad Save The World <---

It is the definately the worst movie that I have ever seen. It comes complete with alien fish people and a flying space car.

heehee - I'll have to watch it, but for now, I'm just going to add it anyway :)

I also I forgot the following:

-- Howard The Duck --
I can't even discribe with words how idiotic this movie is. See it only, and I mean ONLY, if you happened to be drugged at the time.


-- The Neverending Story 2 --
I hadn't seen this movie for a while until I watched it over at a friends house, for some reason. Watch the white dragon thing when it is flying (forgot it's name). It seems to be attached to a string (like the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail). I couldn't stop laughing at that.


-- The Neverending Story 3 --
For the strangest reason they tried to make another one. This one is easily 10 times worse than the previous Neverending Story movie. I was suprised to see Jack Black in it though (that doesn't really make it better, but it was suprising that he went from this movie to Tenacious D and King Kong a few years later).

How 'bout Alexander, and Closer?

Yes, Alexander was pretty awful.

As for Closer, do you mean this Closer:

If so, I know a lot of people who enjoyed it, and it got moderately favorable reviews. From the previews I saw, it looked mediocre and average to me (as well as outside a genre I really enjoy - if you enjoy that sort of movie, it would probably be quite good), not blatantly awful. I haven't seen it, so I can't really say. Unless you're talking about a different movie?

And...I'm out!

'Tis the same. I am not surprised it's got so many rotten tomatoes. It is so awful you would actually curse the very day God gave you eyes to see. How can anyone even digest this crap? It is sensless and very much Pinteresque with a lot of sex. The sex chat between Jude Law and Clive Owen should've won the razie for the worst sex ever on celluloid . *pukes*

Well, from what I read about it, wasn't that the point of the scene?

I heard it makes some deep and insightful points about destructive relationships.

But alas, I haven't seen it, I'll have to watch it first...

It was. But I'm sure it could've been much better than what has been depicted. See it at your own risk, you have been forewarned :). But I suppose I am the only Listologist to hate this film. Our very own lbangs has a very positive review about it. :-S

Worst of all time, some of you have forgotten your invisible friends....


Is it just me or did you forget your invisible friend too?


Starship. Troopers.

I think it was made to be bad.
But I just got angry when I watched it.
It sure did a good job if it tried to look horrid.

And those fucking Cheetah Girls. They just came out with a sequel to that shit.

Yeah, that goes on.

Yeah, but that's why I kinda liked it. (starship troopers, that is).

Material Girls.

Yep. I sadly had to watch this (sister again)

You forgot 'Epic Movie'. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Also the 'Scary Movie's after number 2.

Haha, I watched part of "Date Movie" since my friend had rented it (for some reason...I guess he doesn't read reviews) and it was really, really unfunny. I'd imagine Epic Movie is the same.

Plan 9 and Reefer Madness shouldn't be on the list, because they're both entertaining. In hindsight, it's easy to see how Reefer Madness was simply propaganda with no actual scientific backing, and the "acting" is so great to watch. Plan 9 is indeed hilarious. There's so many scenes in the movie that just make you go, "What?"

By the way, how many of these movies have you actually seen? It doesn't seem fair to make a list like this if you haven't even seen the movies. Who knows, maybe Baby Geniuses 2 has a number of good one-liners?

And, to top it off, here are the worst I've seen:

-Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights. I have no idea who this movie is pandering to. It's written like a kid's movie, yet features a number of random poop jokes. The plot is awful, and hearing Sandler play the old Jewish couple is so irritating it's nearly surreal. And who gives Adam Sandler a change of heart in the end this time? The Foot Locker logo! It was painful to watch, but like many terrible movies I couldn't change the channel - it just kept getting worse.

-40 Days and 40 Nights. The jokes were unfunny (the best part was in the previews, and I didn't even smile at that one), but it's the plot that really gets to me. It depicts women as sex objects who use their attractiveness to manipulate men, and men as being powerless to stop them. It also has one of the worst movie endings ever - the main character is raped by his ex-girlfriend, and his current girlfriend gets pissed at him! I think they tried to make it seem like he gave it for story purposes, but of course we at home know it wasn't really his fault, and the writers seem to ignore the fact that the main character was raped. As many have said, if the genders were reversed, this movie would be obscene (which it kind of is already...)

-Clerks 2. But apparently I was the only one in the theatre who thought that? Randal goes from funny to irritating, Dante goes from clever to obnoxious, Jay & Silent Bob go from drug dealers to comic relief (not that they have, you know, any comical lines), and the new character, Elias, is supposed to be a nerd, but apparently Kevin Smith of all people can't write a nerd character. It wasn't *terrible*, but for a movie Kevin Smith said would never be made, I figured he had come up with a really great idea for it.

Epic Movie should go on, for sure.

I've seen most of them. I haven't seen Baby Geniuses 2, but I absolutely hated Baby Geniuses 1, and I've heard the second was even worse.

I liked Clerks 2. I mean, I agree, it wasn't as good as Clerks, but worst of all time?

I haven't seen the other 2. I wasn't interested: they looked just...mediocre. I know they weren't supposed to be very good, but they didn't seem like they'd fit into "worst of all time."

As for Plan 9 and Reefer Madness, I don't know. They're classic bad movies though, so I think I'll leave them.

There's a movie called Sorority House Vampires from Hell?

...It is my new mission in life to hunt this down and watch it.

"NUTTY PROFESSOR:The Klumps" was the biggest load of turd that I’ve ever seen. Ghost Rider was also a recent shocker.

I personally loved Ghost Rider...

What?.... Dude, I hope you're joking.

........ nope.
One of the only Marvel movies I enjoyed.
That and the X-Men movie collection.
Which many people will point out as another catastrophy.

But I prefer them high above any other Marvel themed movies.

Speaking of Marvel movies... I agree strongly with Merlin's opinion on Daredevil being complete and utter script-trash. Yikes. I saw that in theatres and couldn't even scarf down my popcorn I was so appalled...

And we all know Marvel beats DC.

What I find to be the most irritating aspect of Comic movies, besides the script (or the lack thereof), is the casting. What dumb FotherMucker decided that Topher Grace should play the role of Venom(Eddie Brock), the the latest Spiderman movie. The original comic character was a body builder, who was twice the size of most people, whereas Topher Grace is half the size of most.

I was also dissapointed with the casting of Kelsey Grammar as "Beast" in X-Men. Recently I heard that they almost asked Beyonce' to play Louis Lane in DC's "Superman Returns". That would have been a joke & a half.

And it does'nt end there: Apparently Robert Downey JNR will star in the main role as "Iron Man", and Heath Ledger will play the Joker in the next Batman movie. What a crock of Sh*t.

The casting of these particular movies should be done in way, that pulls the characters straight out of the comics, not out of a monthly Gossip magazine.

All of those are valid arguments, and were definitely annoying aspects of the film, but Spiderman 3 still had a lot that redeemed it. While it's no masterpiece, for sure, and a big let-down from the first 2 films, to me it still seemed quite watchable, and relatively entertaining. Like 3/5. Daredevil is pretty bad, but again, I liked a few things (2/5). Same deal with X-Men 3. But I have to disagree with you about Ironman: Robert Downey JNR was amazing as the title character - perfectly cast. He inhabited the character like he was born to do it, and I never doubted his clever, sly, and perfectly timed performance. And also, from preliminary previews of The Dark Knight, it looks like Heath Ledger will make a nice Joker. Besides, I trust Christopher Nolan's ability - he seems to have the Martin Scorsese gift of pulling the best out of actors, and he wouldn't let Ledger turn out a bad performance.

Heath Ledger's Joker was just brilliant. Flawless and scary.

Agreed, it was genius. My favorite performance of the year, and it'll be a tragedy if he doesn't win best actor for it (especially since he's dead, and won't get another chance to show his talent - which we now know is considerable).

I can't believe how wrong I've been. I originally thought that Downey Jr would be a catastrophe in Iron-Man. However, when learning more about the comic character, I realized that Tony Stark was quite different to most honourable/saintly heroes. Quit flawed, and Downey played it to perfection. Hopefully, this will teach other directors to cast performers who can actually act.
But it was Heath Ledger that pleasantly surprised me the most. Upon hearing that he might be an Oscar nominee, my immediate reaction was that he would be acknowledged simply because of his recent passing. His performance, though, was spellbinding. I think it was my best Comic-movie villain yet. His performance gave the viewers a feeling that he didn’t care about anything, his self-included. Very different to the comic character, but a good kind of different. I've completely changed my mind, and think he should take The Best Actor honours.

Indeed, great stuff. This was a good year for superhero movies, and I think a large part of it was really daring casting choices that payed off.

Put Bratz on there. It was the single stupidest shite film i've ever seen. I was not watching it by choice.

I know it's that bad, even from just the previews. Yeah, it deserves a place.

Since Darkness holds a horror movie spot on this ungratiously-horrible movie list, I recommend you viewing Pulse.

It gives one the same mind-splitting frustration and anger as Darkness did (at least for myself), and also fits under the category of movies in which all good scenes are taken as participants in all of the previews... thereby obliterating any excitement.

I'll have to check that one out first, just because it's based on a really good Japanese horror movie (so it likely has at least one or two redeeming qualities).

Battlefield Earth: Although I would like to recommend this as one of the worst movies of all-time, I also wouldn’t want to force anyone to sit through this horse-shit. Because I watched it with friends, it would have seemed rude of me to walk out half way through. So I watched in agony.
There were times in the film that I contemplated suicide, by means of a Pistol or Hammer, but to my disappointment, I was left no choice but to watch until the end. It was definitely a traumatising experience, and having John Travolta in the main role, just made things worse.

It was pretty bad, but I actually enjoyed a few (fleeting) aspects of it (maybe sadly). I would give it 1/5, and this list is 0/5 movies.

I'm not even sure if it's out yet but you can pretty much tell it's going to merit a placement: Superhero Movie.

I've heard it's a really abysmal movie, but all descriptions also note that it isn't the worst, merely quite mediocre. It probably doesn't merit a placement, because it doesn't seem to be memorably bad (and with 14% positive reviews, and a score of 33 on metacritic, it likely lands right in the middle of the bomb-of-the-month category, nothing monstrously bad).

I nominate Spice World. Yes, I actually sat through the entire thing with my younger (female) cousin many moons ago. Why I didn't kill myself at some point during the movie I'll never understand.

I'm not sure what was worse, the movie itself, or my Spice Girls-obsessed cousin singing and dancing (horribly, I might add) during the entire thing.

I can't put Spice World on the list, because I actually loved the Spice Girls at the time (I think I was 8 or 9), and therefore enjoyed the movie. I mean, I'd obviously hate it now, but at the time I was entertained.

I know liking it as a little kid is no excuse to leave a movie off, but I think that movie was a product of its time and culture, and only unspeakably awful now because we are no longer in it. Anyone who is a currently still a fan of the Spice Girls would also still like the movie. No one likes it now only because no one is really a fan of them anymore. It's like a 2 hour music video. The hate towards the movie would be the (understandable) hate towards the band - since the movie is just a thinly veiled carrier for their songs. I think there's much worse out there that people can see.

If these movies deserve anything, its to be on this list.

Yeah, those look monstrously bad, I'll likely add them if I ever see them.

(this list is hard to grow, because I never want to watch the suggestions for it)

I certainly don't recommend consumption of the entirety of these in the near future, but spaced out perhaps...

I Accuse My Parents (1944)
Lost Continent (1951) (20 minutes of rock-climbing? At least it's not preaching on how racism is bad, I guess.)
Santa Claus (1959)
The Starfighters (1964)
Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)
Caligula (1979)
Pod People (1983)
Wildcats (1986)
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)
The Howling III (1987)
Over the Top (1987) (Stallone arm-wrestling custody battle movie, which speaks for itself.)
Look Who's Talking Now (1993)
Menace II Society (1993)
The Mangler (1995)
Powder (1995)
Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)
A Time to Kill (1996)
Gummo (1997)
American History X (1998)
Patch Adams (1998)
Dr. Dolittle 2 (1999)
Pay It Forward (2000)
Remember the Titans (2000)
Requiem for a Dream (2000) (Drugs are bad. This public service announcement lasts another two hours.)
I Am Sam (2001)
Pearl Harbor (2001)
State Property (2002)
Haggard: The Movie (2003)
Monster (2003)
Dark Harvest 2: The Maize (2004)
I Accidentally Domed Your Son (2004)
White Chicks (2004)
You Got Served (2004)
The Chumscrubber (2005)
Crash (2005) (At least it's occasionally a laugh-riot)
King's Ransom (2005)
Thumbsucker (2005) (Angst more please)
Candy (2006) (Because people somehow failed to get the message from the incredibly blunt Requiem for a Dream)
Little Children (2006)
Little Man (2006)
Phat Girlz (2006)
Running with Scissors (2006)
Tsotsi (2006)
We Are the Strange (2007)
Who's Your Caddy? (2007)
The Air I Breathe (2008)

Yeah, I realize many of these movies are recent. You'd be surprised how snide and offensive people have managed to make movies these days. The good news? You've already got Going Overboard out of the way, nearly inarguably the king of the hill, but incontrovertibly the cinematic equivalent of getting raped.

No way any of these are going on:
Welcome to the Dollhouse
American History X
Requiem for a dream

Did you confuse this list with "best movies of all time?"

There's so much more to Requiem for a Dream than "drugs are bad" (which is simply inherent in parts of the story, and not even really the focus, IMO) - it's such a complex, multi-layered character study and beautifully directed film (successfully experimental, even) that I don't know how you can see it as nothing but a 2 hour public service announcement. Besides, have you seen Darren Arontofsky's newest movie: "The Fountain?" No way he has anything against drugs in general (not psychedelics, anyway). Heroin and amphetamines maybe, but I didn't catch the "drugs are bad" blanket statement at all. If anything, I found the drug aspect of the story was handled with stark realism, something usually lacking in movies involving drug addiction (they either play into public drug mythologies [one puff of marijuana or one tab of LSD and you'll either go crazy forever or think you can fly and jump off a bridge!!!], or glamorize it).

These I found fairly good (not great, just fairly good):
A Time to Kill
Remember the Titans

And these are just average mediocre movies, there's far worse out there:
Patch Adams
Dr. Doolittle 2
Running with Scissors
The Chumscrubber
I Am Sam
Pay it Forward

I've seen and disliked a couple of the others (although there's certainly worse...), but I honestly disagree so much with your list that I don't think most of those I haven't seen will end up going on if I ever do watch them.

Best movies of all time LOL! Definitely no confusion there, especially considering there was no mention of Hawks, Wilder, Nolan, Miyazaki, etc.

Anything that seems out of place was probably included on account of its extraordinary moral repugnance, and how filmmakers can spend 2+ hours pounding in one (1!) facile message.

Take Requiem for a Dream, for example, which reads like a garish marriage of two antecedents: one, Reefer Madness, to my knowledge the first drugs-are-bad movie whose thematic complexity was roughly equivalent to that of propaganda and public service announcements, i.e. "It's 10 PM, do you know where your children are?", and secondly, the overrated The Bicycle Thief, one of the chief perpetrators that spearheaded the trend of smearing protagonists' faces in the dirt for their entirety and calling it a narrative, all the while making laughable claims to reality and heft by citing depressing realism as the driving force, which conveniently ignores how decision is the fundamental principle of drama, and that there's little significance and nothing at stake in unfortunate events that happen to individuals in scenarios beyond their control. Requiem for a Dream is essentially the worst of both worlds, sermonizing on the hazards of drug abuse (regardless of whether the substances are legal or illegal, Aronofsky simply doesn't bother to differentiate between the two) while using multiple characters for the same purpose: to express just enough in the way of goals, aspirations, and whatnot to garner sympathy so they can then be shepherded to ruin by their pervading drug affliction ... for the entire goddamn movie. What's absurd and incredibly offensive about the ordeal is that there is no "stark realism" involved (not that such a principle would justify blatant sermonizing in cinema, an essential advocacy film), and protagonists are forced into the most sensationalized cause and effect situations imaginable, not merely financial or personal distress but blowjobs to seedy individuals, ass to ass, increasingly gangrenous flesh, etc. (Funny how nobody overdoses and simply dies, eh? Apparently it takes ludicrously prolonged suffering to prove the point - again, Aronofsky's only ostensible goal here.) To make matters worse, Aronofsky directs with sledgehammer subtlety (see - or rather, hear - Clint Mansell's godawful score, the anthem to which consists of two notes repeated ad nauseum), as though this notion of addiction was something groundbreaking, and treats his characters' dilemmas as though they comprised some kickass music video, choosing style over substance to snag the easily swayed with his resume-boosting, meretricious fluff. "Successfully experimental" ... ? Clearly this doesn't mean pertaining to, say, the avant-garde works of Brakhage or Gehr or something so I really have no clue what this statement even entails. I prefer Roger Corman's "The Trip" and Linklater's "A Scanner Darkly" as far as drug flicks go; the latter, briefly, creates some subversive parallelism between the cyclical nature of both addiction and the structure of the film's corporations.

Unfortunately, I've seen all of Darren Aronofsky's movies. He's up there in the pantheon of hack directors with Todd Solondz, Larry Clark, M. Night Shyamalan, and a ton of Hollywood guys not worth mentioning. Even though I despise The Fountain it's probably his best movie, so who knows, maybe he'll improve. Haven't ruled him out or anything...

I personally loved the score, but I'm a fan of minimalism (which is a very polarizing and controversial genre that some consider artless pap, and others see as boiling music down to its simplest elements to maximize the impact of every minute change - I don't know enough about music theory to argue intelligently about this, I just know that I enjoy listening to some compositions in the genre).

As for differentiating between legal and illegal drugs, why should anyone? Alcohol, SSRIs, amphetamine analogs (as used in the movie), tobacco, and benzodiazepines (all legal) are far more dangerous than LSD, psilocybin, 2-CB, 2-CI, marijuana, and MDMA (all illegal). Politics and science are completely out of touch on this subject. In fact, I'd argue that that was a fairly nice subtext of the film - that the legality of certain drugs is often driven by corporate greed and desire for money, and for a regular person to treat a substance differently because it's legal is a road to self-destruction. I liked the fact that the person most destroyed of all in the film was the one whose addiction was legal (one lost his arm, another her dignity, another his freedom, but the legal drug addict lost everything because she didn't even have her sanity - and amphetamine psychosis is a very real condition. She didn't even see it as a drug addiction, because the substance was given to her by her doctor).

I'm honestly not entirely sure why I liked the film, I just remember being amazed by it. I didn't really find it delivered any sort of deep message or sermonized (not to the extent of say, Crash). I found the film to be more character-driven: my interest was in seeing what happened to each of them, not in "seeing junkies get what they deserve for doing drugs" or some such thing - I genuinely liked them.

By "successfully experimental", I simply mean that a lot of unusual film-making techniques were used, and I found that they had quite an impact. I'm sure they'd been done before (by the French New Wave), but I found that they were used to devastating effect in Requiem for a Dream.

Really, you'd consider The Trip better?

I guess we just see completely different things in Arontofsky's movies.

The Love Guru.

Easily the most horrid piece of trash I have ever seen.

I've heard that from a lot of people. I'll add it if I ever have to suffer through it.

Jackass and Jackass 2.

The.Worst.Movies.Ever. It was just plain stupidity. If a good friend of mine made a movie of the crazy shit that he does he'd have the cops at his front door. But this movie isn't crazy, it's just stupidity. I had to turn it off halfway through BOTH of them. They aren't funny (except MAYBE one or two parts).

If anyone thinks that these are good movies, and that it took balls to do what they did, they have obviously never done anything TRULY ballsy in their lives. I hated these movies, and I almost NEVER use that word.

These two deserve first slots on your list in my honest opinion.

So the film is bad because you have a friend who does stuff that's even dumber? Your friend must have an interesting life, and you have interesting criteria.

LOL Thanks for the compliment! My life is damn interesting!

I seriously enjoyed those movies, for the sheer stupidity of them. I found the things they did so mind-bogglingly retarded that I actually got quite a bit of entertainment out of them.

Ehh, I guess if you look at it from that standpoint it could be funny. But if I want to laugh at something retarded, and very stupid, I'll just go and watch some "reality" TV series. I think what honestly annoys me is the fact that these guys are now looked at as "ballsy," when in fact they are just (as you yourself said) ...so mind-boggingly retarded.

Ah, but unlike reality TV, Jackass and Jackass 2 were creatively mind-bogglingly retarded, reality TV is the same idiotic things over and over and over again.

Alright, fair enough. It was creative, I cannot argue that XD.

I think you should add:

The Mist
One Missed Call
The Village
Meet The Spartans
Monty Python The Holy Grail
Drop Dead Fred

Monty Python and the Holy Grail?!?!? Are you kidding!? That's one of my favorite movies, no way that's one of the worst. And you're absolutely in a huge minority with that one:
(it's the 61th highest rated here)


Indeed, popularity doesn't mean excellence (although critical consensus isn't exactly popularity), but I consider it a personal favorite as well. It still makes me laugh my ass off.

To me, The Village was OK, nothing great, nothing horrible, certainly not one of the worst.

I haven't seen One Missed Call, Drop Dead Fred, or Meet The Spartans, but they seem like likely contenders (if I ever watch them, which I honestly probably won't).

I agree with Air Bud 2, but you should put on ALL of the Air Buddies movies. Holy Shit, will they EVER stop making those queer-ass movies. I mean for God's sake, i know they're "cute" and shit, but i dont give a fuck about cute. these are the most terrible movies ever. From the trailers, i can tell that they will be an epic fail. In fact I hate dog movies all together>

I've never seen them, but I think the idea gets across pretty well with just Air Bud 2. They're going to keep making them forever (like Land Before Time), and I don't really want the list to contain nothing but dog and chimp movies.