Top 20 Queen Songs

  1. Don't Stop Me Now
  2. Who Wants to Live Forever
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody
  4. March of the Black Queen
  5. Killer Queen
  6. Spread Your Wings
  7. Death on Two Legs
  8. We Are the Champions
  9. Show Must Go On
  10. Seven Seas of Rhye
  11. Princes of the Universe
  12. Stone Cold Crazy
  13. Keep Yourself Alive
  14. Another One Bites the Dust
  15. Radio Ga Ga
  16. Bicycle Race
  17. Friends Will Be Friends
  18. I Want it All
  19. Brighton Rock
  20. Nevermore

Great list! Great, great list! Fantastic choices.

It's encouraging to get comments on some of my lists that haven't been updated in a while (though, this one doesn't need to be). Thanks for taking the time to leave a note!

Here is mine. I was born in 1978 and lived through the 80s so I prefer a lot of the 80s Queen anthems

1. Mother love
2. The show must go on
3. I want it all
4. These are the days of our lives
6. A Kind of Magic
7.Radio Ga ga
8. The Miracle
9. 39
10. Don't try so hard
11. You take my breath away
12. Lazing on a sunday afternoon
13. Hammer to to fall
14. Heaven for everyone
15. One Year of love
16. Love of my life
17. Death on two legs
18. Who wants to live forever
19. Friends will be friends
20. Backchat