Ways to Improve Listology!

  • Stop arguing over whether The Beatles are over-rated, under-rated, or innovative.

  • When copying Scaruffi's opinions, just give us links; you don't actually have to type out a duplicate list.

  • Kick that cranky slacker L. Bangs off the site!
Author Comments: 

Good night, and god bless. :)

Haha, I love number two. I believe we agree on this one:
My own somewhat controversial thought on this

It's funny that, abut the first one too. It almost makes me think the Beatles are, in fact, under-rated - if they can generate such intense debate, they must be doing something right.

I'm actually a little happy a band can inspire such fevered opinions, but I confess, I'm tired of reading them all! :)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

haha, agreed. Both sides take it too far and make it stop being fun. It's MUSIC, not, say, human rights.

Thanks LB! I agree. I've never seen those arguments go anywhere. Both "sides" should just realize, regardless of what's been said before, that it's just an opinion (at least as far as the underrated, overrated thing goes). The other thing to take a look at is that it's okay if someone thinks the Beatles were extremely innovative. And it's okay if someone disagrees with this. Besides, all the facts can be checked and double-checked on the internet. One can very easily check if this band was the first at this and that. The truth is all there, and there is no need to get approval from a Beatles fan, or a non-fan, or listen to either. They're all there and verifiable. I say these things after spitting out the other end of way too much previous, personal experience, wasted words and time on the subject (which is the reason I try not to involve myself in it anymore). What I finally did was just researched it myself and drew conclusions based on the facts, and after that, with that certainty, I knew, so I could care less who agrees with me or not.

When it comes to the quality issue, I'm in that odd middle; I like the band, but they are not my favorite.

As for the question of influence, I honestly have a tough time seeing a case against them.

As for innovation, I can see both sides. They did little first, but they often were the first to work innovations into songs most people actually cared to listen to, which is a trickier task than is often realized...

And that's all I got to say about that... :)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I agree!

Can't we just agree that because of regression to the mean, everyone who's saying the Beatles are overrated are underrating the Beatles and everyone who's saying the Beatles are underrated are overrating the Beatles?

Nice list. I give a big Amen to all but the last one! :-)

Here, here.

Thanks, although the more I slack, the more I see the value in number three!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Yes, agreed with everything except number 3. :)
I think Listology as a whole is due for an overhaul. There is a need to incorporate some new features, don't ya guys think?
*Like multi user lists or
*A main page that apart from the on and off news feed, has the different sections (movies, books, others etc.) and the latest updates in those sections on it rather than the link to them on the left side of the screen.
*Or the option to be notified by mail whenever a particular user you like posts something (now I've got you, 0dysseyus!).
*And simple GUI for formatting posts like the bold tab or the strike out tab or (most importantly) the hyperlink tab.
*Also, a feature to add tags to lists is pretty useful.
*But the most desperately needed feature, imo, is the 'quote' function for quoting posts and 'direct link to this post' function.

Wishful thinking!

Nevertheless, I don't mind status quo and the minimalistic Web 1.0 look. It is a refreshing change from the vBulletin clones.

I'm pretty happy with the site as it is, although a few of the features you mentioned would be cool.

The quote feature would be useful, as would any feature that assisting with format. (Of course, make it too easy, and I'll likely forget all my html!)

I don't really personally have any need for a community list (I have little trust in such stuff), and the main page works well for me, I reckon.

I do find your ideas very interesting, and certain some of those ideas would make me smile! :) See?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

It appears this ship has no Captain. I wasn't here when it happened, but "Jim" must have had something a lot more important than this website come up in his life. It seems I do remember reading a post where he mentioned no further changes here and no further additions to one or more of his other websites. Even going so far as to look for someone to take over. I suspect that may be why stumpyver.fo didn't offer some suggestions to counteract his "Scourge of Listology" list. Damn this maize and green, too!