TV Shows I Have on DVD

  1. The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Episodes: Kris and the Queen, A Wife in the Office, David Goes Back to Work
  2. The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Episodes: Volume 1 Kris and the Queen, A Wife in the Office, David Goes Back to Work, Ballerina,Painting From the Past, Lamp For Dave and June, The Big Dog, The Ghost Town, David's Almost In Laws, Flying Down to Lunch, Volume 2 The Maid of Honor, Horror for Oz, Chaperones, Ricky and the Law Clerk, The Randolph's Niece, Any Date in a Storm, The Petition, Wally's Traffick Ticket, Hairstyle for Harriet, Rick's Raise
  3. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Episodes: The Case of Harry Crocker, The Case of the Cunningham Heritage, The Case of Lady Beryl
  4. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Volume 2 Episodes: The Case of the Pennsylvania Gunn, The Case of the Texas Cowgirl, The Case of the Beligerent Ghost
  5. Alfred Hitchcock Presents Episode: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  6. The Andy Griffith Show Episodes: Barny's First Car, High Noon in Mayberry, Andy Discovers America, Andy's English Valet
  7. The Andy Griffith Show: Volume 3 Episodes: Aunt Bee's Medicine Man, Andy Discovers America, Andy's English Valet
  8. Bewitched Episodes: I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha, Be It Ever So Mortgaged, It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
  9. The Bonanza Collection Episodes: Disc 1 The Ape, The Avenger, The Blood Line, The Fear Merchant Disc 2 Escape to Ponderosa, Blood on the Land, The Spanish Grant, The Spitfire
  10. Burke's Law Episode: Who Killed Jason Shaw
  11. The Burns & Allen Show Episodes: The Bank President, Breaking Up the Team, The Mailman and the Divorce Attorney, Surprise Birthday Party for Harry, Free Trip to Hawaii, Gracie's Checking Account, Harry Morton's Male Secretary, The Income Tax Man, Space Patrol Visits the Kids, Teenage Girls Spend the Weekend
  12. Climax! Episode: The Lou Gehrig Story
  13. The Dick Van Dyke Show: Volume 2 Episodes: The Night the Roof Fell In, Give Me Your Walls, Man's Teeth
  14. Dragnet Episodes: Big Crime, Big Pair, Big Producer, Big Break, Big September Man, Big Betty, Big Trunk
  15. Dragnet: Volume 1 Episodes: The Big Seventeen, The Big Betty, The Big Bar
  16. Dragnet: Volume 2 Episodes: The Big Shoplift, The Big Hit-Run Killer, The Big Girl, The Big Frame, The Big Producer, The Big Crime, The Big Pair, The Big Bar, The Big War, The Big Oskar
  17. Family Guy: Season Two; Disc Two Episodes: Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater; Holy Crap; Da Boom; Brian in Love; Love Thy Trophy; Death Is a Bitch; The King Is Dead
  18. Grandmasters of Wrestling Vol.1 Matches: Ace Darling Vs. Dangerous Devon Storm with Dangerous Dawn Marie; "Iron" Mike Sharpe Vs. Kamala King Kong Bundy; "Superfly Jimmy Snuka Vs. The Metal Maniac
  19. The Jack Benny Program Episode: How Jack Found Mary
  20. The Lucy Show Episodes: Lucy Gets Trapped, Lucy and the French Movie Star
  21. Peter Gunn Episodes: The Fuse, Let's Kill Timothy
  22. Rey Mysterio: 619 (2003) DVD Extras: AAA When Worlds Collide 11/6/94 - Rey Mysterio, Heavy Metal & Latin Lover Vs. Fuerza Guerrera & Madonna's Boyfriend; Great American Bash 6/16/96 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Dean Malenko; Bash At The Beach 7/7/96 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Psicosis; Nito 7/8/96 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Dean Malenko; Halloween Havoc 10/26/97 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Eddie Guerrero; Bash At The Beach 7/13/98 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Chris Jericho; Smackdown 7/23/02 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Guerrero; Smackdown 9/12/02 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Kurt Angle; Smackdown 9/26/02 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Benoit; Smackdown 11/21/02 - Rey Mysterio Vs. Jamie Noble; Confidential "619"
  23. Richard Diamond, Private Detective Episodes: Merry Go Round, Picture of Fear
  24. Smallville Season 1: Volume 1 (2001) Episodes: Pilot, Metamorphosis, Hothead, X-Ray
  25. Three's Company: Season One (1977) Episodes: A Man About the House, And Mother Makes Four, Roper's Niece, No Children, No Pets, Jack the Giant Killer, It's Only Money
  26. Tru Calling: Season 1 Episodes: Pilot; Putting Out Fires; Brother's Keeper; Past Tense; Haunted; Star-Crossed; Morning After; Closure; Murder in the Morgue; Reunion; The Longest Day; Valentine; Drop Dead Gorgeous; Daddy's Girl; The Getaway; Two Pair; Death Becomes Her; Rear Window; D.O.A.; Two Weddings and a Funeral
  27. Tru Calling: Season 2 Episodes: The Perfect Storm, Grace, In the Dark, Last Good Day, Enough, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas... Again
  28. Victory at Sea (1952-1953) Episodes: Design for War, The Pacific Boils Over, Sealing the Breach, Midway Is East, Mediterranean Mosiac, Guadacanal, Rings Around Rabaul, Mare Nostrum, Sea and Sand, Beneath the Southern Cross, The Magnetic North, Conquest of Micronesia, Melanesian Nightmare, Roman Renaissance, D - Day, Killers and the Kill, The Turkey Shoot, Two If by Sea, The Battle for Leyte Gulf, Return of the Allies, Full Fathom Five, The Fate of Europe, Target Suribachi, The Road to Mandalay, Suicide for Glory, Design for Peace
  29. Wrestlemania: The Complete Anthology Volume I 1985-1989 Episodes: Wrestlemania (1985), Wrestlemania 2 (1986), Wrestlemania III (1987), Wrestlemania IV (1988), Wrestlemania V (1989)
  30. Wrestlemania 22 (2006) Disc 1: Matches: World Tag Team Championship Match - Big Show & Kane Vs. Carlito & Chris Masters; Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Ric Flair Vs. Rob Van Dam Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Matt Hardy Vs. Finlay Vs. Bobby Lashley; United States Championship Match - Chris Benoit Vs. JBL; Hardcore Match - Mick Foley Vs. Edge; Boogeyman Vs. Booker T. & Sharmell; WWE Women's Championship Match - Trish Stratus Vs. Mickey James; Casket Match - Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry; No-Holds-Barred Match - Shawn Michaels Vs. Mr. McMahon; Extra Matches: 18 Man Interpromotional Battle Royal; Disc 2: Matches: Triple Threat Match For The World Heavyweight Championship - Kurt Angle Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Randy Orton; Playboy Pillow Fight - Torrie Wilson Vs. Candice Michelle; WWE Championship Match - John Cena Vs. Tripple H; Extra Matches: Raw Main Event Vs. Smackdown Main Event - HHH & John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton; The Cutting Edge - Edge & Lita with Special Guest Mick Foley; Beer Drinking Contest - Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. JBL; Trish Stratus & Mickie James Vs. Victoria & Candice Michelle; Mark Henry/Undertaker Confrontation; Street Fight - Shawn Michaels Vs. Shane McMahon; Disc 3: 2006 WWE Hall of Fame - The Blackjacks; Verne Gagne; William "The Refrigerator" Perry; Sensational Sherri; Tony Atlas, "Mean" Gene Okerlund; Eddie Guerrero; Bret "The Hit Man" Hart