TV Box Sets I Own on DVD

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  • The A-Team: Season Two
  • Arrested Development: Season One
  • Arrested Development: Season Two
  • Chappelle's Show: Season One
  • Chappelle's Show: Season Two
  • Family Guy: Volume One
  • Firefly: The Complete Series
  • Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series
  • Mr. Show: Seasons One and Two
  • Mr. Show: Season Three
  • Mr. Show: Season Four
  • The Pretender: Season One
  • Tenacious D: The Complete Series
  • Titus: Seasons One and Two
  • Undeclared: The Complete Series
  • Veronica Mars: Season One

Love those Mr. Show DVDs. Only times I ever listened to audio commentary more than once.

I know what you mean... when I got them, I had to listen to all the audio commentaries... I haven't done that for any of the other sets yet.