Trees Knocked Down By Tropical Storm Cindy On My Property

  1. Part of a very large trash tree in front of house. (Fell against front corner of our house. Lucky we didn't lose electricty - like 250,000 others - not to mention a portion of our home.)
  2. Large banana tree near left portion of fence in the backyard. (Fell into the pool.)
  3. Large banana tree near right poriton of fence in the backyard. (Fell onto top of neighbor's shed.)
  4. Various banana trees on all sides of yard (about half a dozen total; falling just about everywhere.)
Author Comments: 

7/5/05: Not at work today. The kids'll have to fend for themselves, walking dogs and cleaning up after them in the dark, as there is no electricity in much of the city.

7/10/05: Looks like Dennis is going to miss us. Good thing, since the city still hasn't bothered to pick up much of the debris from Cindy.

I don't know if it'll make you feel better, but this rotten rain flooded part of my basement.

I mean, it's the SUMMER, I'm not supposed to work! This is recoup time. ;-)

Ha! Lucky you. I don't know what not working is.

Glad to hear nothing major was destroyed. The electricity thing's a positive too.

...especially since there are *still* people who don't have it!