Top 17

  • 5. Jesus of Montreal
  • 4. The Prime of Miss Jean Brody
  • 1. Dr. Strangelove
  • 2. All About Eve
  • 7. To Live
  • 6. The Sweet Hereafter
  • 10. Lolita (Kubrik version)
  • 8. American History X
  • 3. Life is Beautiful
  • 9. Paths of Glory
  • 12. Wings of Desire
  • 14. City of Lost Children
  • 15. Being There
  • 16. Children of Heaven
  • 17. My Life as a Dog
  • 13. Pi
  • 11. Hurly Burly
  • **Honorable Mention: Ponette
Author Comments: 

1=most fave, 17=least fave of this list, but these are my all timers. i cant live without them. i can definately say they have each changed me in some way.

**HM: I never want to see Ponette again. I saw it once, in a college film class, and i can hardly bear the thought of it. it just overwhelmed me, im very glad and remorseful to have seen it. It deserves mention, but i truly loathe it. i do however, very highly respect and cherish it in a sordid way.

hey "mildew" it's me, taryn.

i'm glad to see that the Wall is LAST on your list... i would say it shouldn't even be *on* here but everyone knows i just have a personal trauma over that particular "film."

needless to say, i lovelovelove the City of Lost Children and i know what you mean about Ponette. you're a little wacky, but in general you have good taste. one question though: where does Office Space fit in?

Office Space is very funny, but I would have to put it in the late 170's or something.. come on, taryn, its mindless. fun as hell, but mindless as hell too.

I'm not glad to see your condition.

Lyne's "Lolita" can beat Kubrick's on my list anytime.
Kubrick's movie was good, but damn it, did he ever read Nabokov's book and screenplay? He totally ignored everything Nabokov said and totally missed the point.
Stephen Schiff (he wrote the new screenplay) was right when he said that Kubrick's movie should've just been called "Quilty" instead.

Thank you. Well said. And I utterly agree.