things obtained on eBay

  • past
  • color wheel for aluminum christmas tree
  • rare vinyl of george sanders singing
  • irish shamrock belly button jewelry
  • colorful dice
  • balcony tickets to see David Bowie
  • unsuccessful bids
  • 5th row tickets to see David Bowie
  • aluminum christmas tree
  • shamrock dice

Hey, what venue are you going to see David Bowie at? I'm going to St. Louis in May!! :) I can't wait. Interesting to find another fan on Listology.

I just got tix to the sold out Buffalo show in the mail today! But not the 5th row unfortunately--that pair went for $316 and I couldn't justify much more than $100 each.
But I'm super-excited to see Bowie. It's just a couple days after my birthday too so it's my present to myself. Woohoo!

Congrats! And Happy Birthday in advance! :-)

And quite a nice birthday present, indeed! I'm really looking forward to the show. Just curious, what's your favorite Bowie album?

Favorite Bowie album... I think it always comes back to Hunky Dory for me. How bout you?

I love Heathen! :)