Welcome to My World

  • Songs
  • 1) Herbert Grönemeyer – Mensch
  • 2) Renaud – Docteur Renaud, Mister Renard
  • 3) R.E.M. – All the Right Friends
  • 4) Billy Joel – We Didn't Start the Fire
  • 5) Zucchero, Paul Young – Senza Una Donna
  • Films
  • 1) Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
  • 2) Les 400 Coups
  • 3) Fanny och Alexander
  • 4) Raging Bull
  • 5) Harold and Maude
  • Books
  • 1) J.D. Salinger – Catcher in the Rye
  • 2) John Steinbeck – East of Eden
  • 3) Max Frisch – Homo faber
  • 4) Ödön von Horváth – Jugend ohne Gott
  • 5) Hermann Hesse- Der Steppenwolf
  • Television Programs
  • 1) Empty Nest
  • 2) The Wonder Years
  • 3) Fawlty Towers
  • 4) Monk
  • 5) Home Improvement
  • Paintings
  • 1) Edward Hopper – Nighthawks
  • 2) Edvard Munch – The Scream
  • 3) Wolf Vostell – Miss America
  • 4) Salvador Dalí – Persistence of Time
  • 5) Richard Estes – Foodshop
Author Comments: 

Many, many thanks to lbangs for this great idea!

Here are five works of art from five genres. These are not my favorite works, but the ones that best explain who I am and/or how I see life.

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Love your songs #3-4, two great choices.

Thank you.


I am going to have to investigate a few of the tunes and books. Was Empty Nest the one with the cartoonist and his daughters? I can't quite remember.

Great works of visual art; most of them don't apply to me personally, but I dig them.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs


For the books, I especially recommend Jugend ohne Gott (Youth without God), written in the mid-30s by the Hungarian author Ödön von Horváth and which is among the great classics of the 20th-century German-literature.

For Empty Nest, I'm pretty sure you are thinking about the right show. It's roughly about Dr. Harry Weston (not a cartoonist, but almost, a pediatrician) and his daughters. A pretty entertaining, feel-good comedy show...

I was thinking Empty Nest, but I believe I mixed in the father's profession from Too Close for Comfort.

No, I've no idea.

Thanks for the recommendations!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I have searched the Web for Estes's 'Foodshop' but can't find it. Can you advise?

It's a hyperrealistic painting (!, not a photography). Here.

Interesting picture, but what is 'hyperrealism' as distinct from realism? Can you get more real than real?

Just teasing you. I looked it up. I must say though that I have seen paintings that look much more like photographs than this one does. But perhaps I'm missing the point.

In fact, I've no idea why they call it "hyperrealism". It's certainly not for that reason that I chose this picture, but because I liked it at a first sight.
What are the ones that are even closer to photographs called? Or where can I find them on the Internet?

Here's a page you should read. It's about "photo-realism" in painting. It even mentions Estes (I wouldn't bother with the Estes link, it doesn't lead to much).

Here's a site called Hyperrealism.net that has more of Estes and other hyperrealists.

One other thing. As English isn't your first language you might not be aware that "Food Shop" is an unlikely sign for a real shop to have. It's probably a sort of joke by the artist.

My mother hates any art that isn't realistic. So when I found this picture I decided to play a joke on her. I called her to the screen and asked her if she like it. She glanced at it and immediately said, "No, no, I don't like that abstract stuff." I said, "But that's not abstract, it's realistic, it's leaves." She still didn't like it :-D

Thanks for the interesting links.
On the first page you linked, Duane Hanson is mentioned. His Supermarket Lady would also be an artistic work I admire.