The Twilight Zone Episodes Ranked

  1. Perchance To Dream(S1) a man with a heart condition is told that another nightmare could be fatal and staying awake much longer could kill him
  2. Walking Distance(S1) a man finds himself back in his hometown, trick is it's 20 years into the past
  3. Shadow Play(S2) a death row inmate tries to convince the DA that his trial and execution is merely a reoccuring nightmare
  4. Night Of The Meek(S2) a recently fired department store Santa gets quite the oppurtunity
  5. The Changing Of The Guard(S3) a retiring teacher examines what he believes to be a meaningless life and gets a unique insight
  6. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street(S1) an entire street of normal folk goes insane with paranoia
  7. And When The Sky Was Opened(S1) three crash-surviving astronauts begin to disappear into thin air
  8. Kick The Can(S3) a man in an old folks home tries to convince his comrades to break curfew, sneak out and play a game of kick the can for old times sake.
  9. A World Of Difference(S1) a man finds himself the star of a television show, his life starring a man he's never heard of and he has to deny that he's just an actor on a television show
  10. To Serve Man(S3) an eerie tale about mysterious spacemen and their alterior motives
  11. Nightmare As A Child(S1) a woman is visited by her repressed memories, in the form of a child
  12. In Praise Of Pip(S5) a dying man spends time at a carnival with his son, who is dying in Vietnam, but his son is now a ten year old boy
  13. I Am The Night - Color Me Black(S5) the sun ceases to rise on a small town where an arguably innocent man is to be hung
  14. The Hunt(S3) a man and his dog die while out hunting coons, and the dog helps him choose between heaven and hell
  15. Little Girl Lost(S3) a girl falls off her bed and into another dimension
  16. People Are Alike All Over(S1) Two men argue about the possibility of people being alike no matter what planet they are living on, and on their mission to mars, they find out
  17. Person Or Persons Unknown(S3) a man wakes up to find his wife doesn't know who he is, and niether does anyone else
  18. The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank(S3) a man comes back from the dead and strange things start to happen
  19. Probe 7 -- Over And Out(S5) a man and a woman from different newly destroyed planets crash land on an inhabitited planet
  20. Escape Clause(S1) a hypochondriac is given immortality by dealing with the devil
  21. The Chaser(S1) a man who loves a woman who doesn't love him stumbles upon a love potion but soon needs the chaser
  22. Long Live Walter Jameson(S1) an immortal man gets a visit from angry abandoned former love
  23. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet(S5) a man has to convince people a monster is tearing the plain apart
  24. Third From The Sun(S1) two families escape total destruction and take refuge on a distant planet
  25. Judgement Night(S1) a submarine captain gets his final judgement time to read
  26. Time Enough At Last(S1) the last man on earth finally has
  27. A Stop At Wiloughby(S1) a man dreams about a 1800's utopia as an escape from his hectic life
  28. The Four Of Us Are Dying(S1) A man who can change his face and emulate anyone's looks, finds himself in serious trouble
  29. A Game Of Pool(S3) a man wants to prove he's better at pool than a dead legend, and he gets his chance
  30. The Prime Mover(S2) A man uses his friend's telekinetic powers to win money, but of course there is a catch
  31. The Jungle(S3) a man with a voodoo spell on him battles with a lion in New York City
  32. Uncle Simon(S5) an old man builds a robot to torment his neice, just as he did before his death
  33. Hocus Pocus And Frisby(S3) the worlds biggest liar is seeked out by aliens as a prime human specimen
  34. The Big Tall Wish(S1) an aging boxer wins a fight because a boy he mentors wished it
  35. The Lonely(S1) a man sentenced to isolation on a distant planet falls in love with a robot
  36. Still Valley(S3) union soldiers frozen in time
  37. In His Image(S4) a man finds out he's not who he thinks he is
  38. The Trade-Ins(S3) an old couple considers buying new younger bodies for themselves
  39. What You Need(S1) an old homeless psychic gives people what they need, unless he needs it
  40. The Midnight Sun(S3) 3 people battle the rising heat while the earth nears the sun
  41. A Passage For Trumpet(S1) a man gets a second chance at the life he loves, but threw away
  42. A Thing About Machines(S2) a man hates all machines, and all machines hate him
  43. Long Distance Call(S2) A boy talks to his dead grandmother on a toy telephone and wants to go visit her
  44. A Hundred Years Over The Rim(S2) a man from the 1860's soon finds himself in the 1960's and aquanted with a little thing called penecilin
  45. Exectuion(S1) a cowboy from the old west is summoned to a present day city moments before he is hanged
  46. Four 0'Clock(S3) a man decides that all evil people will become 2 feet tall at four o'clock and justice prevails
  47. Once Upon A Time(S3) Buster Keaton uses a time helmet to transform himself to a better time
  48. The Hitch Hiker(S1) a woman is stalked with impossible accuracy and quickness by a mysterious hitchhiker
  49. The Little People(S3) a man finds a tiny civilization and deems himself God
  50. Mr. Bevis(S1) an odd childish man gets a free ticket to a new life but has his doubts
  51. The Bewitchin Pool(S5) two children escape their parents divorce by escaping through a door at the bottom of their swimming pool
  52. The Lateness Of The Hour(S2) an old couple has a house full of robot servants and their daughter starts asking questions
  53. The Fever(S1) a man has an odd surreal case of a gambling addiction
  54. Back There(S2) a time traveler tries to stop the Lincoln assassination
  55. Eye Of The Beholder(S2) a woman is considered a freak when she has cosmetic surgery, even though it came out as planned
  56. The Purple Testament(S1) a lieutenant can see who will die in the upcoming battle
  57. Twenty-Two(S2) a woman is haunted by dreams of being accomadated into room twenty-two, a morgue, where there is 'room for one more'
Author Comments: 

Of the ones I recall seeing from reading through an episode guide... I love them all

The Simpsons did a version of 'To Serve Man' in one of their Halloween Specials - have you seen it? I think they have referenced 'Nightmare at 20 000 Feet' also.

Did you never see the episode 'Demon with a Glass Hand'? - I think James Cameron has admitted that the Terminator movies were inspired by it.

i haven't knowingly seen demon with a glass hand... but yeah I have seen the simpsons halloween special where they had bart on the bus seeing a small monster rip it apart... and although i'm sure it exists i don't recall seeing the to serve man spoof... I have all the halloween specials on dvd, so i'll have to search through that.

You're getting your Science Fiction shows mixed-up. Demon with a Glass Hand was an episode of The Outer Limits. The episode that had elements used in The Terminator was another Harlan Ellison written episode of The Outer Limits titled Soldier. Ellison had to sue to get recognization for his 'contribution' to the Cameron film.

I'll really have to do the research instead of relying on my memory, which obviously isn't as good as it was.

Sincere thanks for taking the trouble to point out my error. I would rather be corrected than be the cause of misinformation.

Sorry, grandpa_chum.

no problems here

Well, at least four of my personal favorites are not in your list here :)
Sadly I can't tell the titles because I used to see the Twilight Zone as a kid on french TV but...
There's the one written by Richard Matheson about a writer whose fictional characters come to life and his "real-life wife" gets jealous of another woman he created.
Then' there's the "man in a four-dollar room" if I recall correctly, whose resolve to stop being a mob hand is fueled by his reflection in the mirror.
Then the all-time classic (I believe) about a couple riding on a train and ending up always at the same station, then going on to explore the city and finding out it's a ghost town while they keep hearing a child's sobbing all around them.
And then, "Two", I think that was the title, featuring a young Richard Bronson and an even younger Elizabeth Montgomery in a world devastated by what looks a lot like the Cold war gone wrong.
Third from the Sun, I would have ranked higher...
And lastly, is "Time Enough at last" the story about the bank clerk who is very short-sighted and hates people but likes to read books? If it is, then I'd rank it higher as well and if it's not, then that's one more you could consider for inclusion.

as far as i'm concerned 'time enough at last' and 'third from the sun' are ranked pretty high. I mean I love so many episodes that even ones ranked around 20 can be favorites of mine.

as for the ones you've mentioned that aren't on the list, I simply haven't seen them yet. I'm catching them on television 50 years later. These are simply the ones I've seen and can recall enough to rank. The ones you mention are episodes I look forward to though. Specially 'two', which has a young Charles Bronson.

Ok, I would not be surprised if you ranked the episodes I mentioned once you see them...
On a probably uninteresting sidenote, I'd just like to point out that the episode with the monster on the plane wing and the episode titled "Kick the Can" were both remade for the 80's collaboration movie "The Twilight Zone"... If I recall well, it was William Shatner in the original "gremlin" episode and John Lithgow in the 80's version... Spielberg, Landis, Dante, I can't remember the fourth director involved in the 80's movie, oh let me mumble on please, I like showing off so much, I believe Landis directed the first part, about the racist bigot being traveled through time as a victim of racism himself (from being hanged and burned by the Klan in the 19th century to ending up in a cattle wagon to Auschwitz in 1942)... Second story was Spielberg's remake of Kick the Can with Scatman Crothers in the leading part, third one was Joe Dante's scary depiction of a family at the mercy of its almighty capricious boy child and the fourth one is the plane shocker... hmmm, can't believe I don't remember who directed that fourth part of the movie... ah, and also who directed the links between the stories with Dan Aykroyd and someone I forgot driving down a lonely highway through the night and telling each other the Twilight Zone stories to keep awake at the wheel... hey, I'm not tired typing, ok ? I could go on and on... Soft-Horror collaboration movies were quite the trend in the 80's weren't they ? You had your Twilight Zone homage, then the two Creepshows and then the less-known Body Bags courtesy of John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper... granted that was a made-for-TV movie and not a theatrical release... but still, you get my point, don't you ? Well, I hope you do or else I would have typed all this for no other purpose than filling space and we all know that's just not possible... Hmmm, ok, let me just leave with one last self-promotional Sci-Fi link and thank you for the great list... So many things have been said about The Twilight Zone and yet so many things remain to be said as well... because you see, there's a sign post ahead... your next stop:

oddly enough the twilight zone is the only show on that list you linked that I have seen, other than bits and pieces of star trek episodes. And personally I love the 'soft-horror' collaboration movies, aside from spielberg's section the twilight zone movie was great. Only spielberg could screw up 'kick the can' with scatman crothers. I saw creepshow and body bags back to back on halloween week on television and they are both very enjoyable, obviously with the king/romero creepshow being far superior. John Landis directed the interum sequences with john akroyd in the TZ movie. The 4th segment of the twilight zone movie was directed by the guy who directed the mad max series, but I don't recall his name. wow I guess I can ramble quite a bit too, then again there is not much better to ramble on about than the twilight zone.

That would be aussie George Miller then... who later on went and directed Babe the oh-so lovely talking pig... Thanks for the info.

Whooo yeah, I remember that "Monsters on Maple Street" episode... I believe it served as grounds for a late-90's overlooked but very good movie starring Kyle McLachlan...

aah, the trigger effect
it doesn't look too bad... thanks, i didn't know about that.