Things I've seen in downtown Orlando

  • 1.Seven foot tall transvestite
  • 2.Guy who looked like Michael Stipe carrying a full-grown Boa Constrictor
  • 3.A pirate ship
  • 4.Guy in a leather jacket with head shaved except for one piece of hair on the side
  • 5.The bitchinest bar scene ever!
  • 6.A man in a santa hat catching a falling woman.
  • 7. A Homeless man in bicycle shorts singing
  • 8. Storm troopers
  • 9.Gollum
  • 10. A DvD player sewn in the front of a back pack(thanks to my pal the lurker)

One time I saw an Elvis impersonator walking down the street in a white jumpsuit with rhinestones all over it, and he was obviously wearing bright blue bikini underwear under it. That was in Reykjavik. It was maybe 1:00 in the afternoon, and I was walking with my grandmother! It was hilarious, though.

Oh my lord.