Treasures Unearthed In The Moving Process

  • Texas Hero!!! (Don't get any ideas. I'm not opening it or anything.)
  • The other butterfly earring!!
  • Those two sculptures Mom and I did together that are shockingly the same even though we didn't look...
  • Karen's wand.
  • Karen & Cassandra's wedding embroidery (done by Sean.)
  • Karen and my engagement glasses.
  • The porcelain figure from my grandmother's wedding. (With the date written underneath in her handwriting.)
  • Two small statuettes that remind me of my mom and maternal grandmother.
  • One of Scott's highschool pictures. (Mom still doesn't really remember him. Heh.)
  • A truly amazing amount of much loved clothing I had no idea I still had. (And that actually FITS again... guess I have lost weight.)
  • My epee.
  • The story ring.
  • Scott's renn faire pants.
  • Zeddy. (Short for Sherherazad. A stuffed leopard Jnl gave me once-upon-a-time. The first stuffed animal I can remember actually loving.)
  • Butterfly earring. (Now to find the second one...)
  • Scott's pony tail.
  • Chey's footie pjs.

8. 120 empty pizza boxes and 214 empty Mountain Dew cans.
9. Hoffa
10. 18 back issues of "Survivalist Wackjob Monthly"
11. Portions of an exploded tray of brownies

Woman, how long is it going to take you guys to go through that house????

YEARS, I'm absolutely certain.

Baby steps.