Top techno-ambient bands

  • Orbital
  • Orb
  • Chemical Brothers
  • Autechre
  • Future Sound of London

Sabres Of Paradise

Aphex Twin

Ege Bam Yasi

Primal Scream
Screamadelica, anyhow

Aphex Twin is one of my absolute favorite electronica artists. Ambient Works 2 is a good cd, I Care Because You Do is even better, and Richard D. James is the definate best. The Windowlicker single is very good too. The video is very odd...

I have Orbital's Snivilization, it's quite a good cd, and The Chemical Brother's Surrender and Dig Your Own Hole albums are very good too, especially the latter.

Chicane (more trance-ambient actually, but that makes it even better - much more chilled and relaxing - I suggest the song Chicane - Offshore)
Boards of Canada (ambient/IDM)
Carbon Based Lifeforms (ambient)

BTW what is Techno-ambient?

I see 1 trance/ambient band (Future Sound of London), one trance/tech trance band (Orbital) one house/breaks group, one IDM (Autechre) and one ambient (The Orb).

Sry - I'm being harsh about this, but it's one of my jobs to dispel the old myth that all electronic music is "techno" (a VERY specific sub-genre of electronica, based on SUPER ULTRA UBER repetitiveness - as in a 3 second sound repeated over and over again, for five minutes, which forms a basic beat).

I'm not sure why it's my job. Then again, would you like seeing hardcore punk called pop, because avril lavigne gets her little ultra-poppy almost semi-punk songs played on pop stations?

What about Pan Sonic ??