Things I like on my hot dog

  • 1.Chili
  • 2.Cheese
  • 3.A few onions
  • 4.Jalapenos
  • 5.A little bit of ketchup
  • 6.Hot sauce
  • 7. Relish

I need hot dogs like I need another hole in my head.

How many holes do you have in your head?

Never been a chili dog fan myself. Hot sauce is a nice touch, though.

'Round here, we eat the Chicago-style dog:
1. Vienna Beef hot dog
2. Poppyseed bun
3. Yellow Mustard
4. Bright Green Relish
5. Fresh Chopped Onions
6. Two Tomato Wedges
7. A Kosher Pickle Spear
8. Two Sport Peppers (Pickled Seranno Peppers)
9. A Dash of Celery Salt
10. Absolutely NO ketchup, under any circumstances!

A bit messy, but worth it.

OOH Chicago style dogs...yummy!

OK, now I'm craving a "slaw dog" - the southern way to eat a hot dog, slathered in cole slaw.

sounds interesting.