United States Latino Writers

  • Julia Alvarez: _How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent_
  • Oscar Zeta Acosta: _The Revolt of the Cockroach People_
  • Christina Garcia: _Dreaming in Cuban_
  • Oscar Hijuelos: _The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love_ ; _The 14 Sisters of Emilio Montez O'Brien_; _Empress of the Splendid Season_; _Mr. Ives' Christmas_
  • Sandra Cisneros: _The House on Mango Street_
  • Sandra Benitez: _A Place Where the Sea Remembers_
Author Comments: 

These are Latino Writers in the United States who write primarily in English. On this list are the ones I have read so far, and I plan to add as I read more.

I love Hijelos' Mambo Kings. I can't get myself to watch the movie, because I'm afraid it will ruin my vision of the book.
I've heard of Cisneros, but I've never read her. Did you enjoy the book?

I enjoyed Cisneros very much. The book itself is a very easy read, you can likely do it in one sitting. What I liked most about it was its evocative feel. The brief passage at the beginning where she talks about her name makes a good example.

As for the _Mambo Kings_, I have not seen the movie, maybe for the same reason, afraid it will ruin the vision of the book. Then again, I hear that Tito Puente has a brief appearance, so I may watch it someday just for that. I have enjoyed Hijuelos's other books as well. His _Mr. Ives Christmas_ is very touching, and while it would make a great reading for the Christmas season, I read it out of season and worked fine for me. Happy reading.

I started Mr. Ives' Christmas during a very hectic time of my life, one in which I switched residences around four or five times in sixty days. I sadly lost my copy about three-fourths of the way through, and I have not finished it yet. I really, really liked what I read, however. What are your thoughts on the book?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I enjoyed the book very much at the time I read it, which was maybe a couple of years ago. I did not read it during Christmas, but I can see a reader picking it up during the season, kind of like an alternative to Dickens's _A Christmas Carol_. Having said that, I think you can read it anytime. Like his other books, memory plays a key role, and in my case at least, I enjoyed the rememberances very much. Happy reading.

I recently picked up a copy of Esperanza's Box of Saints by Maria Amparo Escandon, simply because the Amazon reader reviews were so good. Haven't read it yet, but have you heard of it?

If I could make a small suggestion, I'd love to see short reviews for the books you've listed here. It's a good resource as it is, but reviews would help even more.

Johnny Waco

I will have to make a note of that title. Would love to hear if you post about it what you think about it. I may also consider adding little notes on the books. Thanks for the suggestion.