Top Ten Songs On The Nirvana Box Set

  • 10 - "Heart Shaped Box [Demo Version]"
  • This one is in here because it's an awesome song, and because the demo sounds like clear and great. The whole thing is cool... and yeah.
  • 9 - "Do Re Mi [Acoustic]"
  • A weak but pretty cool song actually, I like it and it sounds good and stuff. It doesn't sound like them, since his voice reminds you of Scissor Sisters or some 50s/60s folk singer. Word up.
  • 8 - "Beans [Acoustic]"
  • This song is really much of a song but it's pretty damn funny. They basically play a song and it's speeded up using like a tape recorder and it sounds like it's a midget or cartoon character. Plus the lyrics are weird and crap.
  • 7 - "Old Age [Outtake]"
  • Soft song that sounds like it'd be on In Utero, Nirvana's 4th album. It sounds soft and good and sort of like an emo band turned soft rock, which is pretty cool. I like it.
  • 6 - "Dumb [Radio Appearance]"
  • One of my favorite songs, it sounds great over the radio on this version. It's pretty clean and cool and stuff. It's gewd.
  • 5 - "Here She Comes Now"
  • Soft spoken song which sounds good and would work good. Unfortunatly his voice sounds shitty on this but oh well, It's alright I guess.
  • 4 - "You Know You're Right [Acoustic]"
  • Sounds good because the song is totally cool and because the alternate lyrics make it sound like a diffrent track and I like it.
  • 3 - "Heartbreaker [Led Zeppelin Cover]"
  • A Zeppelin cover starts this whole thing out and it doesn't sound half bad. It's pretty cool to just listen to because the guitar is totally digable and it sounds so rugid and crap.
  • 2 - "Seasons In The Sun [Terry Jacks Cover]"
  • A 70s pop sort of song which is good because, well, Kurt died in 94 and it was sort of an ode to himself dying and crap. But it sounds good. Plus they're playing alternate instruments which is pretty awesome really.
  • 1 - "Rape Me [Demo Version]"
  • A great song already, it sounds excellent and then there's the whole thing about Kurt's baby, Frances Bean, crying in the background which sounds sweet.
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Is "Here She Comes Now" a Velvet Underground cover?