VS. movies I really want to see

  1. Serious, semi-plausible matchups I'd love to see done well (as opposed to this list).
  2. Batman vs. Superman
  3. Godzilla vs. Giant Boss from Serious Sam
  4. The Terminator vs. The Hulk
  5. Neo vs. Jafar

id pay money to see Terminator Vs Hulk, that would be good. i'll tell you a story, when i was younger (about 6 / 7)i made up this book, where
wolverine (from X Men) Had to fight Terminator :) it was crazy! in the end Wolverine won buy slamming Terminator into a jail cell with a crane (oh yeah, what else??) and of COURSE the Bars held him in....

so yes from my crazy childhood book writting attempts i nominate:

Wolverine Vs Terminator :]

The ones on the other list aren't plausible?? Are you crazy?? "Hannibal Lechter vs. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man" sounds like it could be the greatest movie of all-time!

I did have a good, long laugh at that one.