Undecipherable Lyrics...what the heck did they just say?

  • 1. I Try, Macy Gray--"I keep my cool but I'm _____________????" (lyric sites quote "fiedin'" whatever that is supposed to mean)
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A list to address this annoying problem. Please feel free to comment on what you think the actual lyrics are, or add any of your own that you just can't quite understand. I know there are more, but presently this one is the most bothersome to me.

Fiendin' means addict or addicted. It's pronounced feeenin. It's black slang derived from the word fiend (We say fiendin' usually to describe drug addicts jonesin'). According to Webster's dictionary in addition to meaning evil, it means addict. So I think she's saying she appears cool but she's really desiring him.

I originally thought she was saying feigning. Feigning means pretending.

Hey, thanks. That makes sense to me. Guess I'm not up on the slang.