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Thx to Wezzo for the idea and his attention to TV lists

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Ah, awesome collection! Good idea about the ratings, I think I'll rate mine now. :)

:) thankyou mate :)

Only ** for Futurama S2? Howcumzat? :-)

well i think with futurama Season 2, there were far less episdoes that caught my eye. i think that sometimes Futurama is a little to good at one liners, they throw alot into one episode, and it reminds me of The New Simpsons episodes (and less said about those the better!)i do like futurama alot but i don't think it works for me on as many levels as say "The Simpsons" and this season really didn't hit the mark. My Favourite seasons are 1 & 3. my favourite moment on Futurama is on the episode where fry drinks the leader. him and leela are walking through a gallery of Kings and they realise he's next in line to die. the camera moves over to reveal his photo and he has the cheeziest grin ever and is doing a thumbs up! had me laughing for ages!
My Favourite over all episode is "Insane In The Mainframe" on Season 3

Really? I'm quite surprised there - I found season 2 even better than season 1, with many classics: Xmas Story, Anthology Of Interest I, Problem With Popplers, Route Of All Evil.. Anyways, which were your faves?

hhhhmm lol now you mention it, it does seem to have some highlights. Well Xmas Story is very good, also the one aobut the robot ghosts. But Some of my overall favourites include: A Fishful Of Dollars / Mars University ("I should of broken his legs!") / A Big Piece Of Garbage / Insane In The MainFrame / Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch / The Luck Of The Fryrish / Amazon Women in the Mood And A Head in the Polls. don't get me wrong season 2 is good but i just found it weaker but i'm probably wrong :)

But I LOVE "Insane In The MainFrame" that is by far my favourite - (NOTE TOO SELF: BUY SEASON 3 ) whats your views on "Insane In The MainFrame"? I Noticed it didn't make your Futurama: My Top 30 Episodes + Season Ranking List.

You got Frasier S4, yay! You might be interested to note that many of the guys at Frasier Online's forum rank it as their favourote season ahead of S2.. so I'm sure you won't regret it!

Yup, ordered it today! i decided that though Frasier season 3 was a tiny let down, i still like watching them, so what the hay! Also as you have mentioned before its a hell of alot cheaper in the usa and it won't come out here untill about 2 / 3 months time. the thing though that i like about frasier is the way they can get new characters in for one episode and make abd devote that episode to them. some that come to mind are season 2's "The Matchmaker" "The Friend (S3)" and i'm sure theres more. but many sitcoms don't really do that. Friends hardly ever do that, sure they have a character who hangs around for maybe 3 episodes but he is only involved with like 2 / 3 of the actors and his / her dtoryline is small but in frasier a whole episode could be built around that.

lol looking at my collection, i thought i had a few tv on dvd but still no match for your might tour de' force. to you i aspire :-)

Haha, well you're certainly catching up now. :)

Glad you ordered it. I agree with you on the character idea. Frasier is the sitcom I've seen it used most proinently in (and "The Matchmaker" is probably a perfect example of that), along with arguably The Simpsons if you count that - in other sitcoms, as you said, the one-off character is focused on very well when compared to shows that turn the character into a bit-part and a stagepiece for the regulars to work off of, or in other cases the character is a bit part for a few episodes and then gone. Not very often the case with Frasier!

Guess S3 is your favourite Futurama season then? Good choice. Barely a dud in sight!

yeah. I mean buying seasons 3 and 4 really opened my eyes to just how great futurama is. i always liked it but never this much. i also was suprised to see a couple i had not seen before buying it. Season 3 is great. "The Luck Of The Fryrish" is superb. in TV shows of any kind i think that there is usually an episode that is just a cut above the average, one that hits on a great emontional level. Some that come to mind in other series include:

"Moon Dance" (Frasier)
"My Old Lady" (Scrubs)
"I Love Lisa" (The Simpsons)
"Keeny Dies" (South Park)

But not just because they are emotional in a comedy genre but because the episode itself is brilliant. Also "Insane in the main frame" is great. "I Dated A Robot" with the classic line:

Lucy Liu-Bot: I will never forget you fry..MEMORY DELETED

Yeah season 3 is top class. Season 4 also has great moments, it annoys me that it was stopped because the last seasons were it's best, they should of changed their mind.

oh wezzo, i just Saw Lemony Snicket's series of Unfortunate events, and it was brilliant!! Jim Carrey was as good as ever and it was much better than the Harry potter movies, it was darker and funny in a quriky way. i have not been that impressed since I watched The Royal Tenenbaums. i watched it expecting to hate it, i only rented it because of carrey, but i'm glad i did. if you get a chance to watch it, its worth a look.

You're right, "Luck Of The Fryrish" (and "Jurassic bark") are really just as emotional as any drama series on TV right now. They're very powerful. I agree with the examples you put forward too, I'd also add Friends' The Last One, Simpsons' Lisa's Substitute and Malcolm In The Middle's Traffic Jam (though I'd argue Futurama's emotional eps are a cut above the other shows'). Another thing I enjoyed in Futurama's final season is the number of unusual episodes that had a strange storyline or were different in their storytelling, like The Sting, The Farnsworth Parabox, Why of Fry and Obsoletely Fabulous, and the Devil's Hands' opera piece. Great stuff. Very much a shame it was cancelled, then but at least a direct to DVD movie is on the way (see 1st, 5th and 6th news articles on the page).

Thanks for the movie recommendation, I'll have to check it out! Also, any pre-1990 comedies you recommend? I like many of your recent choices, so I wonder if you could recommend any comedies older. Cheers :)

Man a straight to dvd movie, great! by "A cut above the rest" i was saying that most of the episodes mentioned from any tv show (IMO) is usually slightly better as it most of the time has more depth. But every episode is great.

Yeah ok pre-1990 comedies:

Uncle Buck (John Candy stars)
Planes Trains And Automobiles (Candy Again)
Raising Arizona
The Burbs (1989-Tom Hanks-Brilliant!)

(sure theres more)

Ah yes, I see your piuint now. Anyhoo, thanks for those recommendations, I will check them out. :) Also did you see today's Scrubs on C4? And did you like it (if you did, or if you've seen it before)?

ah yes Scrubs 3.5 "Brother Where art thou?" yes watched it. it's strange because i now have every episode that has been aired on tape and season 1 on dvd but i still watch it when it's on tv. i can't get enough of scrubs! i also watched the episodes on E4 last night which was the 4th and previously unseen season. there was this bit where this woman called Nell who Dr.kelso was looking after had one of those internet phones and she asks kelso about his education history:

Kelso: ...I was first in my class at Harvard in 1972.
Nell: (on her cell phone) No, you were twelth in your class in 1968.
Laverne: She googled yo' ass

that had me laughing for a long while. but yes the one today on C4 was great. it was one that featured JD's brother and he is always a great character on the show. I liked it because it really explored Dr.cox's levels. it had him at his usual mean attitude and it had him yelled at by jd's brother when he tells him off for giving JD a bad time. so yeah i saw it and it was cool, i can't wait untill i get the last 5 episodes of season 4!!

Did you see the episode?

Oh and:

This Is Spinal Tap

Ah yes I've seen that, great film. As for Scrubs, yeah I saw that one, it was great. :)

shit what a collection!... i'm coming over! haha... seriously i'd be at your house like everyday... with that collection who needs television?

:-) thank you. With me, i have like 4 /5 tv shows that i love, and then i collect those. A collection i envy is Wezzo's. He has a very good selection of different shows. Like i usually stay with a pattern (cheers,Frasier,Scrubs...) Wezoo on the other hand has a great range of different titles.

Just spotted this, Rush.. hehe, thanks for the compliment! Yours is just as good as mine though methinks - at the evry least Joey and South Park, both of which I'd like to collect but thus far haven't.

Ooh, the Complete Frist Season of Joey! Isn't that the season where every episode featured a guest starring role by the U.S. Republican Senator Bill Frist from Tennessee? I've heard all those episodes are classics!

:D Hehe!