The Top 200 Trance Songs

  1. This list will have no more updates, trance is dead (face it) and this is/was it’s greatest tracks. Neotrance has evolved to a point where it is no longer trance anyway, and short of a trance miracle being found or produced I will not add more songs to this list. If you prefer Ferry Corsten & Rank 1 to Oliver Lieb & Simon Berry (or don’t even know the latter) I would suggest hitting the back button on your browser about now.
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  3. This list no longer reflects my opinions, but feel free to use it as a guide to most of the best tracks of the genre.
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  5. LSG - Netherworld:
  6. (Progressive Trance) [1997]
  7. Hybrid - Symphony:
  8. (Symphonic/Breaktrance) [1996]
  9. Union Jack - Red Herring:
  10. (Acid Trance) [1995]
  11. Sasha - Xpander:
  12. (Progressive Trance) [1999]
  13. Orbital - Remind
  14. (Early Rave/Acid Trance) [1993]
  15. Humate - Love Stimulation (PVD Club Mix)
  16. (Ibiza/Ambient Trance) [1993]
  17. Age of Love - Age of Love (Boeing Mix & Watch Out for Stella Mix):
  18. (Classic Trance) [1990]
  19. Ame - Rej
  20. (Minimal Trance) [2005]
  21. Hallucinogen - LSD
  22. (Goa Trance) [1996]
  23. Art of Trance - Deeper Than Deep
  24. (Acid Trance) [1993]
  25. Aril Brikha - Winter:
  26. (Minimal Trance) [2007]
  27. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
  28. (Ambient Breaks) [1991]
  29. Choice - Acid Eiffel
  30. (Ambient Acid Techno) [1993]
  31. Resistance D - Cosmic Love
  32. (Acid Trance) [1991]
  33. Orbital - Halcyon & On & On
  34. (Ambient Techno/Trance) [1993]
  35. The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds:
  36. (Ambient House) [1991]
  37. PQM - You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable Vocal Pass):
  38. (Minimal Post Progressive Trance) [2003]
  39. Paragliders - Paraglide
  40. (Classic Trance) [1993]
  41. Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis
  42. (Classic Trance) [1993]
  43. Spicelab - We Got Spice (Spicelab Full Flavour Mix)
  44. (Acid/Classic Trance) [1994]
  45. Nalin & Kane - Beachball:
  46. (Ibiza Trance) [1996]
  47. Aphex Twin - Digeridoo:
  48. (Acid Techno/Jungle) [1992]
  49. The Field - Over The Ice
  50. (MicroTrance) [2006]
  51. Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace:
  52. (Classic Trance) [1991]
  53. Underworld - Born Slippy (NUXX)
  54. (Ambient/Melodic Techno) [1995]
  55. L.S.G - Hearts
  56. (Classic Trance) [1994]
  57. Astral Projection - Mahadeva:
  58. (Goa Trance) [1996]
  59. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three N One Mix)
  60. (Anthem Trance) [1998]
  61. Moonbeam - Eclipse
  62. (Neo Trance) [2007]
  63. 4 Voice - Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix)
  64. (Classic Trance) [1992]
  65. Chicane - Offshore
  66. (Ibiza Trance) [1996]
  67. The Ambush - Ambush 2
  68. (Tribal Trance) [1993]
  69. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Mix)
  70. (Minimal Trance) [2005]
  71. Caucasuss - Our Dream
  72. (Classic Trance) [1994]
  73. Jam & Spoon - Stella
  74. (Ibiza Trance) [1992]
  75. James Holden - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)
  76. (Minimal Progressive Trance) [2003]
  77. Man With No Name - Teleport
  78. (Goa Trance) [1996]
  79. The Light - Dusk
  80. (Psy Trance) [1996]
  81. Union Jack - Cockroach
  82. (Acid Trance) [1997]
  83. Absolute - Past Vs. Future
  84. (Classic Trance) [1994]
  85. Trilithon - Trance Dance
  86. (Goa Trance) [1991]
  87. Three Drives - Greece 2000
  88. (Progressive Trance) [1997]
  89. Salt Tank - Eugina
  90. (Epic Trance) [1996]
  91. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
  92. (Progressive Trance) [1997]
  93. Infected Mushroom - Acid Killer
  94. (Psy Trance) [1999]
  95. The Light – Panfried (Mind Over Matter Mix)
  96. (Goa Trance) [1996]
  97. Holden & Thompson - Come to Me (Club Mix & Last Version)
  98. (Minimal Trance and the last version is Micro/Glitchtrance) [2005]
  99. Hardfloor - Acperience 1
  100. (Acid Trance) [1991]
  101. Cosmic Baby - Airplay
  102. (Classic Trance) [1994]
  103. Spicelab - Amorph
  104. (Acid/Classic Trance) [1992]
  105. Kaito - A Hundred Million Light Years
  106. (Ambient Minimal Trance) [2005]
  107. Poltergeist - Vicious Circles (Union Jack Remix)
  108. (Acid Trance)
  109. Cygnus X - The Orange Theme
  110. (Classic Trance) [1994]
  111. Nathan Fake - Outhouse:
  112. (Minimal Post Progressive Trance) [2003]
  113. Taucher - Atlantis (Phase 3) [1998]
  114. (Anthem Acid Trance)
  115. PHD - Summer Storm (Leisure Lounge Edit)
  116. (Ibiza Trance) [1995]
  117. Epsilon 9 - Lifeformation (Infernal Machine Mix)
  118. (Minimal Trance/Neo Trance) [2003]
  119. Rabbit in the Moon - OBE (Phases 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9)
  120. (Classic/Ambient/Acid Trance (Depending on phase)) [1994]
  121. Hallucinogen - Fluoro Neuro Sponge
  122. (Goa Trance) [1996]
  123. Paragliders - Oasis
  124. (Classic Trance) [1995]
  125. Art of Trance - Emerald Eyes
  126. (Classic Trance)
  127. Kaito - Soul of Heart
  128. (Minimal Trance) [2004]
  129. Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Mix)
  130. (Goa Trance) [1997]
  131. Union Jack - Cactus
  132. (Acid Trance) [1994]
  133. Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity (Expressionistic)
  134. (Melodic Trance) [1994]
  135. Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation
  136. (Anthem Trance) [1999]
  137. Hardfloor - Confuss
  138. (Hard Acid Trance) [1994]
  139. Commander Tom - Are Am Eye?
  140. (Hard Trance) [1995]
  141. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
  142. (Progressive Trance) [2000]
  143. Aztec Mystic - Nights of The Jaguar
  144. (Tribal Trance/Techno) [1999]
  145. Solar Quest - Acid Nation
  146. (Ambient Acid Trance) [1998]
  147. Hermanne & Kleine - Leaving You Behind (Without Knowing Where To Go)
  148. (Minimal Ambient Trance) [2003]
  149. Rabbit in the Moon - East (Opium Den Mix)
  150. (Ambient Breaks) [1995]
  151. A Positive Life - Pleidean Communication
  152. (Ambient Acid Trance)
  153. Ultraviolet - Kites (Fantasy Flite Part 1)
  154. (Breaktrance of a sort) [1995]
  155. Faithless - Salva Mea
  156. (Anthem House/Trance) [1995]
  157. Infected Mushroom - Mush Mushi
  158. (Psytrance) [2000]
  159. Way Out West - The Gift
  160. (Breaktrance) [1995]
  161. West & Storm - Porpoise
  162. (Happy Trance) [1995]
  163. Moonbeam - Sunshine
  164. (Post Progressive House/Trance) [2007]
  165. Escape - Escape To Mars
  166. (Classic Trance)
  167. Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar
  168. (Anthem Trance)
  169. James Holden - Horizons
  170. (Progressive Trance)
  171. Art of Trance - Easter Island (Cygnus X Mix)
  172. (Progressive Trance)
  173. Sasha - Rabbitweed
  174. (Progressive Trance)
  175. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Sweeping Strings Mix)
  176. (Post Progressive Trance)
  177. The Human Beings - Orbit
  178. (Acid/Classic Trance)
  179. Cygnus X - Positron
  180. (Classic Trance)
  181. Brainchild - Symmetry (C-Mix)
  182. (Classic Trance)
  183. Odyssee of Noises - Troya
  184. (Classic Trance)
  185. Evolution - Phoenix
  186. (Classic/Progressive Trance)
  187. The Ambush - Sun (Volume Mix)
  188. (Tribal Trance)
  189. Faithless - Drifting Away (Paradiso Mix)
  190. (Anthem House/Trance)
  191. Marmion - Schoneberg
  192. (Classic Trance)
  193. Binary Finary - 1998 (PVD Mix Vs. Original Mix)
  194. (Anthem Trance)
  195. Juno Reactor - Samurai
  196. (Psy/Oriental Trance)
  197. Paragliders - Change Me
  198. (Progressive Trance)
  199. Art of Trance - Madagascar (Cygnus X Mix)
  200. (Anthem Trance)
  201. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access
  202. (Hard Acid Trance)
  203. Union Jack - Two full Moons and a trout (Union Jack Mix & Original Mix)
  204. (Acid/ Classic Trance)
  205. Lost Tribe - Angel
  206. (Breaktrance)
  207. Solar Stone - Seven Cities
  208. (Ibiza Trance)
  209. Visions of Shiva - How Much Can You Take?
  210. (Melodic Trance)
  211. Underworld - Dark Train
  212. (Progressive Techno)
  213. Brainchild - Symmetry (C-Mix)
  214. (Classic Trance)
  215. Dream Traveller - Time
  216. (Anthem Trance)
  217. James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix)
  218. (Post Progressive Trance)
  219. Spooky - Little Bullet (Live Version)
  220. (Progressive Trance)
  221. Balil - Parasight
  222. (Acid Trance)
  223. Aura - Energy Transpose
  224. (Progressive Trance)
  225. Push - Strange World (Break/Anthem Trance)
  226. Armin - Blue Fear (Progressive Trance)
  227. Ascension - Someone (Slacker's Rolling Mix & Original Vocal Mix) (Anthem Trance)
  228. Libra Presents Taylor - Calling Your Name (All Mixes)(Anthem/Ambient/Ibiza Trance)(Depending)
  229. Cass & Slide - Perception [New Vocal Mix] (Epic Trance)
  230. Jonas Steur - Silent Waves (Epic Trance)
  231. Drax Ltd. II - Amphetamine(Hard Trance/Glitch)
  232. Chicane - Saltwater (Ibiza Trance)
  233. Travel - Bulgarian (Incisions Mix)(Tech Trance)
  234. Alex Smoke - Chica Wappa (Mejor Edit)(Minimal Trance)
  235. Zero Gravity - Medicine Man(Classic Trance)
  236. Quietman - The Sleeper Progressive Trance
  237. Armin - Communication (Anthem Trance)
  238. Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Mix) (Progressive Vocal Trance)
  239. Azid Force - Amanita Muscaria (Tribal Trance)
  240. Paragliders - Bagdad (Oliver Lieb Remix) (Classic Trance)
  241. Robert Miles - Children [Dream Version] Dream Trance
  242. Shpongle - Dorset Perception (Involver Mix) (Psy Trance)
  243. Zyon - No Fate (Classic Trance)
  244. Cygnus X - Superstring (Classic Trance)
  245. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (Classic Trance)
  246. Paul Van Dyk - Today (Classic Trance)
  247. Quietman - The Sleeper (Melodic Trance)
  248. Quench - Dreams (Classic Trance)
  249. Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha Vs The Light Mix)
  250. Gill Norris - Forme
  251. Cydonia - Animals
  252. Albion - Air (Hybrid 2000 Mix)
  253. Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
  254. Bedrock - Set In Stone
  255. Cybernaut - Hydrophonix
  256. Petter - These Days
  257. L.S.G. - Blueprint [Version 1]
  258. Blank & Jones - Cream
  259. Furry Phreaks - Soothe (Chicane Jazz/Cyanide Ride)
  260. Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives
  261. Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel
  262. Cosmic Baby - Liebe (Red)
  263. Dance 2 Trance - Hello San Francisco
  264. The Light - Expand the Room (Original Mix & Illumination Mix)
  265. Cherry Bomb - Eclipse
  266. Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (Sunrise)
  267. Marco Zaffarono - MZ 5
  268. Orbital - Lush 3-2
  269. Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa
  270. Clanger - Seadog
  271. Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade [Nalin & Kane Mix]
  272. Riva - Stringer
  273. Accessive Rhythm - Activate
  274. Taucher - Waters (Phase III)
  275. Astral Projection - Aurora Borealis
  276. Orbital - Chime (Live)
  277. Art of Trance - Orange
  278. Oliver Lieb - Lightspeed [Main Mix 1]
  279. Baracoa - Delirio [Venus Mix]
  280. Extrawelt - Soopertrack
  281. Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day
  282. Cloud 69 - Sixty Nine Ways
  283. Breeder - Twilo Thunder
  284. Transa - Supernova
  285. Barbarella - My Name is Barbarella
  286. Albion - Air 2000 (Hybrid Mix)
  287. Astral Projection - Ionized
  288. X Tracks - Plan 94 (The Voyage)
  289. Bedrock - Heaven Scent
  290. Doof - Double Dragons
  291. Resistance D - Unknown
  292. Starecase - Faith (Loafer Mix)
  293. Solar Stone vs. Sirocco - Destination
  294. Jam & Spoon - Find Me (Odyssee to Anyoona)
  295. Terminator-Benelux - The Warrant
  296. Jon the Dentist - Global Phases
  297. Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp
  298. Speedy J - The Fun Equations
  299. Breeder - The Chain
  300. Krypto - Sierra Nevada
  301. Mekka - Diamondback
  302. Petter - All Together
  303. God Within - Raincry (Submerged)
  304. Future Sound of London - Cascade (Part 1)
  305. Deep Dish - Say Hello
  306. Gypsy - I Trance You
  307. Hyperspace - Europa
  308. Delerium - Silence (Sanctuary Mix)
  309. Sunburst - Eyeball
  310. Wippenberg - Neurodancer
  311. Yahel - Voyage
  312. Megalon - Darkness
  313. Iio - Rapture
  314. Paul Van Dyk - Green Valley Theme (Part 1)
  315. Ballroom - 4AM [Marc O Tool Mix]
  316. Blank & Jones - Nightclubbing
  317. Dave Angel - Life's Little Pleasures
  318. Sleepless - Razor's Edge
  319. Sander Kleinenberg - Sacred (Sunrise Mix)
  320. BT - Dreaming [Lucid's 12" Club Mix]
  321. Inner Space - Araqua
  322. Benni Benassi - Love is Gonna Save Us
  323. Baby Doc & The Dentist - Catalan Rising
  324. Hardfloor - Reverberate Opinion
Author Comments: 

For Another (Excellent) Opinion: Darktremor's Top 400 Trance Songs


For an alternative viewpoint on trance, but nonetheless still a very good one, check out AlicratMusic's 300 Favourite Trance Songs

This list will have no more updates, short of a miracle trance song.

Thanks for the endorsement, bro ;). Now, there's just a couple of problems I have with your otherwise brilliant list...

"A Huge Ever Growing.....": This is not trance, it really is pure ambient.

"What Else Is There?"- While I love this track, it's house.

"These Days" (Involver Mix)- This is just a slowed-down version of the original. I don't quite see how it merits a spot.

fair play, darktremor counts it as microtrance i dunno, i'm not too good at classifying genres. Yeah, and the Orb u have a good point there..anyway thnks for the comment

I've been meaning to ask darktremor if microtrance really does count under the uber-genre of trance... I suppose I could just look under his "Every single genre..." list...

Otherwise I'd have quite a few more songs to add to my list... the two genre's just don't really fit in together in my opinion... it really does sound a bit more like house and electro.

Very good song though.

Microtrance is a tricky one. The minimal techno and microhouse pool of genres has expanded in every direction and mixed with almost everything in the last few years. Around the turn of the century, house ripped itself down to its essentials, creating microhouse: house torn down to its skeleton (ie: the house tracks on Mille Plateaux's Clicks and Cuts compilations). The glitchier, funkier strands of microhouse (ie: Akufen, Luomo) were the first progression from this ultra-minimal style, putting a bit of substance back into the nothingness of the original skeletal house. Once those foundations had been laid down, artists started rebuilding house from its roots, using other genres as the building blocks. Microtrance/neo-trance/nanotrance (ie The Field, The MFA), ketaminimal (ie Ricardo Villalobos), minimal electro (ie Jochen Trappe), "minimal" disco (ie Matthew Herbert's Scale), and dozens of other tiny and usually unnamed sub-sub-genres based on other styles being constructed on top of the minimal house backbone fall into this category.

Microtrance does fall under the uber-genre of trance, because it's the application of trance onto this minimal house foundation. It's actually larger than most of the others

I'm not really sure if the "What Else is There" remix is microtrance. I don't think it matters. Just put it on the list if you like it, and specify it as being "microtrance." I think it may be, due to its buildup-breakdown-anthem structure that seems lifted right off of anthem trance. But things get nitpicky and confusing in those styles of music, and it's really just best not to worry yourself too much about what goes where.

Lol yet another reason why i feel reluctant to make a trance list of my own. This actually includes some of the few songs which i would have included that darktremor doesn't, making it even less neccessary to post my favourite whatever number trance songs. It would look VERY similar to this list and darktremor's list in terms of the songs included, the main difference would be the order i put the songs in, though that would not in itself be drastically different. I may do one just for the hell of it anyway, but not until i have finshed exams as i do not have the time at the moment.

You outta make one, bro. I'd support it.

Just made a few adjustments, particularly to the top 10

Pssst... I think the song you state as Paul Oakenfold's "Not Over Yet (Matt Darey Mix)" is actually by Grace, not Mr. Oakenfold.

Hmm though it's not completely wrong as Grace was a group of which Oakenfold was a member of when this song was produced.

I particularly like this trance list. Like everyone else's trance lists on listology, I disagree with a lot of it. However, looking at the tracks you've got on here, I can see you have very thoughtful and intelligent taste in trance music (ie: it's not a list of 100 epics with 3 UK hard "house" circus anthems throw in to "round it out," and you properly consider all three eras of trance). I'm actually downloading all of the songs off of this list that I don't have, which I generally never do (and I have really high expectations for them).

Excellent work Blind, I really like what you've got here. I'm putting a link to your list on mine.

thanks, i'm actually working on a big update to this, making it the top 100, adding a lot more Psy/Goa stuff, and a lot more acid! I hope you'll give it another look once the update it complete :D

A lot more acid, nice.

You should consider some of 2006 and 2007's minimal trance releases, some of them are very good. As for their place in a list, I haven't actually decided that yet either, but mayn in my minimal list are worth looking at.

Trance has really made a comeback in its new form, IMO. I'm suspecting it's going to start breaking the charts in North America in a terribly pop form in the late 00s, then suffer a massive backlash as we head into 2010/2011. Seeing as with minimal trance, we're pretty much where we were with progressive trance in 1997. Or maybe not. It's still "minimal" after all - maybe it will know when to restrain itself.


see i'm thinking of doing of doing a minimal list myself, as i'm falling in love with this genre, it's so good! However, i'm not sure i know enough about minimal atm to make a list which i feel could actually be looked at and someone thought, "nice list, you really thought about this one" so i'll leave it a bit.

Adding more minimal songs to this? I suppose as this is very loosely called "trance list", so yeah, definitely gonna look into adding more trancey minimal songs on here. Btw a note in case you missed it, i have uberzone - botz on here which is techniacally chemical breaks but tbh i couldn't resist putting it in. Unless i Make a breaks list where it will be first lol :D

Yeah, but Uberzone - Botz is such a great track! Plus, Sasha played it, and it does sound pretty trancy. At least, the Synthetik mix does.

Hey, a breaks list would be awesome. That's a style I know close to nothing about. At least make a breaks favorites list as soon as you get the chance :)

To help with your minimal list, read Resident Advisor reviews. They used to specialize in progressive house and trance, but now that progressive house and trance, you know, suck, they've gone over to almost exclusively "minimal" and electro-house. It's just amazing how many tracks are released.

Hmm breaks, I'll give it a go, though it may probably be mainly composed of Big Beat, Ambient Breaks and Trancey Breaks as they're what i have most of, but I'll definitely look into making one and getting more breaks music.

umm... this is totally off topic... and incredibly blunt, shallow, stupid, and practically illegal for me to say. but blind, you're hot.

haha im flattered :D
dw i won't be reporting you for paedophilia lmfao
and i wasn't aware you were gay/bi?

(I normally never post with just that, but it called for it. It really really did).

As for your list itself, very good. I agree, very well thought-out descriptions and tracks.

thanks :D

I can't see anywhere - and this is probably a personal opinion - these tracks in this, yet allready excellent list:

Desert Storm - Desert Storm
Datura - Yerba El Diablo
Humate - Love Stimulation
The Mackenzie - Higher In The Sky
Peyote - Alcatraz
Miro - Spaceman
Joe T. Vanelli - Play With The Voice
Freefall ft. Jan Johnnston - Skydive
Antares - Bright Side Of The Sun (absolute heaven !!!)
Sloane Strangers - A Mike Of Ministrel
Hole In One - Life's Too Short ...

and so on and so on ...
And these are real hits in the Trance scene ...

But as i said ... these are propably personal opinions.

Any comments on these tracks ?

I'm allways willing to discuss more Trance records : (msn adress)

hi! thanks for the recommendations, and of course what was i thinking forgetting about Love Stimulation?!!
I'll try to get hold of you on msn then, and i'll get hold of those songs and hava listen!

and love stimulation is gold. an immense track.

What about
Don't give up (Disco Citizens vs. Tomski Remix) - Chicane (Get the full lenghth 9:48 version)
Silence (airscape remix) - Delerium. It is MUCH better than the Sanctuary mix.
(this is) The dream of Evan and Chan (Kompakt Superpitcher Remix) - DnTel
Rare Duet - Robert Miles and Aphex Twin?

Thanks for the recommendations!
sorry i took a while to reply, i havn't been on this list in a while.
THe chicane track - Havn't heard it, i'll just download it.
Silence - I've heard three mixes of this track, and so far, Sanctuary is the best easily. However, i'll try to get the airscape one and hear it.
The DnTel track, i have it somewhere in my collection, but never really given it a listen i'll give that a try too.
I've heard about Rare Duet but not been able to get hold of it, as soon as i can i'll listen to it.

Thanks again!

Rare Duet is AMAZING. thankyou so much for the recommendation.

I do hope you checked out the other tracks, esp the Chicane/Disco Citizens track. It really is one of the best progressive tracks in my opinion. You will like it. Another suggestion - try Sunstroke (Disco Citiznes Remix) by Chicane. Actually, Disco Citiznes is Nick Bracegirdle (Chicane) and Leo Estob. Most of their songs are deep progressive editions of Chicane's laid-back ones. They are damn good.

Sceptical of Robert Miles? Unarguably, he has exposed trance to a lot of mainstream listeners. While many consider this a sacrilage, it really isn't ( I mean how else do you get more audience?). Usual pattern I've seen that get people into trance : listen to some mainstream trance (usually crap. Children isn't). Do research on it. Check out more tracks. Buy collections. Listen to more trance. Eventually stumble across a 'difficult' song. Hate it first. Keep listening to it over and over. Eventaully, love it. Get more such songs. Keep listening to them. Analyze, break down and understand the track. Become a full fledged trance fan.

Children is undoubtly deserving of all the popularity it got (also partly because of it's different video). In a way it was like Darude's Sandstorm. It made entry into trance listening pretty easy for begginers. For eg, if you ask any non-trance listener to listen to, say, Come to Daddy (AFX Twin) or, LSD, or, We came in peace or something equally complex, he'll smack you in the head and say something about how listening trance music makes you stupid (Am not exaggerating).
Children provides an easy 'familiar' sound, meaning it is not radically different from many of the mainstream traks, while at the same time it is definitely beautiful. It is a trailer of how much infintely complex, beautiful and breathtaking electronic music can be.
Rare Duet, while being definitely good is nowhere close to what these two guys did separately. It reminds me of those 70s-80s movies you know. It is good though, definitely.

Thanks for the compliments =).. but I am out of the loop most of the time, really. It will take a lot of time for me to listen, re listen and rate all the songs, download/buy more songs and again keep the list updated... which I don't have. I basically listen to new random songs and try suggesting them to those I think will like it.I tried making a list, it was a miserable attempt. I liked you list, btw. Good one. And your comments on the songs too (which are much, much better than those on other lists I could mention, that make a donkey hooching sound like a genius in their comparsion.).

PS - You have an editing mistake I think... all tracks after no. 15 are in grey.
PPS - how is Didgeridoo ugly in any way?

ugly was the wrong word in heinsight, i think i meant a more kindof metallic, unclean, distorted, grungy kindof sound. and in response to the grey thing, on other PCs it looks liek tht too, but on mine they're all just like the top lot, hmm, i'll have a look at it later.

I disagree about Rare duet, i really think it's something special, as good as if not better than some of their solo stuff. Children, and Children (Dream Version) are both good song, i will see their inclusion somewhere in the list, as i do see your point about it. Thanks for the comments about the list and i appreciate you taking the time to right all that,

and really, you should give the trance list idea a go :P

The moment you said this, my opinion of you just crashed. It nose-dived. And since you were musing why out of all the so called top trance lists, only darktremor's list gets "decent feedback", I have a few suggestions, if you want. I am just too disappointed and frustrated with all the newbies here.

If you mean the fact that certain people's lists deserve feedback more than others, i agree with you completely. However, i just sometimes feel if people have got bad songs/items on the list, more feedback, criticisms and ideas might help them. I know what you mean though.

I hope it hasn't crashed too low.

....Y'know, I think I'm getting a vague impression that my list doesn't deserve comments :p

Which is fine, if people think that. The list isn't for comments. It's for giving people an insight into the trance genre, and to introduce them to songs they might not have been aware of previously. That's what I care about. If I never get another comment and make some more people fans of the genre, that's more than a fair trade-off.

To Lassic - I wish you all the luck for your list. I never wish anyone any harm. May you get all the feedback you deserve.

To Blind : I thought of suggesting you a lot of stuff here, but I am put off by the kind of response newbies usually give (see what this guy Wes has written in darktremor's list for an idea. No, you are not a newbie in my opinion. I just don't want to waste my time in replying to anyone other than you who might think I am butchering you and other newbies here (and also some who will then try to broker peace) , that's all). I have expectations out of this list though. I might mail you in private though if it's ok.


I never take anything anyone says in the worse possible way. I just pick up on things, due to my life experiences.

"Brokering peace" is a pastime of mine. Yes, you were both out of line, but there's very little, if any, point in a continued e-drama argument. I can't really say I expected to stop anything, although hopefully the pair of you can realise how pointless it is...

I've never liked contempt. I've seen it enough. Call me a hippie, but I have no interest in anything but an increase in the amount of love in the world. You'll understand my saying that hate is hardly the solution.

Just ask yourself what you hope to get out of this debate...

-DJ Lassic

This was no 'pastime'. I don't want to repeat myself, but for your own sake, stay out of this. I try to remember that you are still a 16 year old who's trying to exorcise personal demons (I don't mean to insult you, really... OCD or pet peeve of yours perhaps?), but I have little tolerance for unsolicited interference. And since you say you don't take anything in the worst possible manner, I would like to point it out to you that you just said "I'm getting a vague impression that my list doesn't deserve comments :p, which is find if people think that". No, we don't think that.
I don't expect anything out of this anymore, considering how stupid he is. Really, this is the first time I've come across such blind hostility on this site..and I've been here for 2 and a half years now. People here tend to take even the wort criticism with a pinch of salt, me included.I also wish to overcome have with love, but I am no frog in the well. I would love to see your reaction when he abuses your father. If it was your list I was spewing 'contempt' on and if then you 'spread the love' and made 'the pair of you realise there is litte if any point in e-drama', I would've stopped..then and there. I admire your intentions though. Really, no sarcasm.

Well...I personally had to put up with a lot of shit from my dad but I won't get into that...I suppose it was rather silly of me to not assume some people like their fathers...

PS Yes I have minor OCD :p. Conflict has always troubled me...shit, I remember this one time there ws this huge brawl that I tried to stop...and I got the scar above my eye to prove it :p

No harm meant to anybody though. I still respect you and your contributions. My apologies if I just intensified things.

-DJ Lassic

Thanks Merlin, that's ok anyway. If you do want to send me some suggestions by mail you can reach me at;

and just a quick query,
"I don't expect anything out of this anymore, considering how stupid he is."

sorry i'm being a bit slow i'm just finding your discussion with Lassic a bit hard to follow. So who is he meant to be?

Yes, that has become a bit hazy. I'll break it down.

Me and that guy Wes were having an argument. See that on darktremor's list. Lassic decides to interrupt. He tells me it's none of my business to tell others that corrupting names is stupid. Ok. I told him as nicely I could to stay out of it. It in NOT his list I am commenting on. I was hoping he'd get the message. No. Fine. He then posts the next reply here, mixing it with our ongoing discussion (causing the mess up). He askes me..What do I expect of this 'e-drama'? He also tells me he has a history of seeing contempt himself and how he loves to spread love and that I was spewing spite. Right. The next thing I'll hear is to stop debates itself.
What I was hoping..That people would see that corrupting other's name in idiotic and stupid. But then I expect nothing out of this (discussion) anymore, considering he (he being that guy Wes) is so stupid. (and hence the statement on blind hostility.)That's all. This discussion has snatched away a LOT of my time and energy. It has progressed from bad to worse to plain stupid. I am not responding to it further.

thanks for explaining that, i understand it now :)

A wise man once said "this is the only site where I ever get to listen (read?) to intelligent people." I hope that the inverse is true.

... okay, I don't hope that this is the only site where you don't listen (don't read?) to unintelligent people but I couldn't figure out the Venn diagram for Zen dialogue on the intertubes.

I'm delighted that it goes no further... I wish it had never gone in the first place.

Wow.I played with Venn diagrams (...for quite sometime. I've lost touch with math long time ago, plus the rote-vomit-rote-vomit-rote-vomit routine of studying anatomy has robbed me the mental faculty of thinking, plus, get this - it's raining- and (so) I've got migrane. Sigh. And life couldn't get worse.) until I got what you said. And when I did, I had a long, hearty laugh. I see what you mean and thank you for making me realize that.
I only wish I could be as eloquent, subtle, and careful as you are.

As always, my admiration, respect and love (...and can I say awe? ) for you just grows.
I am glad it's gone as well.(...It's late but as I read the whole discussion again, I am embarrased.)

PS - Did you read this? (...and I thought you had three weeks to reply)

No, it hasn't. I remember being an early teen (myself being 19)... I used to be fascinated by collections that were named 'love, trance and ecstasy!'. We were all young..once.

Hey, Blind... I'll send some suggestions (eventually), but it'll be quite some time before that... I'm just busy at the moment (don' t mean to sound all business-like, but really, I am). Some time in september or maybe october.

Thanks =]

Hey Blind,

Nice list, man. I just thought I'd point out that you have Doof - Double Dragons on your list twice, once at 44 and the other one down at 137 or something like that (that's quite a difference).


hey, thanks for that, sometimes it's hard to not overlook some stuff, and thanks for the feedback it's good to get some :D

How do you make the changes highlighted?
(I have no constructive criticism.)
Keep up the good work young man!

Oh you put a + in front of the line.
I should read more.

lol! its ok, you should make more lists i'd love to see some :D

Have you heard of Two Months Off(Sunspots Vocal Mix) By Underworld? It's an amazing song

Hi, no i haven't but I'll get hold of it and give it a listen as soon as possible. The original Two Months Off is great however, I'll see that gets an inclusion. Thanks

"Ahh goa. I am SICK to death of goa. I had heard a few songs of the genre, and wanted to hear more despite being told by many that - Yes, they are good, but most is just really predictable and bad, so there's no point."

Wow, do you really think Goatrance is that bad? Why? And I've never found it predictable in the least.

Well, it's an opinion based comment, a lot of people really like it but I just feel that other than about 20 goa songs, most of it is just by the same artists regurgitating the same sound with a different melody and bassline and it all sounds a bit the same. Psy is a lot different though, there's a lot more diversity in there, and generally more innovation IMO.

Thats all right then, I have a totally reversed opinion though. IMO, goa is simply pure acid, pure trance. I don't like mainstream trance much.

To be honest, many people are of the opposite opinion, that psy is just going too far from the original goa sound. Prog psy is like house with some bangs and whistles (Ticon - We are the Mammoth Hunters) while full-on is just too much bassline and too little acid. I'm not saying psy can't come up with classics, there are great tracks (GMS - Juice, Bizzare Contact - Run Away etc) but Goa is truer to what trance is. Its basically harmonics and melody, the sound is the same, but each artist twists it differently.

Isn't Hallucinogen's LSD Goa and not Psy? Psy came later, after 1998.

If you want a distinctive sound, and not the same TB303 melodies, you could try:
Shakta, especially Silicon Trip and Enlghtened Ape albums.
Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Trancedance
Etnica's Alien Protein and Equator albums
Koxbox's Drgaon Tales album
The Nommos - Amma

Good to see you've made your own opinion about this, and also don't listen to too much mainstream. However, psy can be great IMO, listen to some Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen or Juno Reactor. But then, it is very debatable whether Hallucinogen and in particular LSD is goa or psy. I'd say it is a cross between them both, as Psy had not properly come into form when it was released - but it has very Psy-ish elements as well as having as you said a goa theme. And Psy was around before 1998, I've got a trance timeline image on my "Beginners' Guide To Trance" Article that shows when all the different subgenres came into being and declined. Also, to counter your point about Goa being pure acid, pure trance - couldn't you say Acid Trance was pure acid? And couldn't you also say that Classic Trance was pure trance? That is hypnotic and trippy as much of goa is. For me, Goa is almost proto-second wave trance as it has feelings of an anthem setup despite being around long before it. Anyway, thanks for your posts, it's good to see some other avid trance listeners voice their opinions!

I'll be honest, I've only listened to trance for about a year. Initially tried the big names, PVD etc and got totally turned off. Then, thankfully, I discovered Goa. Hallucinogen is great, and Juno Reactor blows me away, the Guardian Angel track is really good. Infected though has simply gone down. Have you heard Vicious Delicious? IMHO they are more like the pop of psytrance, you listen to them in the beginning but realise the other producers are better.

Acid and classic trance are hypnotic and trippy too, I guess Goa hits the sweet spot for me. I like Gamemaster and Sandstorm, do you have any suggestions for non-Goa acid filled tracks because I'm new to trance.

Basically, I felt that statement about Goa was a little sweeping, thats all. I know Goa is not mainstream so I don't expect anyone to feature Goa prominently on their lists.

EDIT: I just read your guide to trance and now understand your opinion on Goa, which is true in a sense. However, I still feel psy started later, but nevermind.

Yeah we all go through the Epic/Mainstream/Terrible stage, and (hopefully) come through the other side. Infected Mushroom have produced two amazing albums (BP Empire, Classical Mushroom) but the rest I admit is really quite poor. Yeah, that statement about Goa was a bit extreme and it generalised over some really good music, but artists like Astral Projection who keep trying to make the same style over and over really bring it down for me. Acid filled tracks? There's tons, I'll suggest some of the main ones:

Union Jack - Red Herring (Acid Trance)
Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis (Ambient Classic Trance)
Hardfloor - Acperience 1 (Acid Trance)
Balil - Parasight (Acid Trance)
Binary Finary - 1998 (Anthem Trance...But good anthem trance)
Choice - Acid Eiffel (Debatebly trance, more widely acknowledged as Ambient Acid Techno)
DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access (Hard Acid Trance)
The Light - Dusk (Psy Trance)
Orbital - Remind (Acid Rave (Though very trancey))
Resistance D - Cosmic Love (Classic Trance)
Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid (This isn't trance, it's hard acid techno, but it's one of the best songs of all time. ever. Make sure you get the full 12 minute long all nighter version.)

There are some songs to get you started, hope I was of some help!

Also, could you recommed any more good goa albums? Thanks

I'll simply list Goa albums which I like and those which are acknoledged to be good:

MFG (Message from God) - New Kind of World, Project Genesis etc
Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land
Cosmosis - Cosmology
Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet
Doof - Lets Turn On
Etnica - Everything pre-2000
Goa Gil - his compilations - Ceiba, Forest of the Saints, Non Stop Trance Party etc..
Green Nuns of the Revolution - Optimum Creakage, Rock Bitch Mafia
Pleidians - Identified Flying Object
Transwave - Backfire, 2007 release and still great Goa
Oforia - haven't checked them out but try Delirious is a good resource for checking out artist discographies.

Thanks for the recommendations! I really don't mind if they're borderline trance as I like anything electronic as long as its good, breakbeats and rave especially. I'll get those songs as soon as possible, my download limit sucks =1GB. So I haven't been able to explore electronic music to the fullest, and haven't checked out many Goa artists but those recommendations encompass most of the Goa I've heard/read about.

Thanks for them, maybe you should try making some lists of your own, I'd like to see some of your other personal tastes. If you have msn, I can send you some songs if that would be any help?

I figured out whats happening. A lot of what I call Goa, you call psy. So I was wondering why you said psy>goa without realising that you like the same tracks but simply called them psy instead of goa :P What is your definition of psy/goa and the dividing line between them? I gave LSD a careful listen and its Goa IMHO.

Thanks, I do have MSN, but I rarely chat. I'm a bit apprehensive of posting my email on a public forum. I use Soulseek so I pretty much find whatever I need. If you share on Soulseek, your Soulseek ID would be more useful. Its just my download limit thats a pain. My personal tastes? From all genres, stuff like Chemical Brothers' Believe, Overseer - Supermoves, Royksoop - Beautiful Day Without You, Afro Celts - Deep Channel, Carl Cox - Phuture 2000, Hybrid - Finished Symphony, No Doubt - Hella Good, Decadance - Disturbed, Rammstein - Freur Frei, Lost Tribe - Gamemaster, Ragnarok Online - Dreamer's Dream, Black Eyed Peas - Lets Get Retarded, Brandy - What about Us?, Darude - Sandstorm, The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army, Enigma - Meaculpa, Yanni - Rainmaker, Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness (acid!!)

Essentially anything crazy and electronic, especially that Overseer track, then Prodigy ofcourse, some full psy such as GMS - Juice etc...I never went through the Epic/prog phase thankfully, knew it sucked the moment I heard it.
I have no patience with the current prog house/trance trend. Sample, have you heard the Chemical Brothers latest album? Its practically very repetitive house! *gasps*

I'm thinking of making a Goa list, simply because no-one has made one yet, but I'm afraid I won't do justice to the genre since I haven't heard enough tracks as yet. Lets see.

I'll post my rather embaressing email address on here, I'm not really bothered about people's opinions on my msn address (made when I was much younger I may add) : - So if you ever wanna talk trance or electronic music I'm always up for discussing it, or sending you some. Looks like you have good taste here, though I don't really like Higher State of Consciousness, annoys me too much lol. A lot of Psy & Goa is kinda merged anyway, it's hard to tell some of it apart, but I'll take your word for it as you probably know more about the subject.

Side Note - If anyone wants to reach me or contact me to discuss anything about my content or Electronic Music you can reach me at my new address:

Well, atleast the first email id was rememberable, people aren't likely to forget it :P

Lol, I think thats the first time anyone has said I have good taste. Its always "you like that stuff" when I tell people I like trance. Its funny how people will dismiss trance when they have never heard good trance in the first place. In Higher State of Consciousness, he does take the pitch insanely high, but well its called acid for a reason right? Besides, the part after the pitch stops rising is awesome.

From you're suggestions I got Acperience, Red Herring, Parasight, Access, Remind and Acid Air Raid. All of them were excellent except Access which for some reason I did not like. Its a little repetitive and the pitch seems to be varied randomly. Acid Air Raid is absolutely amazing, easily one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Do you have any more Hard Acid Techno/Trance recommendations? Maybe something of Aphex Twin, his output seems to be phenomenal and I hardly know what to download first.

If you want more Goa recommendatins you could try and search for goatrance in the General section. The users there are quite informed.

People are too close minded about electronic music, trance as well, their idea of it is Sandstorm or Castles in The Sky. Ha.
And yeah, I suppose you're right about the HSOC but for me it's just not to my taste. I'm surprised you didn't like access, it's quite similar to HSOC actually, just better IMO. Yeah, all of the acid ones you got from there are absolutely mental. Acid Air Raid is the single best hard acid techno song ever, ironic that the person who does it is normally an ambient acid trance artist haha.

Hard acid techno? I got hundreds of that haha...

Spicelab - Cold Chillin
Parts of Console - Cell
Pump Panel - Ego Acid
Nature Party - Stoned Nation
Rob Acid - Scabies
Caterpillar - Lost in 303 [But this is more trance than techno]
Never - Hellbent
Asorbin Acid - Sweet Liberty
Lochi - London Acid City
Dual Mount - Southern Hemisphere
Alien Factory - Get The Future Started!
Holy Spirit - Domini
Mad Gay Mafia - Track 10
Intensity - Tiracon
The Plastik - Hal & Son
Komatsu - Input Transformer
THC - Walk In Chicago
Acut Genius - Evolution
Synaesthesiacs - Synaethesia
Skinner - 500 Clubbers (1000 Feet)
Kinetiko - D-Da
Xcite & Xcess - Time Chase (John The Dentist UCM Mix)
Brainvibe - It's Hot (Mix)

There's some just to get you started, I'm in the process of downloading some of the Goa albums you recommended btw, thanks!

haven't heard ANY of those except for pump panel, lol.
Completely different than what I would recommend for hard acid. Maybe I should check some of them out. Are most of them past 1997?

1997 - 2000 I think, and yeah that's true hard acid techno, the best of it anyway. You thinking about trying some lists perhaps of your own? I'd love to see some by you.

Ha, that wasn't meant for you, I thought that was karan (the user not you lol), but you replied to me instead of them haha. Sorry :P

All right, here is the initial draft of the list. I've put it up but its going to take time to be fully completed.

LSD is #2 on your list, nice to see that.

Yeah, we need some more Goa in there \o/

Astral Projection - Kabalah isnt even mentioned, while some of their worser tracks are

Kabalah is amazing

Nothing is definitively "better" than something else, all aesthetics are opinion based, there are no absolutes, so as this is my list I'm keeping it like this. Also, read "There will be no more updates".

Never say never. Lets be honest if you stumble across some more Classic/Acid Trance songs you're hardly going to omit them. Besides you haven't added Phobia yet :P

Phobia isn't trance. At all, it's really pushing it.

Yeah, as Khriz mentioned, you haven't heard the majority of the tracks out there. There's no doubt that there are good tracks out there that you haven't heard that are deserving to be on the list - and I'd bet Kabalah is one of them.

And I did read this:

[b][i]and short of a trance miracle being found or produced I will not add more songs to this list[/i][/b]

It's very easy for you and Khriz to criticise, so please, I invite you to make a top trance list (: good luck. I'll listen to Kabalah in time, but right now, Techno & Minimal are far supreme in my eyes to trance.

You listen to any prog house? It can be very technoish...

Technoish (very loosely) yes, but not pure techno like Richie Hawtin or Juan Atkins...
My exposure to Prog House isn't that extensive (Renaissance, Leftfield, A couple of other songs dotted around the place), but I do quite like what I hear. Any personal preferences for it?

Yeah, all of the stuff on Sasha's new label Emfire are awesome. Especially "Coma".

Digweed's Bedrock label and Transitions cds are also pretty nice.

Post-Prog is good too, Sasha & Digweed will never equal their duet mix "Northern Exposure" though, pure perfection, ambient breaks and progressive. Heard it? If not, I suggest it is an essential must-have for a S&D fan.
Any ideas of making some lists of your own, I'd love to see a more extensive list of your musical tastes :)

Yepp, I've heard all of them. They're great, have some real trancy stuff on them.

Have you heard Oakenfold's "A Voyage Into Trance" and his Goa Mix?
The Goa Mix is extremely expensive to buy on cd (usually used) so its justified to torrent it :D

Those albums are just as good as the Northern Exposure series...and they expose a different facet of trance too (goa)...pretty mindblowing stuff...

Modern psy is shit. Just pure shit. A disgrace to Goa. Infected Mushroom especially I can't stand. Astral Projection are still alive though, their new album due in 2008, maybe they can revitalize the real sound.

I agree with you saying trance isn't coming back. It has such little mainstream appeal (people go for the happy melodies and cheerful vocals) to survive...and with the rave scene shut down everywhere, an underground movement is out of the picture.

That leaves Prog house / minimal techno as the closest thing to entrancing that exists today and has a following. So that's where I'm at :D

I'm too lazy to make a list, aside from copying the contents of my music library onto here (I only keep good tracks in my library).

A Voyage into trance is quite good, nothing speical in terms of mixing and track selection isn't very imaginative (choosing LSD on a goa mix is like having Move Your Body on a classic house mix - predictable) .
To be honest, I only buy albums if I've already heard them extensively and just want them for sheer sense of collectability. Soulseek is superior to torrent, more selection in a quicker time.
Trance (or what most call trance) is a joke, wouldn't even consider it on a par with cheese anthems like Kernkraft 400. It's dead beyond deadness, the rotting corpse of classic buried beneath the supersaw and glorifying the idiotic superDjs who command the ranks.
Not just minimal techno, all minimal in fact has quite a large following, particularly in Germany & Belgium, and a bit in London too (think Border Community). Also, I understand techno clubs are still in Europe (though not in large quantities) you just have to know where they are I guess.

Well, I'm in the United States, the closest thing to trance here is commercial house.

See, now it seems predictable, but at the time LSD wasn't yet the hit track that it is - same with a lot of the other tracks, without Oakenfold popularizing it through his Goa essential mix they probably wouldnt be as well known today. Plus, he also mixed in movie soundtrack samples quite elegantly on the Goa mix (including voiceovers), you dont see anything nearly as elaborate anymore.

Soulseek is good for music, but for mixes its torrents all the way (especially if youre in a private site like Trancetraffic or Puresound, which has every new scene release).

The US is the home of techno and house, there's gotta be some good club scenes out there! And LSD was big by then, it had been out for three years after all, and the album for two.
Most mixes aren't that good, which is why it's such a rarity and pleasure to hear a really well-crafted imaginative one.

"The US is the home of techno and house, there's gotta be some good club scenes out there!"

It was created here, but thats about it. You'll never find true techno around here (though House has a following).

The earliest release of LSD was in 1994 according to discogs - the same year of the Goa mix, and in May 1995 Voyage Into Trance was first released. So we're talking months...

Yeah, I'm not really into listening to mixes cause many DJs just play shit so they seem unique, and/or it flows badly, with a bangin track right after an ambient one...A State Of Trance is the master of happiness in terms of that :D

sorry about that last post, bad mood affected my decisions at the time. I'll check Kabalah out soon when I got time, cheers for the rec.

Just fyi, you put "Baby doG, and the Dentist," not "Baby doc." Funny.

Glad to see it on there though. Catalan Rising/Catalan Dawn is amazing.

Thanks, changed.

How about
Break On Through (BT Remix) - The Doors feat. BT
The Antikythera Mechanism - BT
Silent Waves - Jonas Steur
Nagasaki Badge - Disco Citizens?

I'll check them out *wishlists* Thanks!

Hey, I've got hold of Silent Waves & The Antikythera Mechanism, liked em both, at least enough for a middle-ish position. Sorry I haven't updated this list in a long time, my obsession with trance is waning a bit at the moment, other genres captivating me at the present.

Yo Blind,

Long-time reader of your list, first time posting with some suggestions. What do you think of:

Art of Trance - Love Washes Over (Airwave remix)
Lost Witness - Whatever
ATB feat. York - The Fields of Love



Hello there, thanks for showing an interest!
Haven't actually got any of those songs, though I'll get hold of them soon, thanks for the recommendations. (:

Thanks a lot. This and Darktremor's list has helped me lots in finding songs and developing a "feel" for trance.

You're absolutely welcome! It's comments like that which keep me updating this list, good to know people are enjoying it! Had a look at my "Guide to Trance" article? Also, any personal favs off this list so far?

Lots of groovy shiznit on here, and lots more for me to grab.

A few recs:

Divine Moments of Truth - Shpongle (Psybient, but trancey enough)
Belfast - Orbital
Wavy Gravy - Sasha
Water from a Vine Leaf - William Orbit
Saltwater - Chicane
Halycon On + On - Orbital

You've probably heard all of those, but I'm just reminding you of the greatness of them, if you catch my drift.
The Gift - Way Out West

Ahh yes I have heard most of these but let me see

Orbital - Belfast
(Too rave to be considered trance, and also, I'm not too keen. Download Orbital II or Orbital - The Brown Album (Same thing with different names) to sample some of Orbital's better stuff)

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth
(I love this track, really nice psybient one, I'm glad you recommended it. I'm not sure if it is really trance, but what the hell I'll see it probably gets an inclusion soon enough. Quite high too.)

Sasha - Wavy Gravy
(Haven't heard, though heard good things about Airdrawndagger, so I'll wishlist)

William Orbit - Water from a Vine Leaf
(This isn't trance at all, It's progressive house - still a really good song though, off Northern Exposure :). If you like it check out some of Leftfield's stuff or Renaissance by Sasha & Digweed.)

Chicane - Saltwater
(This is good, it'll probably get some kind of middleish-high position, I used to not like it, I don't know why, and then forgot about it. I've heard it again just now and sounds good, not as good as Offshore though.)

Orbital - Halcyon + On + On (I have it as & On & On)
(It's here at place 22, I used &s instead of +s though, both are accepted for it.)

The Gift - Way Out West
(Nice little breaktrance tune, it's quite good, yeah I'll put this in (: )

Thankyou very much for the recommendations! :)

Aaaahh!!! I have to go beyond what both of you were conversing about and touch on the fact that you haven't heard Sasha's Airdrawndagger.

I purchased that cd before I was as deep into trance as I am now, I bought it before I came across Listology for that matter.

I think the entire album Airdrawndagger is absolutely delicious. "Wavy Gravy" is indisputedly the most well known track included at the end of the album, and rightfully so.

Now I'm not really one who's ever recommended any tracks to anyone else's trance lists, but if you listen to "Wavy Gravy" and like it, I strongly recommend acquiring "Bloodlock" as well. The two tracks are VERY different, but are both solid favorites of mine.

And that's my two cents! Thanx!

Oh, and I also favor "Mr. Tiddles," but that's much more ambient than trance.

Ugh if I keep going on that I'll just name every track on the cd, so I'll stop now.

I really need to get it don't I lol, don't worry it's on the wishlist and will be listened to shortly. Just out of curiosity are there other ambient/ambient dance albums you like Alacrit, and if so which?

I have to admit, I still refer to myself as a strict noob to this music, even though I've been listening to it for years.

I've basically just gone by yours and Darktremor's profiles as trance guides to exploit myself to other worlds of trance. Yes, I really did just use the word world in that context.

What I've heard of ambient trance amazes me, but other than Sasha's few works you haven't heard, the other songs I favor are songs you'd also recognize.

But don't worry, if I find anything that bursts a great interest out of me, you're officially first on my exploitation list. Lol.

You're not a noob, you know a great deal more than most, and have a lot of stuff which other people don't have. Also, you listen to a lot of mininal orientated trance which is something a lot of dedicated tranceheads fail to do, and I think you have a rally good list filled with diversity. So much so I put a link to your list on mine, I have actually been meaning to do for some time, so I apologise for late and also I have failed to express my gratitude for the link on yours :) many thanks.
Ambient trance is very good for sure, I unfortunately don't have very many songs or albums of that genre, but I'll look into it if you want some recommendations? Also, try some pure ambient, perhaps just one song to start off with, I recommend

Oliver Lieb - Dimension X

A very powerful emotive track, it's 16 minutes long, but that shouldn't really matter. I think you'd like it. Also, check out Spicelab - A Day on Our Planet if you have time, it's filled with ambient and classic trance and even a bit of techno if you're willing to try something new :)

What are you talking about?! Matt you downloaded Airdrawndagger on the family room computer. Otherwise I wouldn't have it here on this computer! Check the external hard drive, it'll be on there. I haven't actually listened to it myself yet though.

I never listened to it, except briefly when I was adding the songs, and then the internet cut off and the computer was from then on dead...

Have you checked the hard drive?

Not yet

sorry mate i'll admit, nearest thing i know to trance is that born slippy song from trainspotting and Massive Attack lol i'm willing to get into it more though, as it would help my enjoyment of clubbing thats for sure lol

Try downloading soulseek off reading the guide on how to use it, and downloading the top 10 songs here. If you don't like one, no matter, as they all sound very different and it may grow on you anyways. If you have msn, I could send them over that, or skype, or email if you want? I'm glad to see you're taking an interest :), if you want to learn more about how it came about, what sounds like what, then try out my "Beginner's Guide to Trance", but alternatively you can ask me any questions you want about it (:

ah, thankyou for the tips i'll try that site, add your msn (thx for that) and get back to you when i've heard them, thx again mate.

No problem

here's my quick rating on what i've managed to hear so far :

Aril Brikha - Winter 9.0 / 10

- as you say minimal, very chilled really enjoyed it.

Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea 9.5 / 10

- blended the chilled side of trance with the laid back choir-style vocals with at times a tense and rapid beat, very good listen

Moonbeam - Eclipse 7.5 / 10

- I found this actually quite irritating. for first 1 and a half then when the deeper drum beats game in i was more into it. and i like the distant organ type sound, gives it an eerie feel. i also liked how some sounds were introduced only to be used a few times, had a spacey other world type tone to it. though i didn't enjoy it as much as the others

Nathan Fake - Outhouse 9.0 / 10

- Highlight for me being when the volume and beat tones down only to be slowly brought back in and the moment the beat hits back again is genius and i was hooked straight back in.

i'm currently searching for some of the others

Ahh, you seem to have chosen some of the more minimal influenced trance tracks here, with the exception of Papua New Guinea. I'm not surprised that Eclipse wasn't to your taste at this stage, it has a more glitchy micro sound to it, which to the new trance listener usually isn't very appealing. Very glad you liked the rest though, they're all great tracks, try getting the others as soon as you can, if you enjoyed these I'm sure you'll love them :)

First there was....
"Ahh goa. I am SICK to death of goa. I had heard a few songs of the genre, and wanted to hear more despite being told by many that - Yes, they are good, but most is just really predictable and bad, so there's no point."

Then!! (after a certain Goa list came out)
"goa is arguably the most pure form of trance there is"

"I love that about goa, the feeling it gives you of being overwhelmed by the music."

Am I reading right!! Hoho! Do I get credit for this sea change in opinion? Anyway, it was great to read those lines =)

(: haha yes, you get the smug sense of satisfaction that you reformed my taste in goa! I absolutely love it now, it's great. Thankyou very much for making me take the time to actually give more of it proper consideration and a good listen !

Hehe, yeah! Though its good you were willing to listen and give Goa another chance. IMO, you should really put that Top Acid Tracks list back up. Just because the world likes chessy and fluffy trance doesn't mean good taste is dead and you have to give in to popular taste.

Hmm, I'll definitely consider putting it up again, but it won't be any sooner than a couple of weeks, as I can't seem to find the time.

You should hear some psytrance. Check this full-on psytrance set out . Just ignore the first minute though. After that its a roller coaster ride.

Okay thanks, I definitely will!

Great list, here are some other tracks that you should check out. This first one I am recommending is terrific.

Secret Cinema- Everlasting
Epic moody trance, best of these tracks I am suggesting, excellent, doesnt peak much just kindof smolders. Around 1:04

Joris Voorn- Incident Around 58:00
Great energetic track- arguable genre

Niklas Harding Presents Arcane - Blue Circles
Very nice dreamy tune

around 19:00

Pryda- The Gift

Around 42:00

All on

Tiesto 5+ hour Heineken Hall Mix (2005-12-03)

Tilt- Twelve (Dousk Mix) (ISOS 4)

Kay Stone- Alone (great hard Synth Hook)
Summer Sessions- Blossom (Haylon Mix)

Both on Thrillseekers Nightmusic 1 Disc 1


Breakfast - The Air Between
Nat Monday - Waiting (maybe to drummy to be considered trance)
5th Order - Sineweaver
El Greco - Nightwatch
Space Manouevers- Stage one (Pariah Remix)
Paganini Traxx - Zoe (timo maas mix)
Classified Project - Resurrection
A Boy called Joni - Green Astronauts
Lolo - Why?
4 Strings - Into the Night
Taucher - Waters (Phase III)
Ocean Wave- Clearwater
Matt Jackson- Circulation Ltd 2 (Matt Jackson Remix)
Kinesis - Nexus
Meeker- Save Me (Original/ Future Shock SOS Mix)
The Voyager- Motion

Hi there, glad you liked the list! I'll maybe check out that 5 hour Tiesto mix, but as you can tell from my "Why I Hate Fluffy Trance" list, I'm not his biggest fan. That said, I'll still give it a go sometime in the future.
Concerning your other recommendations,

4 Strings - Into The Night

This song isn't bad but it doesn't have that special something, a unique characteristic feature, or a sound that no-one else uses, or an innovation to the genre.
Same goes for a few of the others I have but aren't on the list, however I am seeing a pattern emerging that they all seem to be on Tiesto, PvD or AvB style mixes...

Taucher - Waters [Phase III]

It's good, but already on the list, please use Ctrl + F to check in future.

The ones I haven't heard I'll check out near in the future, thanks for posting

reply to your question on my films in 2007 list (save ya having to go back to it)

no sadly i haven't had the chance yet, been super busy this week, its been mad, but i've got some time free tonight so i'll probably have a listen to some then

Ahh kk gotcha, cool hope you enjoy them!

um, Born Slippy is "Ambient/Melodic Techno??"
Can you explain yourself please? Where exactly is the melody, and it's really the opposite of ambient.

Well when I put the genres in for those top songs, I still didn't know much about trance, or especially techno, so I believed I copied it off Darktremor...

"{arguable - melodic techo(?)}"

I do need to revise this list sometime though.

Well I would definitely argue with the melodic part. I don't really know what I would classify it as though.

I know, it's a difficult one, as I meant the main melody was quite ambient in its nature, although ambient techno was probably the wrong phrase. It definitely pure trance, or for that matter techno, but it's not tech trance. I guess that's one of the reasons why it's so appealing. (:

I won't call Access trance. It doesn't give me the feeling trance does, its just driving acid. There isn't much melody to speak of. I find it rather boring actually.

Its not like, say Higher State of Conciousness which could still fit in under a broad definition of trance. I know you don't like it, just offering it as an example.

Btw, I'm liking Dusk even more after repeat listens, the second half of that track is just great. Keep serving up the acid!

I know what you mean, and I don't like it half as much as I used to, particularly as a lot of other acid is superior to it. Perhaps soon I'll lower it again from this list, but I don't agree about HSOC. HSOC is just acid breaks, I've never really understood why people say it's acid, its like saying Uberzone - Botz is trance, or Crystal Method - Busy Child is.
Dusk is indeed amazing, heard any of the other Light songs? Try and check out Expand The Room if you can, a killer track. Sorry about the late reply and not being on MSN, I had a really long weekend so I couldn't get on then, and then my internet messed up so it's only been put on again right now.

HSOC isn't trance, but its trancier than Access though, thats why I mentioned it. I'm not going to be online anytime soon either, because I officially spell December as E-X-A-M-S.

Ok, hope you do well in them!

Yeah I hope so too.

you finished em yet, how'd ya do?

Well they went ok...thankfully the results take over a month to come in. I'm pretty sure I did worse than last time, but exams come and go, and there are always more exams which I can improve in :P

Well yeah as you said they come and go, and you never know you may do better thank you think! (:

The original Phobia is definately trance. And at no point was I criticising anything. I just think that to say because a genre is pretty much finished you won't look for any more is kind of wierd. Hardcore is awful now but doesn't mean you won't look for the early Rave stuff. Don't get me wrong I listen to other genres more than trance atm but I haven't completely discarded it.

When did you decide not to update this list anymore? I totally missed this...well IMHO you are always going to find great, unknown tracks. I've found that the easiest way to do this is browse someone's files on Soulseek who seems to have good taste and you'll find some stuff for sure. Ok, maybe good, true trance isn't being produced any longer but hey, that doesn't mean there isn't a classic/acid trance track waiting out there for you to discover it! Besides trance isn't dead, I'm still tinkering with it. Haha, kidding.

No genre can be truly dead, there is always room for experimenting or coming up with a unique sound of your own, with synths there are a zillion things you can who knows, maybe someday someone might "rediscover" trance?!

There be some greats out there that I've missed (not that many though, I've nailed most of the masterpieces of the genre (excluding goa, maybe I'll look more into that soon)) but the point is that I'm not actually trying to look for anymore now, at least not for a while. Trance won't be rediscovered, I can guarantee it - its had its peak, Minimal, Techno & House lead the way by far at the present.

I guess trance will not be rediscovered. Take what happened in Goa though, for all purposes Goa was dead. Then the people at Psynews came up with Suntrip Records and now we have a fair few artists such as Filteria, Khetzal, Ethereal,Mindsphere and Goasia producing decent Goa.

very good list darktremor; i like this one; your tastes for music be off da heazy!!

This isn't darktremor's list.


whoops hehe, no wonder I couldn't find it anywhere on his profile; i meant you of course

Don't worry about it.

I respect your final order of trance tracks.

Although your introduction, no matter how factual and true, depresses. Haha.

eurgh, final. Does sound kinda depressing. And more and more people keep saying that I'll find more trance, so I might just say "temporarily finished" if that makes any sense. I wish idiots like "ManofTrance" would stop commenting on my list, I'd prefer it if people paid more attention to my minimal list, as I view it a superior genre.

Actually, I think Blind had a good idea going. I have way too many songs on my list, and the only reason a lot are stillthere is because I never wanted to take songs off. But I'm long as it falls into my OCD constraints of being a multiple of 50 :D

Yeah, I have far more songs than this, but lists of more than 200 give overload the person with too much information. Once they have about 200 they can make up their own mind as to want they want to listen to, or if it's someone who wants to see someone elses' opinion, I think a top 200 is enough.

Inner Space - Araqua appears twice

As with all the trance lists on here, I've yet to come across one of the absolute all time classics: Joey Beltram - Energy Flash.

It should be in every trance list where creativity is allowed in what can be archived under the label 'trance'.

I never update this list but you have made an amazing recommendation, but here's why I'm not gonna add it: It's techno/hardcore, it's sadly not even stretchably trance I'm afraid. Amazing track though.

I finally started off on a greatest trance tracks list, in case you're interested. It's in its formative stages though, and as you might guess, it has a lot of goa/psy on it.

Salt Tank - Eugina is undoubtly ibiza trance