Top 10 Simpsons Episodes

  • My favorite Simpsons Episodes. This was the toughest list I've ever had to create. Every Simpsons episode is a great piece of work! I have excluded all clip shows automatically and anything that isn't a full story. Thus, eliminating episodes like Simpsons Bible Stories and Spin-Off Showcase. I've also excluded the Treehouse of Terror episodes for the same reasons. So with that aside, here we go!
  • 10. A Star Is Burns -- A film fesival in Springfield? That's right, and everyone in town is out to win! When Marge is picked to appoint the judges for the fesival, she reluctantly adds Homer in place of Martin Scorscese. Although the crossover of Jay Sherman from The Critic is rather lame, the lanks that Mr. Burns goes to to try to win the festival more than make up for it.
  • 9. Lisa Gets an "A" -- This one could be on the list for the subplot alone. Homer with a pet lobster named Pincy? Classic! ("Oh god that's tasty! I wish Pinchy where here to enjoy this.") But as for the main plot, anything with Lisa is hard to pass up. Having Lisa go against her own conscious and cheat on a test is brillant, especially for the guilt she feels after! And Skinner's greed for grant money is great Skinner, espcially as him and Chalmers show Lisa why they need the grant money. (Ralph: "Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers.")
  • 8. The Front -- After Lisa & Bart write their own episode of Itchy and Scratchy, it gets rejected becasue they are too young. Instead, they submit it secretly under Grampa's name. The subplot of Homer revealing to Marge that he never graduated high school is rather contrived but it does entertain during the scenes between the main plot.
  • 7. Lisa the Skeptic -- A skeleton shaped like an angel is unearthed at a site where a new mall is being built. The whole town falls under the spell of the angel except Lisa, who believes it to be fake. This episode shows how easily the citizens of Springfield band together in support of an idea, no matter how ridiculous it is. The results are always hilarious, even when they go after 8-year-old Lisa. And Homer is his wonderful self as he uses the angel to make money.
  • 6. Lisa's Date With Density -- Lisa falling in love with Nelson? Has the world gone mad? Well, actually yes thanks to Homer's subplot. Lisa's crush on Nelson is sweet but not saccharine. Homer's subplot involving an automatic phone dialer and a get rich quick scheme steal the show.
  • 5. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Parts 1 & 2 -- The Simpsons episode that kept everyone guessing during the summer of 1995. Mr. Burns is shot and everyone in Springfield has a motive. When Homer becomes the number one suspect, Lisa sets out to prove his innocence. This laugh riot has so many sight gags and sly remarks it warrents repeated viewings to catch everything. (Granmpa: "Hey, the lamp's running away!")
  • 4. Homer Badman -- Homer gets fingered for sexual harassment by a babysitter after she believes he grabbed her butt. As women's rights groups everywhere begin to pickett Homer, he becomes more and more desperate to prove to the world, and his wife, that it was all an innocent mistake. Homer is in fine form in this episode as he tries to steal candy from a candy convention and fights desperately to keep his sanity with a yard full of protestors.
  • 3. Cape Feare -- Sideshow Bob is back and this time he's.... hilarious! This guy can't get a break. The Simpsons are put into the witness relocation program and move to Terror Lake to live as The Thompsons. This episode could be picked for the rake scene alone. Just as you think it's over, it continues for 2 more minutes!
  • 2. Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy -- When Homer starts having trouble in bed, Grampa gives him a home remedy that does the trick! ("I go a home remedy that'll put the zowzers back in your trousers.") Grampa and Homer take the tonic on the road selling out everywhere they go until Grampa admits to Homer.... HE WAS AN ACCIDENT!! This episode is perfect Simpsons. It has several funny scenes, but the sweetness of the ending will have you reaching for the phone to call home.
  • 1 Marge Be Not Proud -- Bart gets in trouble for shoplifting! And at Christmas! This episode is very poigniant as Bart loses the trust of his parents. Suddenly he realizes how much he misses that. The episode is sweet and sincere, and a charm that only The Simpsons can pull off.
  • HONORABLE MENTIONS: Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming, King-Size Homer, Lisa's Wedding, Colonel Homer, Stark Raving Dad

Ooh, some nice choices here! All good stuff. Have you seen my top 100?

Thanks for the comment! This list was so much harder than I thought it would be! A read your list and a lot of those would have been on my list had I made it longer. Maybe someday I'll just post my favorites, no order to them.

hi there! I'm trying to figure out which episode has Homer and Marge recording a message on their anwsering machine and Homer does one with the hustle song, any help?
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I've been looking for a while and it's driving me nuts! Thanks!

You've asked the right guy and he's probably already emailed you but, for the record, it's This Little Wiggy.

Do the message!

I did indeed e-mail her, but thanks!

Great list. Definitely some choice picks. My two favorites are "Homer the Heretic" and "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson."

Yeah! Marge Be Not Proud is my 2nd favourite epsiode ever.

Ha ha luv some of these eps