TV Shows: Every One I've Ever Seen [incomplete]

  1. Update, June 2008: Help wanted - I haven't updated this in so long, I'm certain many obvious shows are missing - pointers from other users, especially Brits, about which I've missed, would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 'Allo, 'Allo!
  3. ..From Hell
  4. 10 Years Younger
  5. 101 Dalmations
  6. 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo
  7. 2-DTV
  8. 2 Stupid Dogs
  9. 2point4 Children
  10. 24
  11. 3 Friends & Jerry, The
  12. 30 Days
  13. 30 Rock
  14. 3rd Rock From The Sun
  15. 4400, The
  16. 50/50
  17. 8 Simple Rules
  18. 8 Out Of 10 Cats
  19. A Bit of Fry and Laurie
  20. A Life Of Grime
  21. A Question Of Sport
  22. Aaaah! Real Monsters
  23. Absolutely Fabulous
  24. The Addams Family
  25. Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  26. Adventures of Pete & Pete
  27. Aladdin
  28. Alf
  29. Alias
  30. Alistair McGowan's Big Impression
  31. All Dogs Go To Heaven
  32. All Grown Up
  33. All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show
  34. All In The Family
  35. All That
  36. Allen Strange
  37. Ally McBeal
  38. Alphabet Castle
  39. Alvin & The Chipmunks
  40. The Amanda Show
  41. America's Dumbest Criminals
  42. America's Funniest Home Videos
  43. America's Got Talent
  44. America's Most Wanted
  45. American Dad
  46. American Dreams
  47. American Idol
  48. An Audience With...
  49. Andy Pandy
  50. Angry Beavers, The
  51. Animal Hospital
  52. Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
  53. Antiques Roadshow
  54. Animaniacs
  55. Angel
  56. Arrested Development
  57. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  58. Are You Being Served?
  59. Art Attack
  60. Arthur
  61. As Told By Ginger
  62. Angel
  63. Babar
  64. Back to You
  65. Bad Lads Army
  66. Bailiffs
  67. Bananas in Pajamas
  68. Bands Reunited
  69. Barney and Friends
  70. Basil Brush Show, The
  71. Bear in the Big Blue House
  72. Beat the Geeks
  73. Beat the Star
  74. Beavis and Butt-head
  75. Becker
  76. Behind The Music
  77. Bewitched
  78. Big Bang Theory, The
  79. Big Brother
  80. Big Impression, The
  81. Big Wolf on Campus
  82. Bill & Ben
  83. Bill Cosby Show
  84. Bitsa
  85. Blackadder
  86. Blankety Blank
  87. Blossom
  88. Blue's Clues
  89. Blue Peter
  90. Bo Selecta
  91. Bob The Builder
  92. Boot Camp
  93. Bobby's World
  94. Boston Legal
  95. Boy Meets World
  96. Braceface
  97. Brady Bunch
  98. Brainiac
  99. Brat Camp
  100. Bread
  101. Bremner, Bird & Fortune
  102. Britain's Got Talent
  103. Britain's Strongest Man
  104. Broomstick Cottage
  105. Brothers Garcia, The
  106. Bruce's Price Is Right
  107. Bruce's Play Your Cards Right
  108. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  109. Bug Alert
  110. Bug Juice
  111. Busy World of Richard Scarrey
  112. Button Moon
  113. Byker Grove
  114. California Dreams
  115. Camberwick Green
  116. Care Bears
  117. Caribou Kitchen
  118. Caroline In the City
  119. Casper
  120. Cat's Eyes
  121. Catchphrase
  122. CD:UK
  123. Celebrity Big Brother
  124. Celebrity Fit Club
  125. Celebrity Mole
  126. Celebrity Poker Showdown
  127. Changing Rooms
  128. Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe
  129. Charlie Brown
  130. Charmed
  131. Cheers
  132. Children's Hospital
  133. Chucklevision
  134. City Guys
  135. Clarissa Explains it All
  136. Clifford the Big Red Dog
  137. Clueless
  138. Codename: Kids Next Door
  139. Colbert Report, The
  140. Cold Case
  141. Come Outside
  142. Comeback, The
  143. Complete Freaks Of Nature, The
  144. C.O.P.S
  145. Coronation Street
  146. Cosby
  147. Countdown
  148. Country Mouse & City Mouse Adventures
  149. Cousin Skeeter
  150. Cracker (UK)
  151. Cramp Twins, The
  152. Cribs
  153. Crimewatch UK
  154. The Critic
  155. Crocodile Hunter
  156. Crossing Over With John Edward
  157. Cruel Winter
  158. Cruel Summer
  159. Crystal Maze, The
  160. CSI
  161. CSI Miami
  162. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  163. Dad's Army
  164. Daily Show With Jon Stewart, The
  165. Danny Phantom
  166. Daria
  167. Dastardly & Muttley
  168. David Blaine Specials
  169. David Letterman
  170. Dawson’s Creek
  171. Dead Like Me
  172. Dead Ringers
  173. Deal or No Deal (UK)
  174. Demon Headmaster, The
  175. Dennis The Menace (UK)
  176. Dennis The Menace (US)
  177. Derren Brown Inside Your Mind
  178. Derren Brown Trick of the Mind
  179. Derren Brown Trick or Treat
  180. Desperate Housewives
  181. Detectives, The
  182. Dexter
  183. Dexter’s Laboratory
  184. Dharma & Greg
  185. Diagnosis Murder
  186. Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow
  187. Didn't They Do Well
  188. Diff'rent Strokes
  189. Dilbert
  190. Dinosaurs
  191. Doctor Who
  192. Dog Eat Dog (UK)
  193. Dora The Explorer
  194. Doug
  195. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  196. Dragonball Z
  197. Drake & Josh
  198. Dream Team
  199. Due South
  200. E! True Hollywood Story
  201. Early Edition
  202. Earthworm Jim
  203. Eastenders
  204. Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy
  205. Entourage
  206. ER
  207. Even Stevens
  208. Ever Decreasing Circles
  209. Everybody Loves Raymond
  210. Extra (Fr)
  211. Extras
  212. 'F' Word, The
  213. The Facts Of Life
  214. Fairly Oddparents
  215. Family Guy
  216. Family Fortunes
  217. Family Ties
  218. The Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo
  219. Fantastic Four
  220. Farscape
  221. Fat Club
  222. Fat Nation
  223. Father of the Pride
  224. Father Ted
  225. Fawlty Towers
  226. Fear Factor
  227. Felix the Cat
  228. Fight School
  229. Fireman Sam
  230. Flintstones, The
  231. Fort Boyard
  232. Fourways Farm
  233. Fraggle Rock
  234. Frasier
  235. Freaks & Geeks
  236. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  237. Friday Night Lights
  238. Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
  239. Friday Night Project, the
  240. Friends
  241. Full House
  242. Fully Booked
  243. Futurama
  244. Gamesmaster
  245. Gamezville
  246. Garfield & Friends
  247. Get Your Own Back
  248. Gilligan’s Island
  249. Gilmore Girls
  250. Girls In Love, The
  251. Golden Girls
  252. Good Life, The
  253. Goosebumps
  254. Grace Under Fire
  255. Gran
  256. Grand Designs
  257. Grange Hill
  258. Growing Pains
  259. Ground Force
  260. Grounded for Life
  261. Gruesome Tales For Gruesome Kids
  262. Grumpy Old Men
  263. Grumpy Old Women
  264. Guinness World Records
  265. Gumdrop
  266. Gunsmoke
  267. Hang Time
  268. Hangin’ With Mr Cooper
  269. Happy Days
  270. Hard Spell
  271. Harry Hill's TV Burp
  272. Havakazoo
  273. Have I Got News For You
  274. He-Man
  275. Headcases
  276. Hell's Kitchen (UK)
  277. Hello, Larry
  278. Herbs
  279. Hercules
  280. Heroes
  281. Hey Arnold
  282. Hey Dude
  283. Hogan’s Heroes
  284. Holiday Showdown
  285. Hollywood 7
  286. Home Improvement
  287. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  288. Honey, We're Killing The Kids
  289. House
  290. House Doctor
  291. House of Horrors
  292. How 2
  293. How Clean Is Your House?
  294. How I Met Your Mother
  295. Huff
  296. Hustle
  297. I Dream of Jeannie
  298. I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (UK)
  299. I'm Alan Partridge
  300. Inspector Morse
  301. IT Crowd, The
  302. It's A Knockout
  303. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  304. It's Only TV But I Like It
  305. JAG
  306. Jackanory
  307. The Jeffersons
  308. Jerry Springer Show
  309. The Jetsons
  310. Jimmy Neutron
  311. Joe 90
  312. Joey
  313. Johnny Bravo
  314. Jonathan Creek
  315. Joshua Jones
  316. Journal (De)
  317. Judge Judy
  318. Junglies, The
  319. Just Shoot Me
  320. Kablam
  321. Kath and Kim
  322. Keeping Up Appearances
  323. Kenan & Kel
  324. Kenyon Confronts
  325. Kids in Room 742, The
  326. Kids in the Hall
  327. Kids Say The Funniest Things
  328. Kim Possible
  329. King of Queens
  330. King of the Hill
  331. Kumars at No. 42, The
  332. L&K Friday
  333. LA7
  334. Larry Sanders Show, The
  335. Las Vegas
  336. Last Of The Summer Wine
  337. Late Night With Conan O'Brien
  338. Late Night With David Letterman
  339. Late Show
  340. Later with Jools Holland
  341. Law & Order
  342. Leave it to Beaver
  343. Lilo & Stitch
  344. Liquid Assets
  345. Little Angels
  346. Little Britain
  347. Little House on the Prarie
  348. Little Mermaid
  349. Live and Kicking
  350. Lizzie McGuire
  351. Location, Location, Location
  352. Lois & Clark
  353. Look Around You
  354. Looney Tunes
  355. Lost
  356. Lost in Space
  357. Lost World
  358. Louis Theroux Weird Weekends
  359. Louis Theroux When Louis Met..
  360. Lucky Louis
  361. M*A*S*H
  362. Mad About You
  363. Magic Roundabout
  364. Magic School Bus
  365. Malcolm In The Middle
  366. Married… With Children
  367. Mary Tyler Moore
  368. Mastermind
  369. Maury
  370. Men Behaving Badly
  371. Miami 7
  372. Michael Barrymore's My Kind Of Music
  373. Michael Barrymore's Strike It Lucky
  374. Michael Barrymore's Strike It Rich
  375. Mighty Boosh, The
  376. Mock the Week
  377. Moesha
  378. Mole (UK), The
  379. Mole (US), The
  380. M.O.M.
  381. Mona The Vampire
  382. Monk
  383. The Monkees
  384. Montel Williams Show, The
  385. Moonlighting
  386. Mork & Mindy
  387. Mr. Bean
  388. Mr. Bean The Animated Series
  389. Mr. Benn
  390. MTV Select
  391. Munsters, The
  392. Muppet Babies
  393. Muppert Show
  394. Muppets Tonight
  395. Murder, She Wrote
  396. My Favorite Martian
  397. My Family
  398. My Hero
  399. My Life as a Teenage Robot
  400. My Name Is Earl
  401. My Parents Are Aliens
  402. My So-Called Life
  403. My Wife and Kids
  404. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  405. Name That Tune
  406. Nanny, The
  407. Nanny 911
  408. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
  409. Neighbours
  410. Never Mind the Buzzcocks
  411. Newsnight
  412. NewsRadio
  413. Ninja Turtles
  414. Nip/Tuck
  415. Noah Knows Best
  416. Noel's House Party
  417. Northern Exposure
  418. Numbertime
  419. NYPD Blue
  420. O.C., The
  421. Office, The (UK)
  422. Office, The (US)
  423. Oliver Beene
  424. Once and Again
  425. One Foot In The Grave
  426. Only Fools and Horses
  427. Open All Hours
  428. Oprah Winfrey Show, The
  429. Osbournes, The
  430. Outer Limits, The
  431. Over The Moon With Mr Boon
  432. Paddington Bear
  433. Parkinson
  434. Partridge Family
  435. Party of Five
  436. PB&J Otter
  437. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
  438. Peep Show
  439. Pelswick
  440. Pepper Ann
  441. Picket Fences
  442. Pinky & The Brain
  443. The PJs
  444. The Pitts
  445. Playdays
  446. Pokemon
  447. Porridge
  448. Pop Idol
  449. Popeye
  450. Popstars
  451. Popular
  452. Popworld
  453. Postman Pat
  454. Practice, The
  455. Price Is Right, The
  456. Prison Break
  457. Professor Bubble
  458. Psych
  459. Punk’d
  460. Pup Named Scooby Doo
  461. Pushing Daisies
  462. QI
  463. Quantum Leap
  464. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
  465. Queen's Nose, The
  466. Question Time
  467. Rail Cops
  468. Raising Dad
  469. Ramsay's Kitchen Nigthmares
  470. Recess
  471. Red Dwarf
  472. Relic Hunter
  473. Relocation, Relocation
  474. Ren & Stimpy
  475. Rhoda
  476. Richard and Judy
  477. Ricki Lake
  478. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not
  479. Rising Damp
  480. Rocket Power
  481. Rocko’s Modern Life
  482. Rocky & Bullwinkle
  483. Rogue Traders
  484. Room 101
  485. Roseanne
  486. Rosie and Jim
  487. Roswell
  488. Royle Family, The
  489. Rugrats
  490. Rule The School
  491. Run the Risk
  492. Rupert
  493. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
  494. Sabrina - The Animated Series
  495. Salute Your Shorts
  496. Sanford & Sun
  497. Saturday Night Live
  498. The Saturday Show
  499. Saved by The Bell
  500. Saved by the Bell: The New Class
  501. Saved by the Bell: The College Years
  502. School's Out
  503. Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
  504. Scrubs
  505. Secret World of Alex Mack
  506. See How They Run
  507. Seinfeld
  508. Sesame Street
  509. Shafted
  510. Shark
  511. Sharon Osbourne Show, The
  512. Shield, The
  513. Simpsons, The
  514. Sister, Sister
  515. Six Feet Under
  516. Sleepover Club, The
  517. Sliders
  518. Slow Norris, The
  519. Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo
  520. SM:ART
  521. SM:TV Gold
  522. SM:TV Live
  523. Smallville
  524. Smart Guy
  525. Smurfs, The
  526. So Little Time
  527. Sonic the Hedgehog
  528. Sooty
  529. Sopranos, The
  530. South Park
  531. Spaced
  532. Spin City
  533. Spongebob Squarepants
  534. Sports Night
  535. Star Trek
  536. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  537. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  538. Star Trek: Voyager
  539. Star Trek: Enterprise
  540. Steptoe and Son
  541. Steve Harvey Show
  542. Still Standing
  543. Stitch Up!
  544. Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
  545. Suddenly Susan
  546. Supernanny
  547. Surviving Nugent
  548. Survivor (UK)
  549. Survivor (US)
  550. Swiss Family Robinson
  551. Taina
  552. Take It Or Leave It
  553. Tales From the Crypt
  554. Take 5
  555. Takeshi's Castle
  556. Taxi
  557. Teenage Kicks
  558. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  559. Teletubbies, The
  560. That 70’s Show
  561. That'll Teach 'Em
  562. That'll Test 'Em
  563. That’s So Raven
  564. They Think It's All Over
  565. Thin Blue Line, The
  566. Third Watch
  567. This Morning
  568. This Week
  569. Three’s Company
  570. Through The Keyhole
  571. Timon & Pumbaa
  572. Tiny Toon Adventures
  573. Titus
  574. To Me, Tou You
  575. Tom and Jerry
  576. Tomorrow People
  577. Tonight Show
  578. Tonight With Trevor McDonald
  579. Top Gear
  580. Top Of The Pops
  581. Top Of The Pops 2
  582. Tots TV
  583. Touched by an Angel
  584. TRL
  585. Traffic Cops
  586. Trial & Retribution
  587. Trisha
  588. Tru Calling
  589. Trumpton
  590. Tucker
  591. Turn Back Time
  592. TV Heaven, Telly Hell
  593. Tweenies, The
  594. Twilight Zone
  595. Twilight Zone (II)
  596. Two and a Half Men
  597. Two Guys and a Girl
  598. Two of a Kind
  599. Unsolved Mysteries
  600. USA High
  601. Vault, The
  602. Veronica Mars
  603. Vicar Of Dibley
  604. Wacky Races
  605. Walking with Dinosaurs
  606. Waltons, The
  607. Watchdog
  608. Wayans Bros.
  609. Weakest Link (UK)
  610. Weakest Link (US)
  611. We Can Work It Out
  612. Weekend Watchdog
  613. West Wing, The
  614. Wheel Of Fortune
  615. Whittle
  616. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (UK)
  617. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (US)
  618. Who’s the Boss?
  619. Whose Line is it Anyway? (UK)
  620. Whose Line is it Anyway? (USA)
  621. Wife Swap (UK)
  622. Wife Swap (US)
  623. Wild Thornberrys
  624. Will & Grace
  625. William's Wish Wellingtons
  626. Wipeout
  627. Wire, The
  628. Without A Trace
  629. Wizadora
  630. Wonder Years
  631. Wonder Woman
  632. Woody Woodpecker Show
  633. Words and Pictures
  634. World Poker Tour
  635. Would I Lie To You?
  636. WWE Smackdown
  637. X Factor, The
  638. X-Men
  639. X-Files, The
  640. Xtra Factor
  641. Xtra Factor: 2/7
  642. Xtra Factor: Xcess All Areas
  643. Xena: Warrior Princess
  644. Yakkity Yak
  645. Yes, Minister
  646. Yogi Bear Show
  647. You Are What You Eat
  648. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  649. Zig and Zag
  650. Zzzap!
Author Comments: 

Comments welcomed!

Update, June 2008: Help wanted - I haven't updated this in so long, I'm certain many obvious shows are missing - pointers from other users, especially Brits, about which I've missed, would be greatly appreciated.

Never seen Late Night with Conan O'Brien? SHAME on you!

Ack. I have.. it's just missing here. Sorry about that temporary bout of insanity. ;]

Where is 'Columbo'?

Unseen, unfortunately!

i see "WWE Smackdown" on your list, a WWE fan? if you are, so am i.

Also just wanna say what a great site Snpp is.

How long do you spend updating that?

I'm not really a fan of WWE, sorry, but I've seen it.

Thanks about SNPP! I spend about 2-3 hrs a week on /upcoming/uk.html and about an hour on other files.

lol must be hard to fit in homework ;)...(Dang Schools!!

Haha, yeah it is, what with DVD's, TV, the Net - both working and browsing.. school and homework are just such a waste of time.

hehe its me again mate :)hi, what was "Teenage Kicks" like? its on again tonight on sky/mix channel, was it funny?

Yeah, I thought it was quite entertaining - check it out! Surprisingly original.

Man "To Me To You" i wonder how old those Chuckle brothers are? they seem quite old. lol that was a funny show. do you know if its still going? i dont see it on tv anymore but i could be wrong.

They must be well into their 60s by now! Chucklevision is still going, but To Me To You isn't, far as I know.

also i dont See "2point4 Children" on your list but im guessing youve seen it because your in the UK. it was a great show, I Miss it!

Good point, shall add it!


That's a crazy list how on Earth did you manage to compile it all up ? Anyway, I will now offer of few comments... Allo Allo simply loved it so silly favorite characters were probably Michelle from la Résistance "Listen carefully as I will say this only once" and of course Lt Grüber and his little tank and well, all of them actually
3rd rock from the sun, I got to catch on the BBC once in a while, it's a shame it never was properly broadcasted on belgian or french channels
Ok, I'll stick to commenting on TV series cos I've seen most of the cartoons and kids' shows and quizz shows too as I do watch BBC much more than my fellow belgians but then this comment would never end
AbFab hmm, never really was a big fan and last Christmas special episode was a bit of letdown, wasn't it ? Saffy's hubby having many wives was a sad joke and the end shot when they sit in the furniture shop window was no surprise
Ant & Dec are gay and they sleep together, don't they ?
Oh, what's the "science for kids" show called that I caught the other sunday morning featuring a cute blonde and a very yummy indian-type girl explaining air pressure and why some animals walk on water and can you tell me the name of those two presenters ?
Bruce Forsyth looks creepy, doesn't he ? It's like he's got fake hair and a fake nose and most definitely a fake chin
Ah, the big Dennis the Menace debate... I side with British Dennis cos he's simply much cooler and he's got great pets, do you care about this debate ?
Ok, I'll finish here by telling you that my favorite SClub girl was Tina

Haha, trust me, this list took hours, and I'm sure I'm still missing plenty! ;)

Interesting comments there. Agreed on Allo Allo and 3rd Rock, completely: I never did catch 3rd Rock on BBC, but I managed to see it a few times on Paramount Comedy (not sure if you have that channel over there). Nice to know you watch plenty of BBC! :)

I don't like Ab Fab either really, just caught the odd episode. Didn't see the last Christmas ep so I couldn't really comment.

Ant & Dec - matter of opinion. :D

Not sure what that show you mentioned is.. what channel was it on? And any idea of what the time was? A glance at my TV guide reveals little..

I agree with your thoughts on Bruce Forsyth.. IMO he's 'past it' now and should give up presenting straight away! :)

Completely in agreement with British Dennis being better - Gnasher is fantastic and c'mon, he's a lot more entertaining that that poor American excuse for a menace!

My fave SClub girl was Rachel. :)

sorry to butt in but..i agree with cramoukji..Tina Was hot!

Yeaaahh a fellow Tina fan... I always wondered why she would not get a better role as the other four... Rachel is obviously the consensus cutie and in the first series she was the only one with a boyfriend, she even played with the idea of going back to the UK to be with him, if you remember... and Hannah would be the very energetic one, kind of Sporty SClub, and she eventually has an affair with Paul... and Jo, she's not very cute but she's the only real singer of the bunch and she always knew how to fix their car in the second series... Tina was mostly stuck with playing reparties with Jon, in fact I suspect that she could have had a secret crush on him but Jon's sexual preferences obviously prevented any carnal consumption between the two...
any thoughts ?

well i have to admit to not actually seeing much of the show, but i remember her from the band (songs / music videos) but from what i did see of the show it seemed as if Rachel was always the popular one, which was very annoying. it seemed as if she WAS THE BAND and no one lese matteredd which was very irrating! Tina was hot and had lots of talent.

Also i completely agrre with your views on Bruce Forsyth, ive alwys hated him. he's about 70 and still has young hot girls all over him, wazz up
wit dat??

well, the sad truth is that Rachel Stevens is the one left with a career now

As for that science show with the two cute presenters I saw that about six weeks ago on a sunday morning on the BBC 2 children's show, the show with the monkey puppet with half an ear that grunts instead of speaking like real puppets should, like Aardvark, he can talk well Mister Blobby doesn't technically talk but he's not really a puppet

Never Seen Room101?

B'oh! Forgot it, added.

Alf ?

Well spotted, added. :)

Not seen Empty Nest? Nah, nah!

While this is now very out of date, I must confess I have not seen that. Good, I assume?

Yeah, but maybe it's one of my guilty pleasures.

Did you see the 2006 Celebrity Big Brother - incredible. I find the celebs far more provocative and outspoken than real people.

I did see it, yeah, though I didn't watch the rest of the series - I heard plenty about it in the tabloids though. You're right about celebs being more provocative - Galloway and Barrymore were verging on ridculous at points!

Great to see Buffy and Angel there; I'm hoping that since you've seen both, you dug them.

I have some recommendations:

Firefly - Yeah, this one's no surprise coming from me, Mr. Browncoat. But it's an excellent series with incredibly great production values, genius dialogue, well-developed characters, and it's just all-around brilliant. It's like Star Trek from the point of view of the criminals the Starfleet Federation track down (except here they're called the Anglo-Sino Alliance).

Veronica Mars - I've only seen the first season (the series is in its second right now, and since I can't find the episodes to download anywhere, I'm gonna unfortunately have to wait for the S2 box set), but it's a great series. It's drawn many parallels to Buffy, in that it's the story of a resourceful, clever, and sarcastic teen who has to deal with a troubled past and unending mysteries. But they really are two very different shows; and almost on par with one another...though Buffy comes out on top.

Lost - I'm only four discs into the first season thus far, but it is absolutely brilliant. I tried to avoid it at first because I was sure it would be just like J.J. Abrams' other series, Alias, in that it had false characters with false emotions and focused primarily on the puzzles at hand. Thank God I was wrong. It's a genius character drama with an amazingly twisty plot and background details one has to scour to find. You just can't casually watch this. You have to pay rapt attention to what's going on in the foreground and the background. Once you get into this, it doesn't let go. It devours you!

Arrested Development - The best sitcom in television history. It's unrelentingly hilarious and with brilliant characters, though its last four episodes are airing this week. :'( Hopefully, Showtime or ABC will pick it up, as they have showed interest...I'm praying...

EDIT: Whoops, just noticed you said this list was wildly out of date. Thus, you may have seen some--if not all--of my recommendations. Ah, well. Plus, Angel is listed twice.

Thanks very much for the post!

Yeah, the list is wildly out of date -- and I have seen all four of your recommendations!

My thoughts on each:
Arrested Development - Brilliant, sharp, clever, one of the best sitcoms I've seen. I've got season 1 on DVD in fact, and I'm soon to get S2. Perfectly acted, perfectly scripted. Genius.

Lost - Also great; though I prefer 24 and West Wing for US drama, this comes close. Very well-crafted to say the least. Must pick up the DVD set soon.

Veronica Mars - Very, very good too; myself, I actually prefer Veronica to Buffy! Plus, Kristen Bell is hot. :-)

Firefly - Only caught one episode of this, I really should see more. Seemed good though; I can understand the whole cult following thing. After I catch up with Buffy and Angel, having seen little of each, perhaps I shall catch up with Firefly!

Ta for the tip-off about Angel. I've a week home from school this week, I'll try and make this thing up to date!

Anyone reading this, by the way, all recommendations (or just reminders of shows you think I've seen and haven't listed!) are welcome!

Recommendation: &nbsp Chancer &nbsp starring Clive Owen - British TV at its very best.

Favourite Characters from Movies, TV, and Literature.

Ta, I'll try to check it out!

Wezzo, whats your opinon on two and a half men, i'm really warming to it. i expected it to be light harmless fun, but with a 15 rating, theres some good jokes in there, great writting in parts, you like it ?

Yeah, it is often very good. I must confess I haven't seen it all that often, but when I have seen it I've enjoyed it. Perhaps one for the DVD wishlist.. :-)