Things I Hate About Listology And Listologists

  1. The use of the word favOURite with cult-like heed... as if it's somehow superior to how normal people spell it... now i'm not an expert on the exact differences between the two... but they both mean about the same thing.
  2. People, including myself, who use misleading handles... i'm the perfect example... not only am i not old enough to be a grandfather, i don't even have kids... in fact i'm not old enough to drink.
  3. Completely pointless lists, we're all guilty... about 2/3 of mine are stupid and pointless and just used as a pastime cause i'm bored and i don't have any interesting things to do.
  4. Book Lists... my god i didn't think it was possible to not have heard of so many highly recomended books.
  5. People who can list dozens of their favorite movies without listing one made prior to 1980.
  6. People, like myself, who can't see past their own nose when it comes to the dedication they have to one artist, whether it be actor, director, writer, musician, whatever... i'm guilty on the leone front.
  7. People who can create a list with only 2 or 3 items... super small... and not even put forth the effort to capatilize a single letter... not to mention organize the damn thing a little bit or use a header or bold or anything.
  8. The need to put everything in order... whether numerical or not... i can't help it either... hell even this list is in order... i can't stop myself.
  9. how about incessant use of ellipses in lieu of proper punctuation... like this... and this... it's annoying... but i can't help it.
Author Comments: 

i just realized that all of these are either because of my incompetence or things that i am as guilty of as anyone... except number 1 of course... that is just ridiculous.

1. This is just the different spellings of words in England and America (I am English). Favourite/Favorite, Colour/Color, Theatre/Theater, Organise/Organize etc etc etc etc...

3. Pointless Lists: I don't think (most) lists are pointless, because (a) they are an attempt to organise the volumes of information in our minds (also see your point 8), and (b) they invite discussion, feedback and comments from like-minded people, but especially invite recommendations. (I've even listed my reasons)

4. Book Lists: There are just so many books to chose from (even more so than movies or musicians), and written over hundreds (thousands) of years. In recent years we also see more and more translations of popular foreign language books into English.

6. Most of us are the same. Currently, mine is the singer Paul Rodgers from the band Free.

7. I'm definitely with you on this point. This is just laziness - it makes you wonder sometimes why they even bother to post ?

that is some good insight on number 1... but i doubt the percentage of english people even comes close to matching up with the percentage of people who spell it favourite. but i could be wrong

You'd be surprised. If I'm not mistake, "favourite" is spelled that way in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Luxembourg. Professor, Rushmore, and Wezzo are all English; stooky, spoky, xfanatic50, and but_imacreep are Canadian; bertie is Australian; fuzzyslowmo is from New Zealand; and 1922 is from Luxembourg. And there might be other international Listologists that I don't know about (or am just not thinking of right now). Pretty much all the "favourites" come from them. I don't think that all Listologists have a favorite spelling of that word.

wow! i apoligize then... i guess there are just more british and what not people here than i thought. still annoys the hell out of me... but at least now it's forgivable.

We accept your gracious forgiveness :-D

you have to understand that being on the net i see so many illegitimate cult like followings to a misspelling or a foreign spelling that i just assumed.

"Um, how about incessant use of ellipses in lieu of proper punctuation?" he said periodically.

Touché, Mr. Stacks.

That's Me!... it's a habit... almost like i'm addicted... if i don't have enough or something doesn't sound right i actually go back and add em... like i said, i'll admit i'm just as guilty of being an annoying listologist as anyone else.

i'll add it