T.V shows they should of never canceled

  • The critic
  • Home movies
  • Mystery science theater 3000
  • Gem
  • Video a go go
  • Monster vision
  • News Radio
  • Sports night
  • Greg the Bunny
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Futurama - for the main reason that it shocks me that though this has gone, the simpsons remains..the simpsons has been bad for a long time.

Yeah, the simpsons are not as great as they use to be but they are still good and innovative.

and in the realms of t.v land that says alot. Futurama had my attention and admiration until the third season.

Rats! Greg the Bunny and Sports Night were two of the shows that were going to be on my list (along with Futurama.) I take a backseat to no one in my love for News Radio but I have to say that I was relieved when it was cancelled. After the death of Phil Hartman it all just fell apart. The final season is what keeps News Radio from being, inarguably, the best American sitcom ever. You heard me.

I was thinking about trying to cull the obvious choices but I have two words for you:
Police Squad!
...and then there's
Bakersfield P.D.
Black Tie Affair
The Ben Stiller Show
Crime Story
The David Letterman Show
Freaks and Geeks
Hill Street Blues
Homicide: Life on the Street
The Jon Stewart Show
Karen Sisco
Muppets Tonight
The Prisoner
Tenspeed and Brown Shoe
...all of which makes me realize that I watch a lot more television than I tell people that I do. Rats!

Brown shoe? What in the world is Brown Shoe?

Brown Shoe was Lionel Whitney, ably played by Jeff Goldblum.


Jeff Goldblum in a sitcom...hmmmm

And Ben Vereen was E.L."Tenspeed" Turner.

That's even more interesting.

I'll agree with the fact that they should've never cancelled MST3K or Monster Vision, but the others I could live without.