Top Firefox Requests

  1. True single-window mode support - for a tabbed browser, this would seem like a no-brainer. I hear it'll be implemented very soon, though.
  2. Customizable key and mouse configurations - my browser. Gimme. :-)
  3. The ability to combine toolbars on the same row - this is already a basic functionality of IE, but in Firefox every extension toolbar has to be on its own, seperate 'row,' and it's annoying and wastes a lot of space.
  4. Better support for non-standards-compliant webpages - whether or not Firefox is 'right,' and IE is 'wrong,' most pages are still coded for IE support, and Firefox occasionally struggles to render them as the author intended. For example, All Music Guide.
  5. Faster, smaller memory imprint - Firefox uses more memory than Opera or IE, and is slower than either when loading large pages (like IGN - a page which, only in Firefox, nearly brings my computer to a grinding halt).
  6. Fix blinking flash - Flash blinks irksomely while loading on pages like Gamespot and IGN.