Top 5 Woody Allen Films

  • 1.Annie Hall
  • 2.Husbands and wives
  • 3.Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.
  • 4.Zelig
  • 5.Sleeper
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I think Woody made several masterpieces, but Manhattan towers above most films ever made. Have you seen it?

Unfortunately,I have not seen Manhattan,but I do plan on it.I love Woody Allen.

how would mine look...
2.stardust memories
3.annie hall
4.take the money and run
6.crimes and misdemeanors

I've only seen 2 and 6 from your list.

check out INTERIORS. gordon willis on another beautiful cinematography trip. nearly as beautiful as his work in MANHATTEN....... 'everything you needed to know about sex but were afraid to ask' seriously. its not even funny or well shot. seriously watch INTERIORS. then review your list! you might thank me.

well see the other 4... you won't be dissapointed... and i assume you mean 3 and 6?

ah yes it is 2 and 6.