Top Ten Frustrated Sports Cities

  • 1. Seattle
  • The reigning champion doesn’t even really have competition. All those early 90’s Supersonics teams with Payton and Kemp? No championships. That 116 game-winning season in 2001? All those years with Randy Johnson, Griffey Jr., and Edgar Martinez? Nada. And the Seahawks? Are you even kidding me? The worst city to be a sports fan, hands down.
  • 2. Cleveland
  • Perhaps the greatest baseball franchise in the 90’s couldn’t even win one world series. And before that, they were perennial cellar-dwellers. The Browns getting yanked to Baltimore by its slimy owner Art Modell, and V.2 of the Browns not so good. And the Cavaliers, who for years got killed by Michael Jordan, are the city’s only potential bright spot. Sad.
  • 3. Phoenix
  • Another city with the combo of a franchise (the Suns) who couldn’t quite get over the hump, and an uprooted franchise (the Cardinals) who are the laughingstock of the NFL. At least they got the one baseball title.
  • 4. Kansas City
  • A city who never was riding really high that’s fallen on even tougher times. Yes, those George Brett led Royals ruled, but the Chiefs have been owned by the Broncos (hell, just by Elway, really), and their small-market fandom makes the current baseball team a misery.
  • 5. Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  • A distant fifth. The Vikings always get hopes up, but fail to deliver (0 for 3 in the big game). To their credit, the Timberwolves look ready to get to the promised land, and the Twins have had several miracle titles. See openstacks comment below for their hockey woes.
  • 6. Buffalo
  • Those four straight Super Bowl losses would make anyone want to puke.
  • 7. Sacramento
  • For years, the basketball team was a joke. Now that it’s gotten extremely good, they can’t finish the job (I’d personally argue that it has to do with the fact that Chris Webber is not a winner, but that’s a different story). The window for them is closing fast.
  • 8. Portland
  • They always have the most talented teams on paper, but it never seems to work out.
  • 9. East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • The Nets totally missed their chance with K-Mart, Jason Kidd, and Richard Jefferson. Add to their NBA woes that they actually host both NFL New York teams, but get none of the credit. Ouch.
  • 10. San Diego
  • They’ve come close in football and baseball, but have never punched through. But come on, they’re in San Diego!
Author Comments: 

ESPN came out with a list of the Most Tortured Sports Cities (scroll down a little and check the right side), and like many of their lists, they were ridiculous. Chicago at #4? Did they decide to just ignore 6 NBA titles in less than 10 years? The coolest Super Bowl winners? I decided to rank them as they should be. The top 5 cities all have three or four of the major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL), while the rest of the top ten are cities with one or two professional teams (which means you can’t possibly be as frustrated).

To add to the Minneapolis malaise, they had to watch the Stars get to two Stanley Cup finals, lose 'em both, and then watch them head to Dallas and win just a few years later.

Ha ha, great list. I think the T-Wolves got to the playoffs something like 7 times without getting past the first round, before last year.

But at least the Devils have won 3 Stanley Cups in the past 10 years (and took the Avs to Game 7 in a 4th) for the East Rutherford community.

That's a good point. And thankfully for the Jerseites, they are a New jersey team.