Underrated 90s albums

  • Ephraim Lewis/Skin
  • Better Than Ezra/How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Mike Knott/Rocket and a Bomb
  • Mike Knott/Strip Cycle
  • Adam Again/Dig
  • REM/Monster
  • Soul Coughing/El Oso
  • Presage/Outer Perimeter
  • Death in Vegas/The Contino Sessions
  • Weezer/Pinkerton
  • Placebo/Without You I'm Nothing
  • Ride/Nowhere
  • The KLF/The White Room
  • Blur/13
  • Killah Priest/Heavy Mental
Author Comments: 

A rather eclectic list I suppose...

I completely forgot about Rocket and a Bomb! I'm shamelessly stealing it and putting it on my under-rated 90s lists, for I have no pride. I'm not the biggest Ezra fan, but I haven't heard much of the album you mention; I hear it is their best.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Thank you for listing R.E.M.'s "Monster". I saw in the latest Maxim (a friend's! a friend's!) that Monster is on list of something like "worst albums ever". Personally I think it is one of their most atmospheric and one of their best. "Strange Currencies" is a great love song, and I like the message of "Tongue" and "Let Me In". I'm afraid I don't know many of the others on this list...looks like I need to get crackin' on some tunes...

el oso quiero la miel

one great underated album missing here and that is - Barenaked Ladies "Stunt" listen and you're be blown away, also check out their other albums all fantastic

Slint - Spiderland