Top 400 trance tracks of all time

  1. _These are the rules for posting recommendations. If you break one, I will ignore you. Read them before making a suggestion:

  2. 1.If you suggest even one track that is already on the list, I will ignore all other tracks in your suggested list. Use edit/find (on this page), or hit control-f to search out tracks before recommending them. Don't just whip your playlist off into the comments, I want you to make sure it's a)better than some of the tracks on this list, and b)NOT ALREADY ON IT, before you suggest I add it. This list is massive, and the base of tracks it was selected out of is even bigger. I don't mean to be a jerk about it, but I don't have the time to sift through records that are already on the list. Plus, that tells me you didn't think about your suggestion.
  3. 2.If you've been listening to trance for less than 9 months, you have a DJ Mystik track on your computer anywhere, or you still (seriously) find tracks by typing "trance" or "techno" into a file sharing program, then please don't suggest anything. Your recommendation is going to be stupid. No, trust me. It is.
  4. 3. Don't post "I can't believe [insert probably stupid and derivative track here] isn't on the list! What gives?!?!?" or anything even remotely close to that comment. What gives? If it's really such a masterpiece and it's not on the list, then I probably haven't heard it, dumbass (Or I've heard it, it sucks, and you just have no taste). If you make that comment, I will ignore you. In fact, if you even think about making that comment, don't bother posting, your suggestion is going to be stupid. There are literally millions of trance tracks, and there is no possible way anyone could listen to them all (I've only heard tens of thousands). Although the best tracks tend to bubble up into underground recognition (and no further), there are likely dozens of masterpieces that have gone unnoticed - this is what I'm looking for. However, there are hundreds of thousands of piles of derivative crap that directly steal from classics and never go anywhere. These appeal to newbies who haven't been around long enough to hear the originals (and to E-tards who have no memory of any tracks they've heard at any events), which is why no one who hasn't listened to trance for over 9 months should post here. If you don't know enough about trance to know that more records are released than could ever possibly be listened to, you don't know enough about trance to make an intelligent suggestion, and you're wasting your time.
  5. 4. If you have ever, EVER in your life shouted "TIIIIEEEESSSSTTTOOOOO!!!!" or said anything along the lines of "OMG OMG OMG Tiesto is such a God OMG!" don't post here, because you're an idiot. He can play records. Calloo, calay, he belongs on Mount Olympus.
  6. 5. Do not write a post stating something like "that's just your opinion! [boring derivative crap] is a masterpiece, you just won't open your ears!" [Stupid derivative crap] is not a masterpiece. You just haven't heard enough trance to know that [stupid derivative crap] doesn't have a shred of originality in it.
  7. 6. If you don't like at least five trance tracks produced before 1995, don't bother posting a suggestion, as you know absolutely nothing about trance. Come back when you're older, sonny.
  8. 7. If you don't like acid, or don't know what acid is (and weren't knocked out by rule number 2), you're an idiot, don't post.
  9. 8. If you don't listen to at least 3 other kinds of electronic music that are not mainstream hip-hop genres or played on the radio, you have no perspective, don't post a suggestion.

  10. _Here's a torrent of the first 50 songs:
  11. here
  12. Many thanks to AsColdAsIce for making this. I'm not sure if it works, but it's worth a shot.

  13. Final note: there are going to be songs on here that aren't perfectly 100% trance. If you see this tag beside a track:
  14. {arguable},
  15. then the track is disputable (or disputed) in some way.
  16. The genres essentially represented are ibiza trance, epic trance, psytrance/goa trance, anthem trance, classic trance, acid trance, ambient trance, tech-trance, and progressive trance. I am liberal with these categories, and what has also ended up on here is some trancier ambient house, acid techno, progressive house, tech-house, "minimal," and breaks. There is a limit, but it's blurry. For example, you won't find funky house, breakbeat hardcore, or aggrotech on here.

  17. Humate - Love Simulation (Paul van Dyk's Love mix) [1993] [Ibiza trance]
  18. It's amazing how little this track loses its loveliness with repeat listens. I've had it for 6 years now, and I still love it just as much as I did when it floored me on the first listen. Even the other top 10 tracks (while still amazing) have diminished in some ways with compulsive listening, but this one remains the shining gem at the top of the trance genre. This perfectly captures the beauty of a tropical sunset on a peaceful deserted island, and to this day never fails to evoke such a scene.

  19. The Age of Love - Age of Love (Jam & Spoon's Watch out for Stella mix) [1992] [classic trance]
  20. This is often erroneously called the first trance tune of all time, including by me for a very long time. Well, it wasn't. There was no "first trance tune." It seems to have slowly coalesced out of the Belgian new beat, acid house, techno, and euro-house miasma around at the time. You can look for related tracks in each of these early scenes, but none of them are "trance" per se, they clearly fall into their respective styles. And the first artists who actually set out to make "trance" were mimicking a genre that was already defined. So where do you draw the line? You don't. There was no big bang.
  21. Also, the so-called "original mix" available pretty much everywhere is almost universally actually the (admittedly superior) Jam & Spoon remix. I finally found the real original mixes, and they're not trance at all - they're inarguably new beat. You can almost hear some trance in there, but it's a seed, at best.
  22. That said, this version is a fantastic track, and still one of trance's first. It's beautiful, ethereal, and above all, entrancing.

  23. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three N' One mix) [1998] [anthem trance/ibiza trance]
  24. The track that defines everything that an ibiza anthem is, full of all of the excess and bombast of the island: pure dancable joy. The track's central hook is a long, arpeggiated melody looping such that the beginning and end melt together into an endless sphere. It sounds like sped-up 70's minimalism run through a 90's dark trance synth with a sub-tribal feel (it's the beats that do this). I'll admit, the build-up is a little bit cliche by now, but it wasn't really at the time, and for second-wave trance, it's as creative as it's going to get, and more than compensated by the spot-on anthem. In a not so surprising twist, this was initially written by one of the fathers of modern trance (Cosmic Baby), back in 1993 (they were always better at trance than the bedroom nerds and the corporate pop machine). It has gotten another remix every single year since 93, most of which are picked up by trance jocks and many of which go back on the club charts (the best is undoubtedly 1997's chart-topping Three N' One remix (although some prefer the 1998 Nalin & Kane version, and classic trance addicts will love the original)).

  25. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea [1991] [ambient trance/classic trance]
  26. Released in 1991, this song wasn't even intended to be trance - no one even used the word yet (although there was a fledgling sound growing in the underground house, rave, and techno scenes). It was meant to be ambient breaks, but "Papua New Guinea's" atmosphere was like little other electronic dance released at the time - ethereal, spacy, almost angelic, but still dancefloor-worthy, catchy, and even relaxing. The song instantly became a trance classic once the genre was brought into official existence in 1993, and deservingly so. Like it's predecessor "Age of Love," even today it can be played without sounding the slightest bit dated.
  27. {arguable - ambient breaks}

  28. Underworld - Born Slippy (NUXX). [1995] [classic trance/hard trance]
  29. A melodic trance tune with stream-of-consciousness lyrics that become stranger with each listen, mainly beacuse they never really had any actual internal logic to begin with. The melody is unforgettably catchy, and contains a nice twist in the middle, in which it goes from being a wistful and pretty little ambient trancer, to a hard and abrasive swedish techno stormer, and pulls both off better than just about anything in either genre. Surprisingly, especially with this being, you know, actually good, this was a huge hit in Europe (it went to number 2 on the world chart in 1996-97), and gets at least two new remixes every year, at least one of which always goes back on the club charts (hopefully 2006 will be an exception? Honestly, they're never going to top the original). So, not only is it one of the best, it's also the most popular to still retain credibility.
  30. {arguable - melodic techo(?)}

  31. Sasha - Xpander [1999] [progressive trance]
  32. Perfect progressive trance. A melody that, like the last 2 tracks, is atmospheric, loops on itself, and endlessly contagious, without seeming repetitive. This song is absorbing - the feeling throughout is impossible to describe, since like I said before...dancing about architecture. Just download the track. It's incredible. (Was another mega-European hit. I don't know the details specifically, but it doesn't matter).

  33. Nalin & Kane - Beachball [1996] [ibiza trance]
  34. Gorgeous, elegant, and never tiring. It's quite possible that I've listened to this track more times than any other, probably my personal favorite. Built out of tribal, yet melodic beats (the "Nalin and Kane sound"), relaxing and inobtrusive vocals, and a slow, subtle build that takes its time to breakdown. When it does breakdown, air strings and seagulls wash and flow around each other as if musically taking flight to a Mediterannean sky over a sunset-golden beach. When the breakdown ends, "Becahball" slowly floats back to earth, before spending the remainder of the track rippling back and forth between the sky and the sand.
  35. {arguable - ibiza house}

  36. Paragliders - Paraglide [1993] [classic trance]

  37. DnTel - (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt remix) [2002] [minimal trance]
  38. This is probably the only trance track ever created with vocals worth listening to. But it doesn't rest on them, just allowing them to sparsely resonant in a minimal nothing, it raises them, gently bringing them to soaring heights with gorgeous melodies that slowly drown out the surreal beauty of the evocative lyrics. Eventually the glistening bells overtake the words entirely, taking the already flying track into the stratosphere. It's the perfect representative of minimal trance.
  39. {arguble: tech-house/progressive house/microhouse}

  40. Hardfloor - Acperience 1 [1992] [acid trance/classic trance]
  41. {arguable - acid}

  42. Hybrid - Symphony [1997] [orchestral trance]
  43. Wow. Forget Adagio for Strings, forget Protect Your Mind, forget ****ing Airwave, symphonic trance was created and destroyed with this track. Everything trance is supposed to make you feel, and almost everything classical is supposed to do can be found here in this amazing song. Easy to dance to, creative beats (breaktrance, so they actually put some thought into them), more melodies than you can possibly count, and all this without sounding crowded or overstuffed; all of it original. They even did it without overusing the breakdown. Fantastic, it completly lives up to its title.

  44. Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo [1992] [acid trance]
  45. This track is simultaneously hard, twisted and beautiful, which is something I would have considered a nearly impossible feat until I heard this, and despite being over 15 years old, it still sounds innovative and fresh today. Built on a foundation of Basic Channel-esque foggy acid lines, Didgeridoo manages to build and break like trance, while meandering and wandering like ambient and relentlessly pounding and squiggling like acid techno without sounding forced or mashed together. A didgeridoo sets the bassline resulting in a simultaneously relaxing, funky and dark atmosphere. It can sound like a trance anthem, a techno monster, or an ambient chilldown depending on how you listen, and it's all of those together and more, and it grows greater with each listen. Didgeridoo is undoubtedly one of the greatest trance tracks of all time. Whether or not it's in the genre of "trance" per se is questionable (though a connecting thread is certainly there), but in the most elastic sense of entrancing dance music, it comes out pretty close to the top.
  46. {arguable - ambient acid techno(?)}

  47. Orbital - Halcyon On & On [1993] [ambient trance]
  48. {arguable - ambient techno}

  49. Chicane - Offshore [1996] [ibiza trance]
  50. {arguable - ambient house/ibiza house}

  51. Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis [1993] [classic trance/acid trance]

  52. Choice - Acid Eiffel [acid trance]
  53. {arguable - acid techno}

  54. Ame - Rej [2005] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  55. {arguable - "minimal"}

  56. L.S.G. - Netherworld [1997] [progressive trance]

  57. Balil - Parasight [1993] [classic trance/acid trance]

  58. Salt Tank - Eugina [1996] [ibiza trance]

  59. The PQM - You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable Vocal mix) [2004] [progressive trance/deep trance]
  60. {arguable - progressive house}

  61. LSG - Hearts [1994] [classic trance/acid trance]

  62. Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace [1990] [classic trance]
  63. Another contender for first trance song ever created. Whether this track came first, or Age of Love is questionable, but the quality of this little masterpiece is indisputable. Almost like minimal goa, mixed with James Holden-esque progressive (but of course, it predates all of that). It's reminiscent of being on the moon, or on the surface of an alien world: exactly the way trance should sound.

  64. Underworld - Dark Train [1994] [classic trance]

  65. Infected Mushroom - Mush Mushi [goa trance/psytrance]

  66. Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Persönliche Glücksmelodie [2005] [minimal trance/neo-trance]

  67. Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel [1994] [epic trance]

  68. Metal Master - Spectrum [1992] [classic trance]

  69. Push - Strange World [2001] [anthem trance]

  70. Humate & Rabbit In The Moon - East (Opium Den Mix) [1995] [classic trance/acid trance]

  71. The MFA - The Difference it Makes [2004] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  72. {arguable - progressive house}

  73. Cybernaut - Hydroponix [1997] [goa trance/psytrance]

  74. Datura - Yerba Del Diablo [1992] [classic trance/acid trance]
  75. {I find it's a lot like psytrance/goa trance, but this isn't a bad thing.}

  76. Three Drives - Greece 2000 [1997] [progressive trance/anthem trance]

  77. PHD - Summer Storm (Leisure Lounge Edit) [1994] [classic trance/acid trance]

  78. Jam and Spoon - Stella [1992] [ibiza trance]

  79. Hallucinogen - LSD [1994] [psytrance/goa trance]

  80. Commander Tom - Are Am Eye? [1995] [classic trance/dark trance(?)]
  81. {arguable - rave}

  82. Phobia - Phobia (DJ Hell mix) [1991/2007] [classic trance/acid trance]
  83. What actually makes the DJ Hell 2007 mix different from the 1991 original is pretty minimal (ha. ha. no.), but it seems to do the trick, elevating what was already a trance classic into the neo-trance masterpiece it was always meant to be. Really though, everything that made the track so incredible to begin with is there, and everything added on could have been created back in 1991. But it rounds it out perfectly.
  84. It's rather dark trance. The anchoring melody is simply a two note depth charge interspersed with a transmission-like voice ("let me have silence") and a strangely affecting diva wail, held down by a circular acid line that eventually dissolves into quasi-anthemic territory (a la Acid Eiffel, which it actually transcends). Everything here is simple and effective, and reminiscent of floating in space past a rocky wasteland moon, no power in the ship, unable to navigate, fleeing alien depth charges. Or perhaps it's like being under the ocean on an alien planet in almost complete blackness and silence but for the occasional bursts of extraterrestrial explosives seeking to destroy your submarine, hidden in the deep, the power.
  85. This is also a flagpost of what seems to be a classic trance revival of sorts brought about by an adoring minimal community (some of whom floated out of classic trance-land in the first place, fleeing the epic anthem boom of the late 90s. You know who I mean. Sven Vath. Stephan Bodzin.)

  86. Etnica - Moon Influence [1996] [goa trance/psytrance]

  87. Yahel - Voyage [2000] [psytrance/epic trance]

  88. Binary Finary - 1998 [1998] [anthem trance]
  89. Note: 1999 and 2000 are the same track, re-released for more guiltless radioplay and club spinning. Although why this odd norm exists at all is beyond me. If you still like the track, just keep playing it. Don't buy it again with a different date stamped on the cover, just so you can label yourself "upfront."

  90. Union Jack - Red Herring [1995] [acid trance]

  91. Beanfield - Tides (Carl Craig mix) [2004] [minimal trance/neo-trance]

  92. Cybordelics - Adventures of Dama [1993] [classic trance]

  93. The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia [1999] [epic trance]

  94. Leftfield - Phat Planet [1999] [deep trance]
  95. {arguable - progressive house}

  96. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfalls [1993] [anthem trance]
  97. {arguable - anthem house}

  98. DJ Tiesto - Suburban Train [2001] [epic trance]

  99. James Holden - Nothing (93 Returning mix) [2003] [progressive trance]

  100. Roland Appel - Dark Soldier [2007] [minimal trance/neo-trance]

  101. Efdemin - Lohn & Brot [2007] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  102. "Minimal" has gotten so trancy this year that almost all of the best new tracks warrant (high) places on this list.
  103. This is the only trance track on the entire list that I fell in love with during the opening bar (Those first three notes are actually truly beautiful, and even if the track didn't go anywhere from there it would still warrant a place somewhere on this list as the best filler of all time). I don't even cut this track up in my iPod playlist.
  104. {arguable - minimal. But argue with me that it's really minimal and not trance at all and I'll actually beat you down. I will find out where you live, and I will beat you down. It's got breakdowns, dammit, BREAKDOWNS. Yeah, minimal. Right.}

  105. Orbital - Belfast [1992] [ambient trance]
  106. Art of Trance - Madagascar (Cygnus X mix) [1998] [epic trance/anthem trance]
  107. Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha vs. The Light mix) [1998] [progressive trance]
  108. James Holden - Horizons [1999] [progressive trance]
  109. Cygnus X - Superstring [1994] [classic trance]
  110. Patrick Chardronnet - Eve By Day (Ripperton mix) [2006] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  111. The Field - Over the Ice [2006] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  112. {arugable - minimal techno(?)}
  113. Banco De Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa [1995] [classic trance/ambient trance]
  114. {arguable - ambient house/progressive house}
  115. Astral Projection - Aurora Borealis [2000] [psytrance/goa trance]
  116. PPK - Resurrection [2001] [progressive trance/anthem trance]
  117. Shakta - Lepton Head III [1996] [goa trance/psytrance]
  118. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel and Dresden mix) [2001] [progressive trance]
  119. {arguable - progressive house}
  120. Astral Projection - Mahadeva [1996] [psytrance]
  121. Like an ancient tribal ceremony, plus aliens.
  122. {arugable - psy. But really, think about it. Psy...trance. PsyTRANCE.}
  123. Petter - These Days [2004] [deep trance/neo-trance]
  124. {arguable - progressive breaks}
  125. Zyon - No fate (No Fate edit) [1992] [classic trance]
  126. Paul Van Dyk - Words [1997] [progressive trance]
  127. Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow [2006] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  128. {arguable: minimal techno/deep house. Supposedly.)
  129. William Orbit - Water from a Wine Leaf (Xylem Flow mix) [1992] [classic trance/ambient trance]
  130. {arguable - progressive house/ambient house}
  131. Nathan Fake - The Sky was Pink (James Holden mix) [2005] [progressive trance/minimal trance/neo-trance]
  132. {arguable - progressive house/"Border Community techno" [which is generally called neo-trance, any dispute here is silly]}
  133. 4Voice - Eternal Spirit [1992] [classic trance]
  134. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster [1997] [progressive trance/anthem trance]
  135. Rabbit In The Moon - Out Of Body Experience (Phase One - First Contact) [1994] [classic trance]
  136. Heartthrob - Baby Kate [2006] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  137. {arguable: minimal techno, although I think it's really too melodic for that}
  138. Cydonia - Haunted World [1999] [goa trance/psytrance]
  139. Paragliders - Oasis [1995] [classic trance]
  140. Ascension - Someone (Slacker's Rolling mix) [1998] [progressive trance/anthem trance]
  141. Pob - Boiler (Humate mix) [1998] [progressive trance]
  142. Shakta - Silicon Trip [1997] [goa trance/psytrance]
  143. Underworld - Two Months Off [2002] [progressive trance/deep trance]
  144. {arguable - Progressive house}
  145. Armin Van Buuren - Blue Fear [1996] [progressive trance]
  146. Jurgen Paape - Mit Dir [2002] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  147. {arguable - melodic minimal house/microhouse}
  148. Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit? [2006] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  149. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy [1997] [psytrance/goa trance]
  150. Art of Trance - Octopus [1994]
  151. Moby - Go [1992] [classic trance]
  152. Ronald Klinkenberg - Inner Laugh (James Holden mix) [2004] [deep trance/progressive trance]
  153. {arguable: progressive house}
  154. Clanger - Seadog [1994] [classic trance/acid trance]
  155. Solar Stone - Seven Cities [1999] [ibiza trance]
  156. Technique - Sun is Shining (Mash Up Matt mix) [1999] [anthem trance/epic trance]
  157. Circuit - Transport Of Love [1994] [classic trance]
  158. Gouryella - Gouryella [1998] [anthem trance/epic trance]
  159. Etnica - Spheric Concept [1996] [goa trance/psytrance]
  160. Pulser - Cloudwalking [1999] [anthem trance/epic trance]
  161. Moogwai - Viola (Armin Van Buuren mix) [2001] [anthem trance/epic trance]
  162. Tilt Vs. Paul Van Dyk - Rendezvous [1997] [anthem trance]
  163. Way Out West - The Gift [1995] [ambient trance/breaktrance]
  164. {arguable - ambient breaks}
  165. Goldenscan - Sunrise (DJ Tiesto mix) [1999] [anthem trance/epic trance]
  166. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access [1995] [hard acid trance/classic trance]
  167. Union Jack - Two Full Moons and a Trout (Caspar Pound mix) [1993]
  168. Genlog - Airwalk [1995] [classic trance/hard trance]
  169. Pantha Du Prince - Walden [2006] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  170. {arguable - "minimal"}
  171. Push - Universal Nation [1999] [anthem trance]
  172. Art of Trance - The Colours (Indigo mix) [1993] [classic trance]
  173. Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate mix) [1998] [progressive trance]
  174. Bedrock - Heaven Scent [1999] [progressive trance]
  175. {arguable: progressive house}
  176. Leama - Requiem For a Dream [2003] [ambient trance]
  177. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes [2003] [deep trance]
  178. {arguable - progressive house}
  179. Nathan Fake - Outhouse [2004] [deep trance/progressive trance/neo-trance]
  180. {arguable - progressive house}
  181. Airwave - Alone in the Dark [2000] [progressive trance/anthem trance]
  182. X-Tracks - Plan 94 (The Voyage) [1994] [classic trance]
  183. I love this song: it's like the musical equivalent of piloting a flying saucer. That melody at the end makes me feel like I'm falling to earth through an atmosphere of endless clouds.
  184. Barbarella - My Name is Barbarella [1992] [classic trance/ambient trance]
  185. {arguable - Ambient techno}
  186. Alibi - Eternity [2000] [anthem trance/tribal trance]
  187. York - The Reachers of Civilization [1999] [epic trance/anthem trance]
  188. Caucasuss - Our Dream [1994] [classic trance]
  189. Cydonia - Cactus [1999] [goa trance/psytrance]
  190. DJ Taucher - Atlantis [Phase 3] [1998] [anthem trance]
  191. The Visions of Shiva - How Much Can You Take? (Physical) [1993] [classic trance]
  192. Drum Club - Sound System (Underworld Mix) [1995] [classic trance/progressive trance]
  193. Man With No Name - Silicon Trip [1996] [psytrance/goa trance]
  194. Chicane - Salt Water [1999] [epic trance/ibiza trance]
  195. Ultraviolet - Kites (Fantasy Flite Part 1) [1995] [progressive trance/ambient trance/epic trance]
  196. {arguable - ambient breaks}
  197. Efdemin - Bergwein [2007] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  198. Starecase - Faith (Loafer mix) [2002] [epic trance/progressive trance]
  199. Lost Tribe - Angel [1997] [progressive trance]
  200. {arguable - ambient breaks/progressive breaks}
  201. Signum - Solar Level [1999] [epic trance]
  202. Dove Beat - La Palorma [1998] [epic trance/ibiza trance]
  203. Art of Trance - Deeper Than Deep [1993] [classic trance]
  204. Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl [2005] [neo-trance/minimal trance]
  205. {arguable - electro-house}
  206. Above and Beyond - No One on Earth (Gabriel and Dresden mix) [2004] [progressive trance]
  207. Riva - Stringer [2001] [progressive trance]
  208. Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit? [2006] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  209. Hardfloor - Lost in the Silver Box [1993] [acid trance/classic trance]
  210. {arguable - acid}
  211. Johnny Shaker - Pearl River [1997] [anthem trance]
  212. Groovezone - I Love the Music [1998] [epic trance]
  213. Coincedentally, another lost treasure that no one has ever heard of.
  214. Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing (David West mix) [2005] [epic trance]
  215. James Holden - A Break in the Clouds [2002] [neo-trance/minimal trance]
  216. {arguable - progressive house}
  217. DJ Tiesto - Dallas 4 PM [2001] [anthem trance]
  218. Kamaya Painters - Wasteland (DJ Hitchhiker mix)[2000] [epic trance]
  219. Blue Planet Corporation - Alidate [1999] [psytrance/goa trance]
  220. Chicane - Lost You Somewhere [1998] [Ibiza trance]
  221. Kaito - Soul of Heart [2004] [neo-trance]
  222. {arguable - tech-house(?)}
  223. Aztec Mystic - Night of the Jaguar [1999] [tech-trance]
  224. {arguable - detroit techno}
  225. James Holden vs. Ben Pound - Kaern Turned [tech-trance]
  226. Arpeggiators - Discover Your Innerself [1993] [classic trance]
  227. Juno Reactor - Samurai [1994] [goa trance/psytrance]
  228. Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly - Calling Your Name [AKA BT ft. Jan Johnson] [1995] [classic trance/progressive trance]
  229. Ramin - Brainticket [1993] [classic trance]
  230. Pole Folder - Apollo Vibes [2001] [deep trance]
  231. {arguable - progressive house}
  232. Free Radical - Surreal (En-Motion Remix) [2001] [anthem trance]
  233. M.I.K.E. - Sunrise at Palamos [2000] [anthem trance]
  234. Blue Planet Corporation - Crystal [1999] [psytrance/goa trance]
  235. Solid Globe - North Pole [epic trance/anthem trance]
  236. Chimera - Hypnotising [2002] [progressive trance/deep trance]
  237. {arguable - progressive house}
  238. Spicelab - Amorph [1992]
  239. L.S.G. - Train of Thought 1.2
  240. Joker Jam - Innocence [2001] (progressive trance/anthem trance)
  241. Cosmic Baby - Fantasia (Airplay) [1994] [classic trance]
  242. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me [2001] [deep trance]
  243. {arguable - progressive house}
  244. Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - Sea of Sand [2007] [neo-trance/minimal trance]
  245. {arguable - "minimal"}
  246. VDM - No Hesitation
  247. James Holden - One For You (Avus One For Heads mix) [2001]
  248. Petter - All Together [2004] [deep trance/neo-trance]
  249. {arguable - minimal techno/progressive house}
  250. Cherry Bomb - Eclipse [1994]
  251. Vernon - Wonderer [1993]
  252. Moonbeam - Sunshine [2007] [neo-trance/minimal trance]
  253. {arguable - "minimal"}
  254. Blank and Jones - Nightclubbing [2001]
  255. Filterheadz - Yimanya [2004]
  256. Faithless - Insomnia [1996] [anthem trance]
  257. {arguable: stadium house}
  258. Minilogue - Elephant's Parade [2007] [neo-trance/minimal trance]
  259. {arguable - "minimal"}
  260. Evolution - Phoenix
  261. Quench - Dreams [1993]
  262. AFX - VBS.Redlof.B
  263. Partial Arts - Trauermusik [2007] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  264. {arguable - minimal}
  265. Gypsy - I Trance You [1998]
  266. Breeder - Tyrantanic (Slacker's Kingdom Come Mix)
  267. {arguable - progressive breaks}
  268. Man With No Name - Teleport
  269. The Light - Expand The Room [1997]
  270. {arguable - progressive house}
  271. Odyssee of Noises - Troya [1993]
  272. Bille Ray Martin - Honey (Chicane club mix) [1999]
  273. Dynamic Maniax - Calling Middle Earth
  274. {arguable - hardcore(???)}
  275. Agnelli & Nelson - El Nino [1998]
  276. Alex Smoke - Chica Wappa (Mejor edit) [2005]
  277. Juno Reactor - Samurai [1994]
  278. Marmion - Schoneburg (Man with No Name mix) [1994]
  279. Yahel - Going Up (trance mix) [1999]
  280. Chicane - Don't Give Up
  281. Albion - Air
  282. 030 - Midnight in Europe
  283. {arguable - progressive house}
  284. LSG - Into Deep
  285. LN Movement - Golden Desert [2000]
  286. The Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day [1992]
  287. Perpetuous Dreamer - Future Funland
  288. ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come) [1998] [ibiza trance]
  289. West & Storm - Porpoise
  290. {arguable - hardcore (apparently)}
  291. Solar Stone - Solarcoaster
  292. Juno Reactor - Feel the Universe (Kox Box mix) [1994]
  293. Airwave & Markus Schulz - Angelica [2006]
  294. Oliver Klein - Rheinkraft (Ian Wilkie remix) [2001]
  295. {arguable - techno}
  296. James Holden - I Have Put Out The Light [2002]
  297. {arguable - progressive house}
  298. Space Manoeuvres - Part 1
  299. {arguable - progressive breaks}
  300. Max Graham - Airtight [2001] [progressive trance]
  301. Transa - Supernova
  302. Aril Brikha - Winter [2007] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  303. {arguable - "minimal"}
  304. Aura - Energy Transpose
  305. {arguable - acid}
  306. Atlantis - Fiji (Cequenza mix) [1998] [epic trance]
  307. Extrawelt - Soopertrack [2005] [minimal trance/neo-trance/psytrance]
  308. {arguable - progressive house/minimal}
  309. Kamaya Painters - Summerbreeze [2000]
  310. Blue Minds - Aquapunch (3 In One Mix)
  311. Paul Van Dyk - Columbia (PvD mix) [1999] [anthem trance/tech-trance]
  312. The Green Martian - Industry [2001] [anthem trance/tech-trance]
  313. Catcher - Destiny Sunrise [2003] [ambient trance]
  314. Paul Van Dyk - My World [1994]
  315. This is a really gorgeous track, that was completely overshadowed by Van Dyk's other 1994 masterpiece: For an Angel. Understandably overshadowed, but this one is pretty good too.
  316. Caunos - Herzsprung 1 [1993] [classic trance]
  317. Resistance D - Cosmic Love [1991] [classic trance]
  318. Veracocha - Carte Blanche [1998]
  319. Tiesto & Junkie XL - Obsession
  320. Lazy Fat People - Club Silencio [2007] [minimal trance/neo-trance]
  321. X-Cabs - Neuro [1995]
  322. Juno - A Force Beyond [1995] [classic trance]
  323. Cygnus X - The Orange Theme [1994] [anthem trance]
  324. Jam & Spoon - Find Me (Odyssey to Anooya) [1993] [ibiza trance]
  325. Listen to it beside Love Stimulation, and you'll notice...similarities. But I don't know which came first, and this track is pretty good anyway.
  326. Airwave - Escape From Nowhere
  327. Marc Vision - Time Gate (Original Mix) [1999]
  328. Ticon - We Are the Mammoth Hunters [2001] [psytrance/goa trance/minimal psy/psytekk]
  329. Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance
  330. Y Traxx - Mysteryland [1999] [ibiza trance]
  331. Blank and Jones - Watching the Waves [2002]
  332. Jon the Dentist - Global Phases
  333. {arguable - acid}
  334. Cortex Thrill - Deep Infinity
  335. Moby - Porcelain [1999]
  336. {arguable - ambient breaks}
  337. Sven Vath - Ritual of Life (The Spicelab mix)
  338. Quivver - She Does
  339. Berlin Inc - Berlin (Peace Mix)
  340. {arguable - hardcore???}
  341. William Orbit - Barber's Adagio for Strings [1999]
  342. Jones & Stephenson - Gummiringe [1998]
  343. Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday
  344. Morgan King - I'm Free
  345. {arguable - progressive breaks/ambient breaks}
  346. Sasha - Belfunk
  347. {arguable - progressive house}
  348. Mash Up - Liberation (Ferry Corsten Remix)
  349. Mekka - Diamondback
  350. Legend B - Lost in Love [1993]
  351. Minimalistix - Close Cover
  352. BT - Flaming June [1997]
  353. Lucid - I Can't Help Myself
  354. Dawnseekers - Gothic Dream (Jon Johnson Remix) [2001]
  355. Sasha - Cloud Cuckoo (Luke Chable mix) [2004]
  356. Paul van Dyk - Reflections [2003]
  357. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes [2000]
  358. Lange - I believe (DJ Tandu mix) [1999] [epic trance]
  359. The Swimmer - Purple Cloud
  360. Mauro Picotto - Komodo
  361. Union Jack - Cactus
  362. Cygnus X - Positron [1993]
  363. The Quest - C Sharp [1999]
  364. Moonstruck - Lunar Outbreak [1998]
  365. Max Graham - Airtight [2001]
  366. The Ambush - Sun
  367. Ayla - Ayla [1996]
  368. Blaze - My Beat (Ambassador Remix) [2002]
  369. Andain - Summer Calling [2002]
  370. {arguable - progresive house}
  371. Sensient - File Not Found [psytrance/minimal psy] [2003]
  372. Push - The Legacy
  373. Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water [2001]
  374. Ferry Corsten - Punk [2002]
  375. Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives
  376. Andain - Beautiful Things [2003]
  377. {arguable - progressive house}
  378. Odysee of Noises - Circe [1991]
  379. Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
  380. {arguable - electro-techno???}
  381. Da Hool - Meet Her at the Love Parade
  382. Deep Dish - Say Hello [2005]
  383. {arguable - progressive house}
  384. Alici - Silver Clouds In A Yellow Sky
  385. The Roc Project - Never (Tiësto vs. Filterheadz Remix)
  386. BT - Godspeed
  387. Synergy - Hello Strings
  388. Psychic TV - Infinite Beat
  389. BT - Dreaming (Lucid mix)
  390. Jan Johnson - Flesh (Tiesto mix)
  391. Airscape - L'Esperanza
  392. Ridgewalkers - Find (Andy Moor mix)
  393. {arguable - progressive house}
  394. Robert Gitelman - Things 2 Say (Push mix)
  395. Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
  396. {arguable - acid breaks}
  397. Andy Ling - Fixation
  398. Cascade - Transcend
  399. Fragma - Toca's Miracle [2000] [[epic trance]]
  400. DJ Yanny - Initialize
  401. Demonic Emotions - Stuck on a Space Trip
  402. {arguable - acid}
  403. Gouryella - Walhalla
  404. Mauro Picotto - Proximus
  405. Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp
  406. Cass & Slide - Perception (Vocal Mix)
  407. Allure - When She Left [1998] [epic trance]
  408. This is a lost treasure - many of you will have never heard of this. An earlier Tiesto track, but it's epic, melodic, gorgeous, and everything Tiesto wishes he could now do. If a bit too fluffy.
  409. Jericho - Personal Reflexion
  410. Three Drives - Air Traffic [2003]
  411. Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia
  412. Alphazone - Rockin [2003]
  413. Ballroom - 4AM (Marc O'Tool Remix)
  414. Tekara - Breathe in You [1997]
  415. L.S.G. - I'm Not Existing
  416. Flutlicht - Icarus (The Flight)
  417. Plummet - Damaged
  418. Darude - Sandstorm [1999] [anthem trance]
  419. This track is not a sellout, and it deserves much of the popular support it got. There is not one element to this track that panders to the masses any more than the rest of the anthem trance. I'll admit, there are better tunes that should also be imported to the mainstream, but this track is still pretty good.
  420. Apoptygma Berserk - Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten mix)
  421. Digital Express - The Club
  422. Three Drives - Sunset on Ibiza
  423. Mono Culture - Free
  424. Fluke - Zion
  425. Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure 3D
  426. Spoiled and Zigo - More and More
  427. Paul Van Dyk - Connected
  428. Nikola Gala - Swing 2 Harmony
  429. {arguable - progressive house}
  430. 808 State - Colony [1992]
  431. Hi-Gate - Pitchin'
  432. Solid Sessions - Janeiro
  433. Fascinated - Totally Fascinated [which is another Push/M.I.K.E alias] [2004]
  434. Evolution - Phoenix
  435. Cloud 69 - Sixty-Nine Ways
  436. Tastexperience - Tantrix
  437. Marco V - Simulated
  438. Steve Morley - Reincarnations
  439. Push - Till We Meet Again
  440. White Room - White Room
  441. Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb mix)
  442. Miro - Paradise
  443. Tiesto - Sparkles
  444. Micah - Grammer Lesson
  445. Coast 2 Coast ft Discovery - Home
  446. 4 Strings - Diving (Cosmic Gate mix)
  447. Sasha - Wavy Gravy [ambient trance]
  448. Juno Reactor - Pistolero (Man With no Name mix)
  449. Tin Tin Out - Strings for Yasmin (Matt Darey mix)
  450. Art of Trance - Easter Island (Cygnus X mix)
  451. Electrique Boutique - Revelation
  452. Gouryella - Ligaya
  453. Tranquility Base - Surrender [2004]
  454. Yahel - Waves of Sound
  455. Telepopmusik - Breathe
  456. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
  457. Dirt Devils - The Drill
  458. Neum - Meet You At the Milk Bar
  459. Mike Koglin - The Silence
  460. Tomaz vs. Filterheadz - Sunshine [2002]
  461. {arguable - techno}
  462. Tilt - The World Doesn't Know
  463. {arguable - progressive}
  464. Gouryella - Tenshi
  465. Tastexperience - Summersault
  466. Solid Globe - Sahara
  467. Super8 - Alba
  468. Transa - Enervate
  469. Sash! - Encore Une Fois {I'm sorry to everyone I grilled on this - it is definitely, inarguably, trance, I've decided on another relisten. I have no idea how I could've possibly thought this to be eurodance.}
  470. Underworld - Cowgirl
  471. Jen - Loops and Tings
  472. Voodoo & Serano - Blood is Pumping
  473. Cosmic Baby - Space Track
  474. De Niro - Mind of Man
  475. BT - Mercury and Solace
  476. Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation
  477. Baracoa - Delirio (Venus Mix)
  478. Armin Van Buuren - Communicate
  479. Accessive Rhythm - Activate
  480. Fridge - Paradise
  481. Lightforce - Take Your Time
  482. Ambush - Ambush 2
  483. Mesh - Purple Haze
  484. Refekt ft. Deline Bass - Need to Feel loved [2004]
  485. Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space
  486. Effective Force - Diamond Bullet [1992]
  487. Sunflower - Cold Turkey
  488. Drax Limited 2 - Amphetamine
  489. BBE - Seven Days and One Week
  490. Slacker - Looky Thing (Daisy)
  491. Space Manoevres - Quadrant 4
  492. Robert Miles - Children [1996] [dream trance]
  493. {arguable - dream house}
  494. Mainstream success or not, I still think it's a pretty good track.
  495. Amnesia - Ibiza (Not really trance, it's actually EBM - the direct predecessor, but this track was so influential that it at least gets this much mention)
  496. Blank and Jones - Electric Circus [2001]
  497. Cabala - Dark Blue [1999]
  498. Coca + Villa - La noche
  499. Brainbug - Rain
  500. World Clique - Don't Do It
  501. Vector 7 - Air of Love [2002]
  502. Underworld - Thing in a Book [1992]
  503. Astral Projection - Aqua Line Spirit
  504. Jonas Steur - Castamara [2005]
  505. Commander Tom - Attention! [2004]
  506. Rapid Eye - Circa Forever [2002]
  507. Tim Deluxe - Choose Something like a Star
  508. Quivver - Space Manoevres part 3
  509. Chiller Twist - Stringz Ultd. (Shelley Mix)
  510. Faithless - God is a DJ
  511. Lightforce - Join me
  512. Rank 1 - Beats at Rank 1 dot com
  513. Storm - Storm
  514. Society London - Spqr
  515. Lustral - Everytime
  516. DJ Tiesto - Theme From Norejfell
  517. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase
  518. Blank and Jones - Cream
  519. Arrakis - The Spice
  520. Chicane - Sunstroke
  521. Kyau vs. Albert - Velvet Morning [2003]
  522. T-Scanner - Trip To Heaven
  523. Lio - Rapture
  524. Sander Kleinenberg - Sacred (Sunrise Mix)
  525. Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You
  526. The Dream Traveller - Time
  527. Paragliders - Bagdad (Humate mix)
  528. ATB - Don't Stop
  529. Lord of Tranz - Sanctificum
  530. Kaycee - Escape
  531. Carlos - The Silmarillia
  532. Dance 2 Trance - Take a Freefall
  533. Warrior (ft. Imogen Bailey) - If You Want Me
  534. Fathers of Sound - Water
  535. Tiesto - Flight 643
  536. Kuffdam - Summerdream
  537. The Voyager - Back on Earth

  538. _Note: "Not trance at all, but excellent tracks" removals:
  539. The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds [1991] [ambient trance]
  540. This is ambient house, and not even slightly definable as trance. I foolishly left it on the list for so long that I didn't want to remove it. I was quite foolish.).
  541. This is one of only 3 ambient anything tracks to ever reach the top 40 charts (correct me if I'm wrong on this one). It was a runaway hit when released in 1990 (although I don't know if it ever reached North America), Little Fluffy Clouds was another major influence on the formation of the trance genre. Catchy melodies, ambient synths, and an interesting vocal sample, combined with the trademark Orb atmosphere make this another incredible classic.
  542. 808 State - Pacific State [1989] (it's actually house)
  543. Orbital - Chime [1990] (rave)
  544. Layo & Bushwacka! - Love Story [2002] (progressive house)
  545. Ulrich Schnauss - Kneuddelmaus (very melodic IDM)
  546. Force Legato - System [1989] (EBM)
  547. DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now [2002] (Note: I had this track confused with Starecase - Faith (Loafer mix) for 4 years, and only discovered it today. I heard the actual track. I don't really like it. Besides, it's not even close to being trance. More like ambient pop, the sort of thing I always imagined when I heard the term [the actual genre sounds nothing like this, it's really just ambient/chillout with yet another flashy title] )
  548. Cass & Mangan - Green Eggs [2005] (progressive house/tech-house)
  549. Felix da Housecat - Watching Cars Go By (electro-house/electroclash)
  550. Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise
  551. Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the Sky
  552. P.O.S. - Remember [2003]
  553. Paul Van Dyk - Forbidden Fruit
  554. The Horrorist - One Night in New York City (it's seriously just techno)
  555. Sander Kleinenberg - The Fruit [2004] (Electro-house, inarguably)
  556. Dark Suite - Dark Sweet Piano (Wally Lopez mix) (not trance at all)

  557. Recent Removals: [derivative, cheesy, annoying, undanceable, and/or undeniable not trance/entrancing, it all goes in here]
  558. Pulp Victim - The World [1998]
  559. Rank 1 - Airwave
  560. Delerium ft Sarah Machlachlan - Silence (Tiesto mix) [2000]
  561. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction [2003]
  562. {arguable - electro-house}
  563. Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone [1998]
  564. Planet Perfecto - Bullet in the Gun
  565. Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock [2003]
  566. DJ Shog - Another World {Quite possibly one of the worst producer names of all time. Besides the fact that putting "DJ" before your alias is ****ing idiotic, "Shog" is probably the stupidest slang term ever invented. Totally inappropriate too, considering it's an ebonic word: this is about the equivalent of a trance artist named DJ Murda-Thug. Only "shog" has no street cred as a colloquialism (ie: only wiggers say it), so it's like calling yourself DJ Fuzzy Street Soldja, playing fluffy trance, and thinking you're pretty hardcore. The track is also terrible.)
  567. Delerium - After All (Svenson & Gielson mix) [2004]
  568. Aquagen - Summer is Calling
  569. Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Tiesto mix)
  570. 4 Strings - Sunrise
  571. Tenth Planet - Ghosts
  572. System F - Out of the Blue
  573. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave [2000] [epic trance]
  574. Oceanlab - Satellite
  575. White Room - Someday
  576. Adam White - Ballerina
  577. System F - Indian Summer
  578. Johan Kivi - Clouds
  579. Orson W - Ilse
  580. Minimalistix - Struggle for Pleasure

  581. Note: the 447 original comments were erased due to bandwidth problems on listology. They can be downloaded here for anyone who really cares.
Author Comments: 

For (another) particularly good trance list on listology, check out
Blind's list

For another alternate opinion on the best trance music, check out: TranceAddict's list. His ideas are very different from mine, I don't agree with quite a few of his top tracks, but if he thought exactly what I did, what would the point be of making a list? Worth checking out.

BTW, his first track was produced in 92 under the name Vision Act - A New Sign ; and he didn't produce one track in 94 but 19 tracks.

Tremor, I never said M.I.K.E was revolutionary.All I'm saying, is that Push brought a good contribution to Trance. And yes Trance would have lost out without M.I.K.E. Just ask guy's like myself, or Lassic. I know "Strange World" is second on his List, and one of my favourates. When I said that he appeared at number #108 on the list, I was refering to "The DJ"(not your list). I really feel that he deserves a higher rating. For goodness sake, even Cosmic Gate is rated higher.

Whoa there.

Push is my favourite producer for the sole reason that he has ALWAYS adapted to the scene, even today he's shifted over to a more progressive style and left the dark anthems behind (mostly.)

Most DJs refuse to change their style because they think they're doing the best thing, despite extreme evidence to the contrary (Yes, Tiesto, I'm looking at you.)

Another reason I like Push, though this doesn't make him my favourite, is that every song of his is good. I've not heard a terrible song from him, and I can't say that about any other (multi-hit-releasing) DJ. Sure, some songs of his, like Tranzy State of Mine, sound like little more than album filler, but for the most part he puts a lot of thought into his tracks, to the point where songs like Till We Meet Again and Universal Nation sound both identical and unique. ATB has his Hawaiian guitar, but Push's sound is something totally unique. You just know a Push track when you hear one.

Yes, many producers have taken quite a bit of influence from Push, though you're wrong to assume that trance would be a mess without him. It'd have a number of incredible anthems missing, but I highly doubt his nonexisistance would make the genre any less.

Although if Cosmic Gate really is higher than push, it's only because they've been coming out with new stuff, like an album. Push hasn't. Past triumphs don't affect present rankings (unless you're an uber-famous Dutch DJ releasing albums just to shut people up. I can think of three huge ones off the top of my head, but I'll refrain from naming them.)

Way out West- Mindcircus
Don't know if its there in the list but despite not being popular it deserves some credit.

Not popular? It was a massive anthem.

nvm u got it... sweet!

Hey DT havn't been too active on listology atm, been on this particular list so much at my school they've had it filtered XD
however, i noticed that 4 Voice - Eternal Spirit isn't in your list as far as i can tell, yet you mentioned it in your descriptions of acid. I used Ctrl + F to try and find it but still couldn't. If i'm wrong sorry for wasting your time but i think it definitely deserves a high spot.

Agreed. Awesome track.

Looking for the name of a song. Older song from around 96-ish. Starts off with some guy in a deep voice and says something like "sit back and let the music take you higher" and then has a girl singing eeeeeeee that changes pitch. The chorus is a woman saying take me higher. Thanks!

AlacritMusic suggested Jonas Steur - Silent Waves a while back, have you heard it yet? Its definitely one of my favourite songs.

Hey darktremor.

What do you think of psybient as a whole?

Not bad, but no matter how hard it tries, it all ends up sounding mostly the same, like every psychedelic dance genre. Shpongle's music was revolutionary, but every psybient release after that has basically been Are You Shpongled 2. It's nice sometimes though.

Yeah, but I like it, Vibrasphere and Entheogenic. Only good to listen to occaisionally.

I would like to pay tribute to no. 103 (endless wave) on your list.
Truly a fantastic track with its rich bass, superb synths and happy-go-lucky tune – a quality track and production.
I have been listening to this track since it's release and never stopped listening – an 'endless wave' to me.
Kamaya Painters!
Cool site Darktremor.

So what do you think of Cali Artis? I've been spinning for 5 years and I really think Dyloot, and Mystre has a hit. Check out the song "Be at one" by Mystre & Dyloot.

hi i made my own list top 7 trance/techno songs:
universe rmx(holyman full 10 min remix the last of mohicans)
2-arabic mix(quicksilver)
3-touch down(mark norman)
4-lost in love(talla 2xl,trance allstars)
5evolver(de niro)
5-dance with the devil(d devils)
6-unity (tiesto this is one of the best but unknown tracks of tiesto it's a remix version of future sound of london)
ps for the list of tacks to download:safri duo played alive is not really trance neither an eletronic genere
mauro piccoto sucks

Read the rules.

Hi, darktremor!

What do you think about Airwave feat Markus Schulz - Angelica?

I'll download it, and see if it's worth a spot.

I came across your list to get some classic trance songs. I used to dj acid trance back in 94-96. I have a few to add to your list. I'm WAY older than you, and was into the rave scene heavily in 94/95. (I was 21, you do the math).

Yes this list is heavy on the 303, even though I noticed that you do have a lot of acid tracks on your list. I also tend to lean towards the german stuff. I believe these are all from 93-96. I have them all on vinyl, and most can be found in mp3 format. I can transfer tracks if you can't find them.
These are all AMAZING tracks. I think I love them all equally, so I won't go into too much description. I like the harder trance, so that's what these are. I love Hardfloor, and yes there are a few Hardfloor mixes on here.

Sourmash- Pilgrimage to Paradise


Circus Bells-Robert Armani (Hardfloor mix)

Marco Polo-a Prayer to the Music (fanstastic mind altering old trance. I can't find it on mp3, and not many people know about it)

Big Bang-Luxor (one of my top 3 for sure; also hard to find)

Nexus 6-Ab Chil, Acrid Abeyance mix (acid at its finest)

Jones & Stephenson-the First Rebirth (a bitch to dj with because it's so fast, but great track)

Vicious Circles-Poltergeist

ok, that's it for now. You have a lot of my faves on your list, and few that are questionable. There are some that I've missed, but I don't feel like looking through my records right now. I hope you listen to these, because they're what I define at definitive trance of that era. Also, anything on this compilation is amazing. Impossible to find though.

here's a classic trance mix I made in my basement

1)Red Herring-Union Jack
2)Ampehetimine-Drax II
3)Age of Love-Age of Love
4)Vicious circles-Poltergeist
5)Yeke Yeke-Mory Kante (Hardfloor Mix)
6)Nexus 6-Ab Chil (Acrid Abeyance mix)
7) Access-DJ Misjah & DJ Tim
8) Acid Energy-Dj Misjah
9) Superstring-Cygnus x

Solid if you ask me, but what do I know.

nice mix.
however, the tracks have been horribly misnamed on here my friend :

the correct ones should be named as follows:

And as you have failed to point out, the artist comes after the song for some strange reason? Also, if you are going to do that, make sure they all do that, not have Nexus 6 as song track when it is the artist.

1)Red Herring - Union Jack
2)Amphetamine - Drax Ltd. II
3)Age of Love - Age of Love (Jam & Spoon's Watch Out For Stella Mix)
4)Vicious circles - Poltergeist
5)Yeke Yeke - Mory Kanté (Hardfloor Mix)
6)Ab-Chic - Nexus 6(Acrid Abeyance Remix)
7) Access - DJ Misjah & DJ Tim
8) Acid Energy - Dj Misjah & Dj Groovehead
9) Superstring - Cygnus x

That said, good mix! All the songs are done very well, except Drax into Age of Love which just stops and starts.

I'm glad you liked the mix. I haven't dj'd in quite awhile actually. I'm a bit out of the loop, so this list and your list are great for getting back into it. Are you guys dj's?
Sorry about the track listing problems. I was doing it pretty quickly. I'll list the others I recommended again properly (artist then song).

-Sourmash- Pilgrimage to Paradise
-Robert Armani-Circus Bells(Hardfloor mix)
-Marco Polo-a Prayer to the Music
-Luxor-the Big Bang
-Ab Chil-Nexus 6 (Acrid Abeyance mix)
-Jones & Stephenson-the First Rebirth
-Vicious Circles-Poltergeist

Anyway, I'm going through the lists and listening to ones I don't know. Thanks for making the lists! It must have taken forever.

Impressive list! Of course, some of my favorites aren't there. I'm especially fond with acid/hard trance stuff from 1995-1996 (which is not very well represent on the list...) Here's some classics that deserve to be on the list (at least for me) :

Baby Doc & The Dentist - Mantra To The Buddha (Hardfloor Remix)

Baby Doc & The Dentist - Tales of The Seraphim

Dj Misjah - Keep Your Love

Future Breeze - Read My Lips

Junk Project - Brain Tool

Mandala - Astralia (very representative of Noom Records type of acid)

Montini Experience - Astrosyn (My House is Your House)

Nikolai - Ready to Flow (strange it's not already there)

Sourmash - Pilgrimage to Paradise (not so hot but classic Prolekult stuuf)

Overcharge - Minds Are Changin

Vinny Vincent & Harry Hash - The Siren (Dj Misjha Remix)

Wippenberg - Neurodancer (another Prolekult classic)

I think we like pretty much the same stuff. I have almost all the tracks on Prolekult. Definitely into the hard acid of that period.

One of the hottest track of this era have never been put on CD AFAIK : Trope (aka Drax) - Amphetamine (Baby Doc Remix), did you ever heard that one? It was on a double vinyl pack of Amphetamine remixes on Prolekult. Impossible to find on .mp3 unfortunately...

I have that tack on vinyl, but not the Baby Doc remix. I saw Baby Doc and the Dentist spin in Toronto in 1994. It was mindblowing.

What do you mean? I have that track.

Ah. The remix. Nope. Do you have it on vinyl? Try ripping it to mp3 from vinyl.

I have Drax II-Amphetamine on vinyl and mp3, but not the Baby Doc remix. I believe that song is on one of your lists anyway.

oh man! I totally forgot about that Nikolai song
It's so beautiful.

I'll post a few tracks that I like.

Jonny L-OOh I Like It
(this one is old school ravey/trancey like. Not sure if what you'll make of it)
Jones and Stephenson-the First Rebirth
Pete Lazonby-Sacred Cycles
Sourmash-Pilgrimage to Paradise

This one is definitely acid trance.

Pump Panel-Ego Acid

I'll leave these up for awhile. Let me know what you think.

Hi Darktremor,

There's no Paragliders-Bagdad (Humate mix), Humate did a remix for Paraglide but not for Bagdad. Probably the error comes from compilation "Rave Mission - The Dream Edition Part 2" in which Paraglide appears as Bagdad on the cover.

I found this on Soulseek surprisingly. It's in a mix, but the whole thing is there.
Marco Polo-A Prayer to the music (Bedrock Northern Exposure mix)

How about

Mac Zimms - Annonce des Couleurs?

its a beautifull track and different

Mac Zimms - Annonce des Couleurs is a good track in my opinion

Awesome list, been looking for something like this. Since I'm into Goa, I'm unfamiliar with most of the songs on the list. I know Goa isn't very popular or mainstream but I was little disapointed to find only a handful of Goa songs. Is there any reason why no tracks of Etnica, Cosmosis, Message from God, Green Nuns of the Revolution etc have made the list? Here are some Goa tracks worth a listen

Chakra & Edi Mis - Liquid Troll
Charm - Brain Structure
Etnica - Starship 101, Chakra Active 8 and Tribute
Growling Mad Scientits - Juice this one's psy not goa, its a huge hit. There are many mixes, I think the live mix is best.
Goa Gil - Sadhu
Green Nuns of the Revolution - Optimum Creakage
Message from Goa - Intelligent Machine, On Mars, Project Genesis
Noma - Another Day
Oforia - Timelessness
Ra - Gates of Tiptareth
Shakta - Lepton Head III, Loopmutant, Shakti'Shakta
Sphongle - Dorset Perception
Talamasca & Sphongle - Tribal Journey 1
Underhead - Orojuna

Just a sampling of what Goa has to offer...

Hallucinogen's LSD could have a few lines of description since its widely regarded as the definitive Goa track.

Since you've included Symphony, try Chemical Brothers - The Private Psychedelic Reel
Royksoop's Beautiful Day without is a nice, lilting track but I'm not sure if it can be called trance.

Goa/Psy Trance would definitely worth a Top 50 of his own... (as EBM too) Here's a few more from Goa golden era (1995-1997):

Astral Projection - People Can Fly
Cosmosis - Alien disco
Cosmosis - Howling at the moon
Doof - Let's Turn On
Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles
Green Nuns - Magallenic Cloud
Green Nuns - Ring of Fire
Pleiadians - Taygeta
Power Source - Goaway
Shakta - Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies
Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance

Sorry, it should be Royksoop - Beautiful Day Without You and Growling Mad Scientists.

Yeah I should have mentioned Angelic Particles. Taygeta, the GNOR tracks and Spiritual Beings are good,Alien Disco is ok. Have to get the rest.

Here are some tracks I missed out:
Cosmosis - Afterglow, Gift of the Gods
Shakta - Absorbed
Phreaky - Tornado
Hallucinogen - Shamanix
The Nommos - Amma (The Nommos is a Goa Gil project mixing tribal drumming and goa)

In Response to lyceaum, thanks, yeah the lists did take a while, im sure DT's took longer though :P
Being a DJ yourself who obviously has good taste you should make one if you have the time!
I myself have done a bit of DJing, made a few mixes, though i'm only 14 so i don't do live events or anything lol.

You're 14? I could be your mother, LOL
Oh man I feel old.

I made a mix of a sampling of the first 100 tracks. I hope it's ok to post it. Thanks again for the list...many fantastic tracks that I've never heard.

The Visions of Shiva-Perfect Day (Afternoon Mix)
The MFA-the Difference It Makes
X-Trax-Plan ’94 (Northface Mix)
Salt Tank-Eugena
Moogwai-Viola (Armin Van Buuren Mix)
Schiller-Das Glockenspiel (Humate Mix)
Lost Tribe-Gamemaster
Motorcyle-As the Rush Comes (Universal Mix)
Nathan Fake-Outhouse
Clanger-Seadog (Fog Mix)
Armin Van Buuren-Blue Fear

Download here:

You HAVE to make your top 100 list, i'd endorse you for that alone. The link didn't work for me though for the mix of the top 100 samples any way you could fix that?

I'll go through my records, and start a list.
I don't know what to call it though, since it's trance, house and techno.

I had to adjust the volume, so download here instead

I'd firstly like to thank darktremor for this list. It really has given my musical listenings a massive boost in recent months, so it is very much appreciated. Most notably, I don't know where Acid Eiffel by Choice has been for all my life - stunning track.

If I may be so bold, I feel there are a few tracks I am a big fan of that need adding. You are obviously familiar with Underworld, but there are four more of their tracks which I would highlight as being of particular interest to trance fans:

• Cherry Pie [1996] (be sure to get the 8:22 version off the Pearl's Girl single and not the live version from the European Club Gig CD) - fast, beat heavy, and loads of acid.
• Tin There [edit] [1996] (from the Wipeout 2097 video game soundtrack) - for me, the most exciting, passionate, and downright adrenalin-soaked track I've ever heard.
• Dirty Epic [1993] (from Dubnobasswithmyheadman) - when I listened to the DnTel track you added recently, it instantly made me think of this. Minimalist, broody, perfect.
• Juanita : Kiteless : To Dream of Love [1996] (from Second Toughest in the Infants) - almost seventeen minutes of moody music in three distinct parts.

And a few more general suggestions:

• Reflekt - Need to Feel Loved (Thrillseekers remix) [2004] - I know you have the main version of this listed, but this remix is much much stronger IMO.
• Kodiak Star - As We Run (Jose Amnesia remix) [2005]
• Jose Amnesia - The Eternal [2002]
• Chicane - Mojave [2000] - really hard to get hold of, but a really nice progressive style track he sometimes performed live. I have it in a set at Palladium in Köln on 22/1/00 - recommended. Reminds me a bit of Greece 2000, but more densely populated.

DT, i've made a Top 200 Electronic Songs of All Time List, which you would probably be quite interested in seeing and i'd love your opinion on it :D

Well I have tried to find the name to this track in this terrible video for quite sometime. I know that Nick Warren or Sasha mixed it for Global Underground, however after weeks of downloads I have yet to find the track name can anyone help me? This is the you tube video (I need the music track, please disregard the video)

I forgot to post the song, here is a copy of the track, but it lacks the music track name.

Wow, Darktremor is it? I was just clickin' through the net for trance and downtemp music and stumbled onto this convenient record. Do you by chance mix or produce?

Anyways, I've got a few recommendations for you to spin...
-Sargasso Sea by Salt Tank: This was featured on the same album as Eugina in 94 and somehow was shadowed by it and really should'nt have been. It shares bits and pieces of Eugina's melody but feels like ambient downtempo (still layers like trance) and goes down far better in my opinion.
-Scorchio by Sasha and Emerson: This song really pushes it as prog house but is trance nonetheless. There is no real apex in the structure (itlayers slightly and releases subtly) but is a calming trance tune despite.
-Infinitly Gentle Blows by Alter)ring: I found this on a soundtrack to a b-rate club movie about the underground lifestyle called Groove. This song is unquestionably downtempo or jungle but can easily be passed off as trance. It features a nice breakbeat base but builds with beatiful looping vocals (its not poppy).
-MUSIC (Bostik remix) by Darude: Normally I'd never suggest anything darude but this one just does it for me. I would honestly rank this before sandstorm really. The melody has a nice spacey feel to it (It could really improve by adding more of it albeit). Make sure to load the Bostik mix and nothing else as anything besides it really blows.
-Spiritualised by The Olmec Heads: A somewhat recent but overlooked trancer. May deserve a mid spot.

Ill probably reccommend more but these came from the top of my head for now.

It's good to see that your list is being updated from time 2 time, keeping us up to date, with what's hot.
The other day I visited "Ishkur's Guide to electronic Music" for the first time.I read up what he had to say about "Dutch Trance", and listened to the 10 second mp3 samples on his page.I definitely agree that "Dutch Trance" completely sucks(Although, I do like "Rank 1 - Airwave".At the end of Ishkur's explaination of "Dutch Trance", he states that "Trance is dead - Ferry Corsten killed it".
I know that he's not blaming Ferry entirly, but I still find the statement offensive. Sure, maybe "System F - Exhale" can be categorised as "Dutch Trance", but at least the song was'nt blown out of proportion, like other songs.And I'm sure he is'nt to blame for all the rubbish releases lately.I think Ferry's made some good stuff, and think that 95% of his music is'nt so-called "Dutch Trance".Do you think that his production's are cheesey to the point that such a statement could made. And does he produce Dutch Trance?

Hey i've got two vocal trance tracks i wasn't able to find on this list;

Baby D --- Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Rank1 Mix)
Circ --- Destroy She Said (De Donatis Mix)

got them off resonance of voice 5 by Franky2k

In reference to the wonderfully bright and blisteringly intelligent tone you assume in your post here and here, "Wes", I ask - Are you f*cking stupid? I admire darktremor's patience in handling the idiocity of the huge number of newbies that regularly post here.

What is wrong? Too much. But for starters, his name is spelt as d-a-r-k-t-r-e-m-o-r. Read that? Better commit to memory. His name is NOT DT, dT, dt, trem, Trem, darkTrem, dTrem, or Tremor. It is darktremor.
Never EVER corrupt anyone's name (online or otherwise). It is a blinding showcase of your stupidity. And not just you, it's nearly EVERYBODY of the newbies here.

To darktremor : I usually would never post a comment like this, but this just called for it. It really did.

*cough* Forgive me for interjecting here...

I really see nothing wrong with abbreviating people's names. As long as they don't mind, why should you? OCD perhaps, or a pet peeve (and I don't mean those in a bad way.) If someone abbreviates a name, it really shouldn't be a problem unless the rest of the post is unreadable, like this...

yo dt

yo u g2 out c8zy frog on dis list that song is da sh1t? how cum u dnt hav it on there? have u herd it yet?


ignrnt dumazz

Although if we're typing in proper English and simply want to abbreviate one name, there's really no reason for a Spanish Inquisition.

Well said! But you are forgetting that... nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Perhaps it is my Homeric attachment to epithets but I like sobriquets far more than brickbats. Noble, Wily, Sacker of Cities, son of Laërtes, Aethon, and so on. Son of Pain (thanks a lot, Autolycus.) Penelope's main squeeze. Telemachus's deadbeat dad.

Just don't call me late for dinner... or "Ulysses," that's just rude.

So I want to thank you for your lovely house of peace brokerage.
[ reply to 0utis ]

Hey M-e-r-l-e-n

In response to your lesson on abbreviations and punctuation of the English language, I must say that you really got me thinking. I should be more careful in regards to how I express my dialect. Everyone knows that the use of abbreviations, "online or otherwise", is the most offensive and insulting form of Hate-Speech, ever created. It definitely go's against all that is good.

Another reason why I should have never lowered myself to the use abbreviations, is because DarkTremor could become confused regarding what "DT" stands for. Because I wasn't more specific, he could have thought that "DT' stood for: DICK TRACY; DONALD TRUMP or DIRTY TRANNY.

I'm definitely going to repent, and hope that God forgives me for wicked ways.

Anyway, Sarcasm aside, I think that there is more reasoning behind your anger. Maybe you weren’t hugged as a child, or maybe it's because you can't deal with the fact that you have two gay dads. Who know's. Whatever the reason is, I think that your negative response, towards newbies, discourages visiters to this site.

I have respect for you MERLY, but I think that we should get on with the discussion of Trance.

....Sooooo. You've both had your say. Excellent. Now let's get on with the topic at hand, because e-drama simply doesn't fit into my daily schedule.

I like your peace brokering. But please, stay out of this. And I say it in the friendliest way possible.

You know, I could've posted at least 10 different posts here that would've depressed you, made you run to your mama's lap, made you cried and repent for the rest of your life you ever posted such a stupid and besides the point post here, you homophobic b****rd.Since I don't sink to your levels, I won't.Wes my boy, I'll answer you one last time, the fact that your idiocy surpasses my tolerance notwithstanding, but before that, at least learn to speak english! I mean are you like a 7th grade dropout? No? Oh! 2nd grade. If you weren't so busy protecting your face in your ass, you would have noted that I objected your calling him Tremor and not, good heavens, dirty tranny! (ps - why would you call anyone by your name? Beats me.) I frankly don't give a damn if you abbreviate his anything to anything. It was a futile attempt, I see. Possibly needs more simplification for you. Anyways, post an entire essay length insult if you must, I won't reply. I don't mud fight with donkeys. The donkeys enjoy it, I don't.

P.S.- Jim, I do hope you noted how abusive he is in the post..."You have 2 gay fathers.. This is unprecedented.

Although your posts are aimed at Merlin, I find alot of aspects in that last message CLEARLY offensive to others, such as myself.

I'll give you a cookie if you stop that.


I know I'm probably a wet blanket... at least I hope that I am. I do believe that, to everyone's (immense) credit, the flames have gone out.

I definitely don't disagree with you. It's quite the opposite of that double negative. I'm just looking to score some cookie.

I just want to thank everyone involved... you can make it chocolate mint chocolate chip. I'll leave it at that.

Where's my cookie?

3 more posts and you can have 600 (!) cookies. Time flies... on a jet.

This should make it an even 600.

Gosh! That's a whole lot of blather. It really makes you think... if Frank Miller will ever write a sequel. After all, 600 is DC.

blather, rinse, repeat.

...just trying to give you your proper props. It feels good to be good, to do the right thing, but I'm just hoping for a cookie.

So who likes pogo sticks?

ok im back =) lol i really dont understand how you can say songs like perasma swing to harmony is horrbile.... dj shog is different though hes good to me anyway anway i made a list wich is very good beleive me when i say very good =)

1- surrender (above & beyond)
2- sincere (smith & pledger)
3- Basic Perspective - Small Step On the Other Side
4- Air For Life [Airwave Remix](above & beyond)
5- always a fool (kyau & albert)
6- made of waves (kyau & albert)
7- are you fine (kyau & albert)
8- bounty island (black pearl)
9- black (smith & pledger)
10- secretly (tom cloud vs tiff lacey)
11- hi jack (smith & pledger)
12- aria epica (signalrunners)
13- trust me (lucas & beltram)
14- whatever (lost witness vs sassot)
15- razorfish (above & beyond)
16- day one (above & beyond)
17- the otherside (signalrunners)
18- white (above & beyond)
19- Time Goes by (carrie skipper)
20- Ankh - Breath of Life (Aly & Fila pres. A & F Project)
21- follow me (kyau & albert)
22- Larry Mountains (David West feat. Andreas Hermansson)
23- velvet morning (kyau vs albert)
24- northern lights (smith & pledger)
25- ordinary moment (filo & peri)
26- paradise (magic island) aly & fila remix
27- push through (signum)

Thats all i can really do write now i got other things to do well see you round and WHOEVERS READING this these 27 songs are the best ones you'll hear =) darktremour call these songs crap i call you crap =)

I think you just violated rule #5.

Hey no1playar134 (Damn, that’s a weird name.)

I, for one, haven't heard most of those songs. But those that I have heard are good. I don't want to be common, and use the term: "IN MY OPINION", but many of them are the kind of Trance that I like.

Songs such as: "Surrender"; "Black"; "Razorfish"; "Velvet Morning" & "Push Through" are excellent. I especially like "Razorfish(Above & Beyond's Banging Mix).

I must say, though that DJ Shog isn’t that great. I think he’s stuff is quite cheesy. It sounds like Cosmic Gate, who aren’t my favourites. I don’t particularly like “Another World”, but that’s probably he’s best track. But then again, most of us like certain songs, even though we know they are cheesy.

Haven't any of you's heard of 'The Mystery'? Specifically the song 'Devotion (Flutlicht Mix)' by The Mystery.
It has got to be the best trance song (correct me if I'm wrong, it may be techno) I have ever heard. DarkTremor or anyone else who can... Please find me some songs that are similar to Devotion.

If you can't find 'Devotion (Flutlicht Mix)', just post a reply and I'll send via email.

#Devotion owns Cafe_del_Mar for sure#

I forgot to add. There's another great song that needs mentioning. This song seems more known than Devotion because I've found a direct link for the mp3.

The song is called Spin(Samuelzone's F.O.M Remix) by Airbase.

The song has a nice dance beat at the beginning which then merges into a Trance tune introducing strings - Building up for the Beautiful-Bubbly-Atmospheric melody at time 3:15.

The link for the song is:

Please listen to the whole song before you judge.

Imogen Heap - The Moment I Said It (Available for free @ One of the best tracks I've ever heard)

Tiesto - In My Memory ... (I've never liked Tiesto before he came with Love Comes Again feat. BT. Probably since I never heard this)...

Chicane - No Ordinary Morning .. (What beautiful strings )

Above & Beyond - Home .. (Simply amazing, reminds me of the one above)

Darude - Music (Forget Sandstorm, probably not trance though, insane beats!!!)

Cosmicman - Krystal Dreams (amazing underrated track)

Going to play fotball..

Imogen Heap - The Moment I Said It (Available for free airbase hp.. One of the best tracks I've ever heard)

Tiesto - In My Memory ... (Ive never liked Tiesto before he came with Love Comes Again feat. BT. Probably since I never heard this)...

Chicane - No Ordinary Morning .. (What beautiful strings)

Above and Beyond - Home .. (Simply amazing, reminds me of the one above)

Darude - Music (Forget Sandstorm, probably not trance though, insane beats)

Cosmicman - Krystal Dreams (amazing underrated track)

Going to play fotball..

Does anybody know any sites where one can download Trance songs.I would really appreciate a few suggestions.

Soulseek - It has literally everything, you just need a little patience to dig it up.

Hi Dark Tremor,

Well done on your comprehensive list. No doubt this would've taken a few days to put together

Glad to see my fav track 'Eternity' by Alibi made your cut!!! I have found it difficult to find a track with a better build up.

You have mentioned in previous posts your distate for Above and Beyond releases. I was curious to hear your thoughts on their most recent stuff. Tracks like 'Tomahawk' by Oliver Smith, 'Megashira' by Marc Marberg with Kyau and Albert and 'One Night In Tokyo' by Purple Mood are in my opinion top shelf productions without the cheese that your have referenced before.

And before you ask, I am not affiliated with them in anyway! Just curious to hear your opinion.


Hey, Darktremor. I'm not sure if your into Oliver Lieb (I personally liked his work as L.S.G.) but he is distributing an unreleased album he couldnt get moving as LSG online. I personally think Hooj Choons just didnt want to release something so underground because it had no selling value in this poppy, happy, crappy demanding audience thats come about. Whatever the case was, there is some impressive work here. In fact, I believe two tracks on the album are even better than Netherworld. The album is somewhere between techno infused trance and, oddly enough, an ambient downtempo feel. If its to be added to the list its going to have to be categorized as an hour long set (he didnt split the mix into individual tracks or even name them). well, here is the link...

L.S.G.-The Unreleased Album

Hope you enjoy it as I did.

Sure, I'll give it a spin. I love Oliver Lieb .

Except, I'd say the audience for abstract underground weirdness is the biggest it's been since the early 90s. After all, minimal techno is the big dance sound at the moment, and I don't think any electronic dance style is weirder than that one.

Hello darktremor, i haven't been very active lately but thought i'd point on the fact that these two songs seem PAINFULLY low in comparison to others around them:

Resistance D - Cosmic Love
Hallucinogen - LSD

Both quite ominous and dark but have so much replay value and feature acid quite heavily. I really think if you gave them another listen you might come to enjoy them more and move them up.
Also, some recommendations for you to check out if you've got time;

Solar Quest - Acid Nation (Very Acid Eiffel esque, though more focused on acid, definitely worth a listen)

Union Jack - Cockroach (Union Jack classic, not in the same league as Red Herring or Cactus but still an amazingly organic acid classic trance track)

Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel (Psy with some thought put into it, with a killer spanish guitart riff as an introduction)

James Holden - Come to Me (Last Mix & Club Mix) (Classic Minimal holden here, really quite a spooky last mix, whereas the club mix is rather obviously more focused on beats and straight synths.)

Pete Lazonby - Wavespeech (Junior Vasquez Remix) (The NE classic, i think it is arguably progressive trance though i'm not 100% sure on that.)

And, if you saying all ambient dance is basically trance...

Aphex Twin - Xtal (Pure beauty in a song, officially listed as Ambient Techno but has trancush elements.)

Aphex Twin - Heliosphan (Same as above)

Banco De Gaia - China (Clouds Not Mountains) (Excellant work. Sounds oriental yet maintains a very natural aroma throughout.)

Hope you give some of them a go, even if they don't get an inclusion, thanks!


I haven't heard much by O'Callaghan. I'll download that system track.

I'm going to have to go through all of those, I have a lot of them already (and you're right, they're awesome). I'm sensing some future inclusions for a number of those.

Hi darktremor, great work on such a comprehensive list its great. I think that (Blue Peter "Blue air") belongs on the list what do you think?

I'll download it.
Glad you like the list.

it might be spelt "blu peter" but not 100% got a copy kicking around on my hard drive if you have trouble finding it. Hope everything starts to work out for you sounds like you have had it tough over the last couple of month's

Holy crap! I am probably the oldest noob here, I am 50 yrs old, but now that I have discovered this genre, and particularly Trance, well, I love it. I still have all the early Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream vinyls and hell they where produced in the 70's and early 80's, at least the good stuff. This new 'electronic' music just blows me away, and I can't get enough of it. Googling brought up this sight and your wonderful listology. I have been spending late nights over the past couple weeks searching for all of the top tracks that I can find and DL'ing them. I like almost all of the top 10, the 'classics' as you call them. Plz, do me a big favor, if you where to add to the top 10, and wanted say 20 more you would recommend to an old stoner could you do it? Thanks!

Use soulseek to download them.
I'd recommend the top 30 to you.
Glad you like the list so far :)

I am so glad you're back.

Yep, sorry for the unresponsiveness lately. I got in a massive car accident which I survived, but caused me to have a psychotic break. I'm serious: I was in a mental institution until yesterday. The accident was the last straw in my already overstretched life (working over 110 hours per week, for example), and it basically rendered the last 9 months an irrelevant waste of time for me, tanking my projected-to-be-successful business and bringing the franchise company above me down hard with extreme legal action and unpayable fines and threats of jailtime (a car accident is a breach of contract). That, on top of everything else that happened, which is a large list in itself, was enough to put me over the edge, and I spent 2 weeks in a paranoid and delusional lalaland while the doctors tried to balance different meds in my system (which resulted in excruciating facial seizures: tardive diskenesia brought on by Haldol. Look it up. It's not pleasant.). But I won't go into any more details: they're just too weird and too many. Point is, I'm back now.

Welcome back Darktremor, and I hope you make a full recovery, if you haven't already.

I've just been ploughing through your classic trance list, and wawnt to thank you for making it. it is groovy.

Thanks :) I've already recovered (I've got the full story below, relayed to Merlin). I may write an article outlining the last year of my life, because it's pretty strange, with the full story of what happened. :)

Glad you like the classic trance list :)

wow thats intense. Sorry to hear about that stuff and i hope everything is getting better for you.

Wow. I hope everything sorts out for you. I was going to ask you what the difference between trance and everything else was (I always thought Born Slippy was house??) but you've got enough problems now! 110 hours a week? That leaves only 58 hours in the week, did you ever sleep?

Yeah, I'm good now (read my response to Merlin below for all the details).

As for the difference between house and trance, house is basically updated disco, and trance is anything on the list. Well, sort of. This list is only really loosely a trance list now. It's more like a list of dance music that has some sort of connection to trance on some level. For a perfect representation of the difference, listen to Phats & Small - Turn Around next to Age of Love - Age of Love.

Holy frickin' mother of GOD! *stunned*

I am just out of words to express how damn sorry and terrified I am! Haldol? Good lord! It must've been pretty serious then. I so, so, so hope that the tics have stopped. It can be awful, I am aware of that. Seriously man, you are the last person who deserves all this. What kind of a barbaric company wants to send you to jail for meeting with an accident?!! Boy, I hope you take 'em to the cleaners if the matters become too legally serious. Bastards.
Don't worry too much about the business. You are much better off being sane. The world has too many insane people and not enough Andrews.
Is everything all right now? I hope there has been no or little, if any, long lasting damage.

Damn. This is one of those times I wish I had a private jet to fly where I want.

Take care now. And if ya ask me, take a vacation... a long one. =)

haha, thanks.
I appreciate that. I really do. That's really kind of you.

It's mostly getting pretty resolved now anyway. There's a legal requirement for that sort of contract that you can't attack someone if they're unable to complete it because of medical problems. That's easy: all of the psychiatrists agreed that I was in no state to keep working 110 hour weeks, and will write a legally binding letter that effectively nullifies the document.

So I should be OK, and my maneuvering my girlfriend and mom around while I was in the psych ward let us stay a step ahead of the company, so my debt will be minimized, if there's any at all. And I'm taking the rest of the summer off. And I never really went actually crazy, I was just so sleep-deprived, so constantly hungry, so brainwashed by company propaganda (think Amway-level psychic torture), and so continuously stressed that I lost complete touch with reality when the last straw of my massive accident broke. I got better as soon as all of those problems were removed (and I recovered from all the meds they tried on me: Haldol, Seroquil, Welbutrin, Concerta (for my ADHD), and Adavan). I'm 19, so I'm uber-resilient. So it should all be good :).

Jiminy Cricket! I will certainly keep a good thought for you and yours.

This might be completely inappropriate and intrusive but...
What in the name of Sam Hill have people been doing with your dopamine?

In my experience there is no greater hell on earth than trying to get your neurotransmitter mixology just right. You can't pay attention properly (or at all) and when you are finally able to concentrate you then stop sleeping. Or your motivation to do anything disappears... along with your balance. By the time your mood crashes you have no idea whether it is the lack of dopamine itself or all of the other conditions that come with it that are making you me depressed.

At least the disruption of your memory process allows you to forget all of the horrible stuff you've gone through... until it all happens again and you ask your brain, "How did I get back here again?" But your brain can't help you until you get your dopamine levels fixed. It's the Rubik's Cube of Catch-22s only not nearly as fun.

Speaking as someone whose bipolar disorder (II) went undiagnosed until Wellbutrin (Bupropion) unmasked the condition and blasted me into full blown mania: It is my most fervent hope that you've been diagnosed properly.

Being bipolar and ADHD (non-hyperactive) I have plenty more to say but, being on my meds, I won't. But I can still give you the complete tour from Abilify to Zoloft. Hey, I may be medicated but I'm not dead.

I'm so glad to hear that you didn't die in a car crash and I wish I could express myself more eloquently.

Holy Gafoozles again! All this scares me. We missed you.

And you can have 600 cookies now!

Yes, you should wite an article on the whole past one year of your life! I am glad, so glad you're still the same. Trust me, I know what 19 is. I am 19 ;)

Hi Darktremor.
Long time no post to you. :)
Anyway I'm sad to say this post has little to do with this list and you can delete it (if that's even an option...) but I thought I'd contact this to you somehow... but someone's posted on my "You are not a techno fan" list in response to you, in my opinion, under a completely misguided tense.

I thought I'd give you a chance to set him straight before I ruin the whole situation by commenting rudely... or something...

Hi, I hope you don't mind me reposting some tracks suggested by me and neuromancer as they've go passed over plus 2 more. The suggestions are all goatrance.
Ayahusaca - Ayahuascan Chant
Cosmosis - Key to the Innerverse

Your ordeal seems horrifying, and getting sued because you had an accident?!

# On 05/31/07 at 9:04 AM, karan129 wrote:
Awesome list, been looking for something like this. Since I'm into Goa, I'm unfamiliar with most of the songs on the list. I know Goa isn't very popular or mainstream but I was little disapointed to find only a handful of Goa songs. Is there any reason why no tracks of Etnica, Cosmosis, Message from God, Green Nuns of the Revolution etc have made the list? Here are some Goa tracks worth a listen

Chakra & Edi Mis - Liquid Troll
Charm - Brain Structure
Etnica - Starship 101, Chakra Active 8 and Tribute
Growling Mad Scientists - Juice this one's psy not goa, its a huge hit. There are many mixes, I think the live mix is best.
Goa Gil - Sadhu
Green Nuns of the Revolution - Optimum Creakage
Message from Goa - Intelligent Machine, On Mars, Project Genesis
Noma - Another Day
Oforia - Timelessness
Ra - Gates of Tiptareth
Shakta - Lepton Head III, Loopmutant, Shakti'Shakta
Sphongle - Dorset Perception
Talamasca & Sphongle - Tribal Journey 1
Underhead - Orojuna

Just a sampling of what Goa has to offer...

Hallucinogen's LSD could have a few lines of description since its widely regarded as the definitive Goa track.

Since you've included Symphony, try Chemical Brothers - The Private Psychedelic Reel
Royksoop's Beautiful Day Without You is a nice, lilting track but I'm not sure if it can be called trance. [ reply to karan129 ]

* On 06/01/07 at 4:06 PM, neuromancer replied:
Goa/Psy Trance would definitely worth a Top 50 of his own... (as EBM too) Here's a few more from Goa golden era (1995-1997):

Astral Projection - People Can Fly
Cosmosis - Alien disco
Cosmosis - Howling at the moon
Doof - Let's Turn On
Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles
Green Nuns - Magallenic Cloud
Green Nuns - Ring of Fire
Pleiadians - Taygeta
Power Source - Goaway
Shakta - Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies
Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance [ reply to neuromancer ]

o On 06/05/07 at 1:30 PM, karan129 replied:
Sorry, it should be Royksoop - Beautiful Day Without You and Growling Mad Scientists.

Yeah I should have mentioned Angelic Particles. Taygeta, the GNOR tracks and Spiritual Beings are good,Alien Disco is ok. Have to get the rest.

Here are some tracks I missed out:
Cosmosis - Afterglow, Gift of the Gods
Shakta - Absorbed
Phreaky - Tornado
Hallucinogen - Shamanix
The Nommos - Amma (The Nommos is a Goa Gil project mixing tribal drumming and goa)

Dude, are Shpongle goa? They are one of my favourite bands, but I thought they were psybient.


Do you mean ambient psy?

Call it what you like, but yes.

Sphongle is a project by Simon Posford, who was behind Hallucinogen too. I call it goa, it really depends on your view, but psytrance has a bassline and is more techno in character, goa is pure acid.

And yeah, psybient=ambient psy.

Darktremor, what do you think about the tracks mentioned?

Some great tracks on the list, few more suggestions;

Signum - Coming on strong (don't understand how its not on there, it is a sick tune)
Signum - Cura me
Ayla - Ayla Part II
Mauro Picotto - Lizard

darktremor, would you be able to suggest any songs that are similar in style to 030 - Midnight in Europe (wierd, dark chimes), and perhaps some ambient acid like Acid Eiffel?

What do you think about Armin van Buuren's song Zocalo???

darktremor, its great to see you back on, as your huge contributions continue to be a very insightful and interesting look into music and life in general, and although i do not always comment on them, i always give them a read. No, im not just licking arse and sucking up to you, but seriously, good listologers such as yourself deserve the credit. And dude, you are one tough cookie, surviving all that work etc, and sorry to hear about the crash though great news about you being ok. Merlin's right, you gotta take a vacation, and i'm not even gonna pretend i know what it was like, but a break is needed lol :P. Sorry i haven't been on very much recently, been on holiday, so haven't got any suggestions, but no doubt willdo over the course of the summer and more lists and articles etc. But seriously, getting through all that shit you had to go through and still coming back on listology? That's dedication.

and ps. seriously - OMG, anyone who still believes in the creation theory is braindead, any of them, any religions, not believing in evolution is just dim witted. If religions really want respect among today's non religious society, they gotta get with the times, and know that not all of what's written in holy books is literal. It's jus stupid. So kudos for starting the evolution article, though i probably won't understand most of it anyway xD lol.

I've found many good trance tracks thanks to you!

What do you think of:

Cor Fijneman - Venus
Dark-E - Lost in trancelation

Hi recently came across your list. First of all yes very good and love your top 400 choices :) As many have said countless hours of cataloguing and listening. I've read your rules which are great, I hope i am not violating any here but was wondering you have several Underworld songs in the top 400 but I cant find Dirty Epic. Was wondering whether you would consider this a placing on your list? As with a lot of your top 10 including Beachball and Love simulation never get tired of listening to them as with Born Slippy. Although Born Sippy is amazing and the beats are just so addictive, there is something about Dirty Epic that make me want to listen to it again and again. Is it worth a placing on your list? Hehe btw trying to avoid one of your rules but Im just asking your own opinion on this song out of curiosity to know its value against other, in particular, Born Slippy songs.

Many thanks, Vixie :)

Keep up the good work!

Here are some tracks i think are pretty good what is your opinion on them?

Djuma Soundsystem: Les Djins

Chris Raven: Smegma

Daydream: Blacklight

Armin Van Buuren: Control Freak(Sander Van Doorn mix)

Sander Van Doorn: Back By Any Demand

Hi recently came across your list. First of all yes very good and love your top 400 choices :) As many have said countless hours of cataloguing and listening. I've read your rules which are great, I hope i am not violating any here but was wondering you have several Underworld songs in the top 400 but I cant find Dirty Epic. Was wondering whether you would consider this a placing on your list? As with a lot of your top 10 including Beachball and Love simulation never get tired of listening to them as with Born Slippy. Although Born Sippy is amazing and the beats are just so addictive, there is something about Dirty Epic that make me want to listen to it again and again. Is it worth a placing on your list? Hehe btw trying to avoid one of your rules but Im just asking your own opinion on this song out of curiosity to know its value against other, in particular, Born Slippy songs.

Many thanks, Vixie :)

Keep up the good work!

Sure, Dirty Epic is pretty good.

Hey there darktremor, usual run of the mill suggestion time;

L.S.G. - Hearts
Spicelab - Pyrospice
Paragliders - Baghdad (Oliver Lieb Mix)
Hybrid - If I Survive
Paul Van Dyk - Today
Salt Tank - Dreams
Resistance D - Unknown

Also, I've recently completed an article named; "A Beginner's Guide to Trance" and would really appreciate your feedback on that, and any criticisms you have with it.

Sorry about the long time to respond. I was switching my OS over to Ubuntu and starting university again.

Sure, I'll download them.

yo can anyone tell me a good downloading source for all these songs instead of using shitty limewire which has no trance

Awesome list! great job... tried looking for these in the list and couldn't find them, so sorry if they are already posted.

Transatlantic - Jose Zamora (Andy Moor mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani - Through Your Eyes, Until Monday, White Lady
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) - North Pole
Randy Boyer - CQ
Andy Moor vs. Orkidea - Yearzero
Thomas Datt - Alone

Sasha - Wavy Gravy [Progressive Ambient]
(You mentioned this would be added, but it hasn't.)

Spooky - Belong (Involver Mix) [Progressive]
Medway - Resurrection [Chillout]
Airbase - Thoursie (Prologue) [Symphonic]

I added that first one now.

I'll have to check those other 3 out, I've never heard them (or I have, and didn't know what they were called).

Spooky - Belong is on Sasha's Involver CD. The other two might be hard to find. If you have any problems getting them, let me know via email.

I just downloaded an really song, Adam K & Soha - Twilight. Here's a link I found (after I dl'ed it):

I am from Toronto Canada and have been into trance for many many years now. I started listening to Gary Numan in 1979, the godfather of electronica.. Anyway, there are so many forms of music out there, most of it crap, or you need to be on E to try to enjoy them. I personally love the synth lines and the anthem's, perhaps it reminds me of all those great newwave bands like OMD. I'm shocked that no one ever has mentioned "Futurepop" or "EBM", which has many elements of this music. The Kings are VNV NATION, you may want to check them out. I am on Soulseek and have the most extensive listing of music on the server.
My fav trance songs are:
The Quest
I think the list's that you have created over the years have been a great benefit to many people, myself included.
Should you or anyone have any questions regarding Futurepop/EBM/Industrial or trance, I am more than willing to assist anyone. I'm glad you made out ok with all your troubles in the past.
Contact me
Keep up the great work and thank you
The Minister

Thanks, I'm glad you like the list.

Great list! Awesome to have a forum to discuss such things. Here are a few that I would include in a best of personally. I have a pretty good ear. Some songs are debateable house or progressive house. I have searched for every song using the find function so hopefully I dont have any already on the list.

Artist Title
Breakfast - The Air Between
Nat Monday - Waiting
5th Order - Sineweaver
El Greco - Nightwatch
Space Manouevers- Stage one (Pariah Remix)
Paganini Traxx - Zoe (timo maas mix)
Classified Project - Resurrection
A Boy called Joni - Green Astronauts
Lolo - Why?
4 Strings - Into the Night
Taucher - Waters (Phase III)
Ocean Wave- Clearwater
Matt Jackson- Circulation Ltd 2 (Matt Jackson Remix)
Kinesis - Nexus
Meeker- Save Me (Original/ Future Shock SOS Mix)
The Voyager- Motion
Chris Raven- I know you love me too
Hi-Gate - Pitchin'

one track missing from the list, "lost in love" legend B - maybe not strictly trance, more tech, but a classic nonetheless

It's there, it's always been there.

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine. His name is "Ctrl-f." He suggests breaking contact with another friend of yours, "Not reading the rules before posting."

Ok I removed Hi-Gate Pitchin' which I looked for and didnt return anything in the search I did.

Artist Title
Breakfast - The Air Between
Nat Monday - Waiting
5th Order - Sineweaver
El Greco - Nightwatch
Space Manouevers- Stage one (Pariah Remix)
Paganini Traxx - Zoe (timo maas mix)
Classified Project - Resurrection
A Boy called Joni - Green Astronauts
Lolo - Why?
4 Strings - Into the Night
Taucher - Waters (Phase III)
Ocean Wave- Clearwater
Matt Jackson- Circulation Ltd 2 (Matt Jackson Remix)
Kinesis - Nexus
Meeker- Save Me (Original/ Future Shock SOS Mix)
The Voyager- Motion
Chris Raven- I know you love me too

Hey, I wasn't posting that at you, it was the guy who posted after you.

Sure, I'll look for the ones in that list I haven't already heard.

Great list, found a lot of my favorites here.
Here are some suggestions:

Paul Van Dyk - Face To Face (Piano Mix)
The Sneaker - Scatterbomb (String Mix)
Age Of Love - Age Of Love (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
Marco V - More Than A Life Away
Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You
Tiesto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise
Tiesto - In My Memory (Gabriel & Dresden Elephant Memory Vocal)
Orbital Velocity - Last Voyage (Club Mix)
Lock - Into The Sun
Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality (Tracid mix)
Sean Dexter - Synthetica (Extended Mix)
Comma - Lonely Days (Lonely Mix)
DJ Sakin - Blue Sky
Insigma - Open Your Eyes (Original Insigma Mix)
Loop Control - Exceptionally Beautiful
Eve - Riser
Marco V - False Light
Schiller - Destiny
Timekeepers - The Future
Rank 1 - Awakening
Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix)
Binary Finary - 2000
Bypass - Cyberia (Deep Trance Remix)
Mother Pride - Learning To Fly (Mike Koglin Remix)
Allure - The loves We Lost
Members Of Mayday - 10 In 01 (Paul van Dyk Club Mix)
Rank 1 - Cosmonautic
Airwave - Venus Of My Dreams
4 Strings - Take Me Away (Into The Night)
Clear View - Never Enough
Maracca - Invocation
San - I Know
Scoop - Wings Of Love (Original Club Mix)
Der Dritte Raum - Trommelmaschine
Above & Beyond - Tr-State
Nitrous Oxide - North Pole
Robert Nickson - Helix
Equator - Silence
Chicane - Halycon
Maor Levi - Reflect
Paul Van Dyk - La Dolce Vita
Global Experience - Zanzibar
Global Experience - Madras
Marc Marzenit - Trozitos De Navidad (Primavera Remix)
Chicane - Spirit
T.L.T - Kubik (Trance Mix)
Tiesto - Close To You (Magik Muzik Remix)
Beatmashine - Move U Around

I tried not to include any track already on your list.

Wow. With every visit back to this list I find more songs that are worth listening to.

I'm glad my list helps :-D

I know this page is set aside for the discussion of Trance only. But because I am a South African, I would like to congratulate our National Rugby Team on winning the World Cup 2007.

Ok...good for you.


I have a question, I've been looking for a song I heard on XM radio. It has only a few lyrics in it, and I think it sounded like a robot voice singing it. The lyrics go " Dance trance music" or something to that extent, it could be " Dance dance music" and it somewhat repeats here and there in the song...PLZ help =)

That's really too generic, you're going to need more than that.

A recommendation

Moonbeam - Eclipse

It's a really really great track, a neo trance song.

I actually have that one on my hard drive...I haven't listened to it yet. I loved the other Moonbeam track though, so I'm sure that one will make it on the list too, once I get to it.

Also, I don't know if they're deliberate omissions but what about...

Cosmic Baby - Airplay
Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity
L.S.G. - Hearts
Zero Gravity - Medicine Man
Art of Trance - Orange

You're right! Totally forgotten.
Airplay certainly deserves a place, as does orange. Loops of Infinity grates on me, to be honest (I find it sounds very "Casio"). I actually haven't heard the other 2, but I'll download them for sure.

Zero Gravity - Medicine Man is on your Classic Trance list though? I downloaded it (which is why Blind and I have it) because it was on that list. Blind will agree with me that Hearts will become one of your favourite Oliver Lieb songs and almost certainly your second favourite L.S.G. song.

I would actually say that Moonbeam - Eclipse is better than Sunshine. One of the best neo trance songs ever in my opinion.

More suggestions:
Human Beings - Orbit
Spicelab - We Got Spice (Spicelab Full Flavour Mix)
Shpongle - Dorset Perception
Infected Mushroom - Acid Killer
Holden & Thompson - Come To Me
Union Jack - Cockroach
Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel

I'd already mentioned Shpongle's Dorset Perception and it definitely does deserve a place, Guardian Angel is worthy. I'm not a fan of Infected Mushroom's style but Acid Killer is a decent track. For other good Infected tracks try Dancing with Kadafi, A Psychedelic Trip, I Wish, Blink, Bust a Move, Scorpion. "I Wish" is a good example of how Infected can meld vocals with trance, try it out.

IMHO, the most noteworthy Goa Trance album missing from all trance lists is Etnica - Alien Protein. I was wondering if anyone else has even heard it?

Hey, what do you think of my top trance songs?

Mark Knight & D. Ramirez - Columbian Soul(Original Mix)[2007][tech house]*
Polaroid-So damn Beautiful [2003] [chill,indie]*
Ferry Corsten & Ramin Djawadi - Prison Break theme (Extended Version)[2006][progresive trance]*
Aly & Fyla presents A&F Project - Uraeus (Frase Remix)[2007][uplifting/progressive trance]*
Marco V. - Any better or [2006] [hard trance]*
Ronski Speed - The Space We Are (John O'Callaghan Remix) [2006] [pop trance]*
Tatana feat Natalie Brodel - Interview With An Angel (Aly and Fila Remix)[2006][upifting/progressive trance]*
Arctic Monkey vs Sander van Doorn - Sun Goes Down [2006] [trance rip]*
Wandii -Kinetic caper (Manuel le Saux remix) [2007] [progressive trance]*

Andain's: "Here is the house","Ave Maria","You once told me","Get up" and "Make me"

..and Tiesto - Just be

Where did you acquire the Xylem Flow Mix to William Orbit's "Water From A Wine Leaf?" I can't find it anywhere and I want it! I bet you got it off Soulseek...

Nevermind. I love how I make these comments to you after desperate searching, and directly after making the comment, I find what I'm looking for. All I have to do is acquire Northern Exposure Volume 1, which I'll probably only get to buy online.