Things I love about DVD

  • Excellent picture and sound
  • Commentaries
  • Extras
  • Full control (multi-speed FF and RW, frame-by-frame, etc.)
  • Plays on my PC (or, I can rip images or parts)
  • TV show compilations
  • DVD sales allow companies to financially justify making films that wouldn't otherwise be made (and you can always simply choose NOT to watch the bad ones)
  • Allows for cheap rental-by-mail services by like Netflix.
  • Allows sempiternal preservation of films (especially really old ones that would otherwise degrade beyond recognition in a decade)
Author Comments: 

I'm not into DVD-Audio, but it certainly is cool to a lot of other people.

I love DVD too, but I don't really think it allows for perfect preservation of films. They have to compress those suckers quite a bit to fit them on the discs, and you'd never want to attempt projecting the result in a theater. The industry's working on a high-definition DVD as we speak that will do a better job (although still compressed, I'm sure (and at the expense of obsoleting our current DVD collections (I think I've finally reached a point in my life where I'm going to largely (but not entirely) stop buying books and movies - hooray for libraries and Netflix!))).

Yes, you're right, perfect is the wrong word. Are you aware of a word that means 'that which does not degrade in quality over time?' :-)

It's the Age of the Thesaurus.

There are two words that are prefixed into deeper meaning: "perdurable" and "sempiternal" (unfortunately I think of per diem and "semeternal" when I try to pull these words out of the back of my brain.) These can't really be used conversationally although they win you bonus points from the faculty in the Philosophy Dept. I might use "immutable". "Amaranthine" is a lovely word and was used in a crossword I was doing that my grandfather finished 'to help me.' Darn him.

hehe, I used "sempiternal"

excuse me, DVD-Audio? whats this? is it just watching a DVD with only sound? :] ?

no, it's just like a regular CD: just audio (though, maybe they have graphical menus, I dunno). Basically, it's just REALLY HIGH QUALITY sound, with bitrates that only the storage of a DVD can accommodate. Five channels, often several formats, extra tracks, etc.

I don't really know, though, I've never listened to one.

DVD-Audio is a new, high-resolution, often surround sound format fighting with SACD for control of what seems to be a small audiophile market. DVD-Audios will not play in your CD player (at least they don't yet), but they usually also contain a layer that will play in your DVD player. The DVD layer, though, is not nearly has hifi as the DVD-Audio layer, but you have to have a special player to play that layer.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs (who favors SACD, which work pretty much the same way, but can be hybrid and play in CD players as well...)

Thanks for the clarifications and elaborations and splendiforications!

thankyou both :)