The top 10 greatest heavy metal artists of all time

  1. This list is for the metalheads out there that are still cranking METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN on their speakers as loud as they can possibly go! This list reflects on the bands that helped Heavy Metal become what it is today.
  2. 1.BLACK SABBATH: Nobody sounded like Black Sabbath before Black Sabbath, when they came out it just so different and to me that was when metal was born.
  3. 2.METALLICA: Metallica basically defines everything about being in a metal band and Master of Puppets is the best Heavy Metal record ever.
  4. 3.LED ZEPPELIN: Led Zeppelin is basically an influnce on every hard rock band and Jimmy Page can outriff anyone on the planet.
  5. 4.AC/DC: A band that really stuck to it's guns, AC/DC is a great band and Angus is a great guitar player too.
  6. 5.GUNS N'ROSES: Straight up rock N roll and it had everything you would want from a rock band and is my personal favorite.{although they spilt up.
  7. 6.IRON MAIDEN: I have every Iron Maiden CD, and they are truly pure rockers.
  8. 7.VAN HALEN: I prefer David Lee Roth over Sammy Hagar, but Eddie is the reason I put them on the list.
  9. 8.JUDAS PREIST: Leather, Leather, Leather, and breaking the law, do I have to say more?
  10. 9.DEF LEPPARD: They did something first that alot of bands do now. GET GIRLS!!!!!
  11. 10.MOTLEY CRUE: Great songs, Great musicians, and a very very good tape from Tommy Lee.
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Well that's about it. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

how has guns n roses as you said "helped heavy metal become what it is today"???
btw I agree with most of the other stuff that you said

Pretty decent list. However, I wouldn't really consider Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, or Guns N' Roses as "Heavey Metal", more Hard Rock than anything, still great bands none-the-less, especially Van Halen.