TV Shows I'm currently watching

  1. Lost (Primetime) - Good show, but losing some of the grip it had at the beginning
  2. The Amazing Race (Primetime) - One of the few good reality shows
  3. Star Trek: Enterprise (Primetime) - Can get a little boring at times, but there's always T'Pol.
  4. Futurama (Cartoon Network) - Bender cracks me up
  5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (SpikeTV) - For some reason just didn't watch this before. Now finding out how good it was.
  6. Star Trek: Voyager (Netflix) - Really enjoying this. Missed it as well when it ran originally. Great cast.
  7. Alias (Netflix) - Another show I never watched. Much better viewing it on DVD
  8. Babylon 5 (Netflix) - My interest seems to be fading a little on this recently. On season 2 now.
Author Comments: 

TV shows I watch regularly or semi-regularly throughout the week or rent via Netflix. Most shows I record and watch later. I am really hating the amount of commercials these days.

Hang in there with B5. Seasons 3 & 4 are the best. Watch for foreshadowing. Big things are going to happen. There's a payoff if you pay attention.

What a sleek geek clique of shows. (That feels so great to say... All together now.)

I agree with you about Lost but J.J. Abrams has set up such a great foundation for the show that I'm hooked like heroin. "Walkabout" gave me chills, absolute chills.

Do NOT read this if you are ever going to watch this show, I mean it. The one where Locke, the "Great White Hunter," is revealed to be an emasculated box salesman playing role games... and then revealed to be going on an outback adventure... and then revealed to be in a wheelchair... and then shown (as he had been previously shown) coming to his senses on the beach, able to move that one foot with the sock... able to come to the aid of others.

My blood starts pumping just thinking about it. I love J.J. Abrams' morass of plot twists and the narrative structure of the show. Smartest show on American network television in a long time.

I've never seen The Amazing Race but my sister swears by it... and is traveling right now, hoping to compete with other couples.

Enterprise : What is it about emotionless, unavailable waifs in the Roddenberriverse? I feel like such a failure for thinking she's T'Pol that and a bag of crisps/chips/whatever. I'm lusting to see "Affliction."

Futurama : (First of all) here you go. I loved Futurama. My absolute favourite was/is the good Dr. Zoidberg. So unlucky in love. But you can never get enough Zoidberg!

ST:DS9 : Just wait until the mystic stuff happens and the gamma quadrant gets all cold-war-like (then hot-war-like.)

ST:V : If you throw out the icon in a corset, Janeway was the greastest captain yet.

Alias : Wednesday night there's gonna be two straight hours of J.J. Abrams conspiracy theories come to life. Just try and keep track of who's evil. (What's the plural of "morass"?)

Babylon 5 : You really had me up to here. All of my prosthetic forehead lust is filled in the Roddenberriverse (minus Andromeda, hack-ptui.)

I tried so hard to work in "Mozambique" and "James Van Der Beek." I'm sorry it didn't work out.