TV Shows: 2007 Top 50

  1. My top 50 TV shows of December 2006 to November 2007. Update December 31 - final version.
  2. show [last year's rank, all-time rank @ 24/11, years ran, seasons purchased on DVD this year]
  3. ER [n/a, 5, '94-date, 1-9]
  4. Unrelentingly intense, powerful and moving, purchasing the first nine seasons of ER on DVD has firmly cemented it as my number one show of the year. Television's finest drama series.
  5. Gilmore Girls [n/a, 16, '00-'07, 1-7]
  6. Sparkling dialogue, superb cast chemistry and the finest mother-daughter relationship the small screen has seen. A towering achievement.
  7. Boston Legal [n/a, 21, '04-date, 1-3]
  8. David E. Kelley's best yet. Hilarity and drama ensue in equal measure, delivered by an outstanding cast.
  9. Six Feet Under [n/a, 23, '00-'05, 1-5]
  10. Art.
  11. NewsRadio [n/a, 25, '95-'99, 1-5]
  12. Ensemble comedy at its finest - consistently laugh-out-loud funny. I burned through all five seasons in a matter of weeks.
  13. Frasier [1, 2, '93-'04, 9]
  14. Drops from #1 last year but still the most consistent showing in my top-lists of recent years. Sitcom perfection. Season 10 hitting DVD this December will finally complete the DVD collection.
  15. Lost [n/a, 32, '04-date, 1-3]
  16. Wonderfully shot, meticulously plotted. Gripping stuff. The DVDs support the series with a superb roster of extras.
  17. Friday Night Lights [n/a, 26, '06-date, 1]
  18. A stunning first season immediately cements this as one of my favourite current drama series.
  19. The Office (US) [n/a, 33, '05-date, 1-3]
  20. A weak first season followed by two brilliant ones. One of the finest current US sitcoms - it's actually managed to surpass the original UK version, too.
  21. How I Met Your Mother [n/a, 35, '05-date, 1-2]
  22. Not your average CBS comedy. The first two seasons are absolutely hilaious.
  23. Everybody Loves Raymond [15, 14, '96-'05, 6-9]
  24. A rare example of a show peaking more than halfway through its run, Raymond season 6 is television perfection. The other seasons are pretty damn good too.
  25. Monk [27, 22, '02-date, 3-5]
  26. Goes from strength to strength, the loss of Sharona not proving the shark-junping moment I had expected. Shalhoub continues to shine, the plots continue to engage.
  27. The X Files [n/a, 53, '94-'03, 1-9]
  28. Both the mytharc and the "monster-of-the-week" episodes consistently deliver. A contender for my favourite sci-fi show.
  29. Scrubs [5, 9, '01-date, 5-6]
  30. While S4 was something of a misstep, seasons 5 and 6 - the two released on DVD this year - have more than made up for it. Continues to blend the zany with the tragic in that unique Scrubs manner.
  31. Ally McBeal [n/a, 50, '98-'03, 1-4]
  32. Another DEK gem, the blend of realism and surrealism works very well. Calista Flockhart is superb.
  33. The Shield [32, 33, '01-date, 3-4]
  34. Almost certainly my favourite police drama, subsequent seasons have maintained the high bar set by season 1. Shocking, intense and always entertaining.
  35. House [4, 10, '04-date, 3]
  36. Had to drop a little as only one season was released on DVD this year. Thankfully, that season was the best yet. Superb!
  37. Without A Trace [n/a, 48, '01-date, 1-2]
  38. One of TV's best procedurals, a stellar cast and an intriguing premise ensure it a place here.
  39. South Park [39, 44, '97-date, 1-2]
  40. Anarchic animation at its best. I've only watched seasons 1 and 2 this year, so I imagine it'll rise even higher next year assuming I pick up the pace.
  41. Whose Line Is It Anyway? [n/a, 76, '88-date, n/a]
  42. Both the UK and USA versions are superb - Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are particularly consistent. One to invest in on DVD in the near future.
  43. Prison Break [n/a, 57, '05-date, 1-2]
  44. Tense drama that thankfully managed to survive beyond the initial "Prison Break" premise. I'm hoping S3 isn't a step down.
  45. Seinfeld [8, 4, '90-'98, 8-9]
  46. Finally, the show about nothing is complete on DVD! One of the all-time greatest sitcoms, a re-watch of the whole run is in order next year.
  47. I'm Alan Partridge [n/a, 58, '99-'01, 1-2]
  48. One of the best Britcoms I've seen; Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge is a superb comedy character. Shame there's only 12 episodes.
  49. Hustle [n/a, 62, '04-date, 1-2]
  50. Surprisingly slick for a British series. Wonderfully intricate plots, natural dialogue and the always-brilliant twist at the end.
  51. Sabrina the Teenage Witch [n/a, 40, '96-'03, 1-2]
  52. Surprisingly witty. I'm very pleased it's finally being released on DVD. The early seasons were surely the best.
  53. Veronica Mars [n/a, 51, '04-'07, 1]
  54. Noir for the new generation? It looks gorgeous and is home to seriously well-developed story arcs.
  55. Psych [n/a, 82, '06-date, 1]
  56. Much more than a Monk clone. Hilarity, and clever plots, are consistently present. I eagerly await S2's DVD release.
  57. The Practice [n/a, 81, '97-'04, 1]
  58. Would probably be higher had Fox implemented a more aggressive release schedule. No matter; volume 1 was top-notch drama.
  59. Cracker [n/a, TBC, '92-date, E1-4]
  60. Top-tier British drama. Robbie Coltrane is superb and To be A Somebody rates as one of the all-time greats.
  61. Never Mind the Buzzcocks [n/a, 75, '97?-date, n/a]
  62. Perhaps my favourite panel show nowadays, Amstell is a superb host and the guests are generally inspired choices. Where's the DVDs?
  63. Home Improvement [13, 24, '91-'99, 6-7]
  64. Shame Buena Vista didn't quite round out the show on DVD this year.. still, no matter. Much-maligned, quality family sitcom.
  65. Doctor Who [n/a, 71, '05-date, n/a]
  66. I'd never have imagined this would be featuring in my top list this time last year. Still, there you go. Series 3 was home to some outstanding episodes.
  67. Mock the Week [n/a, 94, '05-date, n/a]
  68. Another consistently entertaining British panel show.
  69. Spaced [n/a, 68, '99-'01, 1]
  70. A great show, laden with cultural references and given top DVD treatment by Channel 4.
  71. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart [25, 52, '96-date, n/a]
  72. Surely the best late night show in the States. Stewart is always entertaining.
  73. Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe [n/a, 91, '05-date, n/a]
  74. Acerbic insight and criticism of TV shows and the industry in general by the brilliant Brooker. Another crying out for DVD release.
  75. Arrested Development [3, 12, '03-'06, n/a]
  76. A re-watch earlier this year reaffirmed this as one of the all-time greatest sitcoms. Brilliant.
  77. My Name Is Earl [26, 46, '05-date, 2]
  78. Season 2 lived up to the high standards set by season 1, thankfully. An ingenious premise that never feels repetitive, delivered ably by a top-notch cast.
  79. QI [9, 27, '03-date, n/a]
  80. Stephen Fry and Alan Davies continue to keep this show near the top of the panel-show pile. Always quite interesting.
  81. Futurama [29, 8, '99-date, M1]
  82. Still enjoying re-watching this, and the DVD movie did not disappoint. Bender's back, baby!
  83. The Simpsons [12, 1, '89-date, 9-10]
  84. From #1 to #6 to #13 to #40.. The Simpsons has really fallen off my radar the past few years. This year's sole season release, season 10, isn't as bad as is often made out, however.
  85. Cheers [6, 19, '82-'93, 6]
  86. Stellar '80s sitcom. Shame the R2 releases seem to have been capped for the time being.
  87. American Dad [23, 49, '05-date, 2]
  88. Another fine season released this year, but competition is tough so Dad has to settle for a place in the 40s.
  89. 24 [14, 11, '01-date, 6]
  90. 24 suffers the same plight, not helped by season 6 being the weakest day yet (though it was still pretty solid).
  91. Family Guy [21, 20, '99-date, 6]
  92. Still good fun, but the short DVD releases aren't helping matters.
  93. Roseanne [n/a, 67, '88-'97, 1]
  94. Only got round to seeing one season in the end. Good stuff, picked up some serious steam by the end of the season.
  95. The Comeback [n/a, 69, '06, 1]
  96. Cancelled far too soon. Lisa Kudrow was superb.
  97. King of the Hill [11, 3, '97-date, n/a]
  98. The lack of any new season releases prevents this from getting a high ranking this year. Come on, Fox!
  99. Friends [20, 13, '94-'04, n/a]
  100. Always a pleasure to watch, but as I've seen the show so many times now I can't really justify rating it very highly this year.
  101. Kids in the Hall [n/a, 93, '89-'90, 1]
  102. Hits far more often than it misses. One of the best sketch shows around, with five great talents behind it.
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so you did like Scrubs season 6?

I definitely did. As much as S5, in fact. And I liked the musical episode too! The Laverne episodes were excellent.

What are your favourite S6 eps?

Is it true that laverne dies? :(. I need to get back into Scrubs, I watched it avidly up to season 4 and then became a Family Guy addict, but no doubt I'll end up watching S5 & S6 soon. Out of interest what has been your favourite series?

Only read if you really want to know! Yes, that's true

S1-2 were my favourites but S3, S5 and S6 are all up there too. S4 is the weakest IMO.

Nice list Wezzo. Staggered to see Doctor Who in there! But delighted too, of course.

But, no Cracker?!

you see this is where we have to agree to disagree, i couldn't enjoy the musical episode, i found it too cringe worthy. Also theres certain elements i'm starting to dislike about scrubs, such as its lack of realism. i find the sets are getting too bright and lacks the gritty realism of seasons 1&2. plus little things like when somebody has a big speech, all the main characters just happen to be standing there, something they made fun of in the sitcom episode they are now doing.

however recently i've been watching DVDS on my portable DVD player and today i hacked it so it now plays R1 :):) so theres no worries on what region to buy for on the move watching! so i'll prob will get scurbs s6 afterall.

I do understand and sympathise with your problems. And in the end, I'd definitely rate the early seasons higher too. But I'm finding these later seasons very enjoyable as they are, too.

Glad you can now play R1s on the move! There are some good extras on S6 (commentary on every episode, a decent Making Of the musical ep).

commentary on every episode? wow thats impressive for a scrubs release

do they all hold up are they all pretty entertaining?

A few have too many long silent gaps but most are pretty damn good. Certainly worth the time to listen to.

I only wish we could have had commentary on every episode in the earlier seasons..

Cracker was a rather shocking omission - added at #29

meh, Lost never really appealed to me. My brother loves it and i must admit from what i've read (on the DVD back cover) there are ALOT of extras as you stated. There were certain characters i enjoyed watching (Sawyer, Locke, Jin and Michael) but i only watched the first season and didn't have the interest to carry on to 2-3

Heroes is another i've yet to buy into , i guess Sopranos is my only expection when it comes to drama lol