Things On My Bedroom Walls

  • picture my friend made me when I was rejected from my top choice colleges
  • Dame Edna ticket stub (The show was hilarious. My friend and I were the only people there under 50.)
  • Amnesty International Posters (2)
  • 'Imagine Peace' Poster from the Washington Post (paid for by Yoko)
  • Veggie Tales Poster
  • Posters for the morning after pill (2)
  • Full House Poster
  • X-Files Posters (too many to count)
  • Poster of the research I did during my internship at the Smithsonian
  • Donny Osmond ticket stub
  • Blue's Clues Picture
  • Spongebob Squarepants Poster
  • Donny Osmond calender
  • David Duchovney calender
  • Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) Valentines
  • Postcards from my vacations to Iceland, NYC, other places
  • Postcards friends sent me
  • Harry Potter display (small posters, postcards, and confetti)
  • James Franco picture (from Freaks and Geeks and Spiderman)
Author Comments: 

I share a room with my sister (she's one year younger than me), so some of these things aren't mine. Also, I hear she's been having fun with the room since I left, so I'll have to wait until winter break to see what all of the changes are.

The hfstival?
Where is it that you are located to be an hfstival goer?
I myself am in Maryland and have had the chance to go to two.
Hmm, small world.

What is the hfstival? I have a friend in Annapolis that I've been promising to visit.

Hfstival is an all day music festival organized by our local fascist radio station, WHFS. I'm not a fan of the station, but the festival can get good acts. The recent trampling case at an Eminem show actually took place at this year's festival.
The festival has had Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Courtney Love, Wyclef Jean, Beck, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Good Charlotte (they're a local band that hit it semi-big), and others in the past.
My personal feeling is that they've gone down hill, but they had The Strokes their this year, so that's a good sign.

Wait a minute, I'm stupid, I know who this is. The Donny Osmond stubs gave it away.

I'm not trying to hide from you (or stalk you on-line), I'm just trying to find a way to cure my boredom at work...

uh huh...of course. s'ok, I like your lists so far, glad you watched M.

I dig that you have a posters on your wall for the morning after pill and the old= Donny Osmond and the young and new= Blues Clues. Fun decorations!

If you want to see the posters for the morning after pill, go to and click on the link for the college ad campaign. The posters are so funny!

Oh my god! I imagined the morning after pill poster to be some cheesy scientific diagram, not a picture of some stereotypical "hunk" with a "warning" label underneath reminding women to take their sexuality with a dose of responsibility. I like Ernesto's red leather pants and silver belt buckle....mmmm!

Hey Geek, How'd you post that picture??? It's the first I've seen on the sight.

Hey Jim, Is this something you would except in larger quantities on your website?

Geek used the IMG tag to link to a picture that is stored somewhere else (Listology doesn't support image uploads at this time). Here's the code:

<img src="">

Note that some sites block this off-site linking strategy. For example, I think for a long time HotOrNot folks would store their pics on Tripod and link to them from HotOrNot until Tripod started blocking the practice.

I don't have a problem with this (Listology is pretty free with allowing HTML formatting, and so far nobody's abused it). One technical note for Geek (or anybody else that's curious): BMP files are uncompressed and therefore unnecessarily large. If you convert that to a JPEG it will be much smaller and faster to download, without too much of a loss in quality. IrfanView can do this conversion, and it's a great tool. Just install it, open your BMP, do a "save as", and pick "JPG/JPEG." You can also click the "options" button on the "save" dialog to set the image quality. I usually set this at 80, which generally yields a nice compression:quality ratio.

BTW Geek, sorry you didn't get into your top picks!

Looks like you are a big X-Files fan! I used to be one as well. Even my bedsheets were with X-file. In the meanwhile I changed my favorite TV Show. Now I am crazy about LOST.