Things I Apparently Like, According to My New Pandora Radio Station

  • acoustic rhythm guitars
  • acoustic rhythm piano
  • acoustic rock instrumentation
  • acoustic sonority
  • an aggressive male vocalist
  • angry lyrics
  • basic rock song structures
  • blues influences
  • a breathy male lead vocalist
  • a busy horn section
  • call and answer vocal harmony (antiphony)
  • classic soul qualities
  • a clear focus on recording studio production
  • disco influences
  • a distinctive male lead vocal
  • a dynamic male vocalist
  • electric guitar riffs
  • an electric guitar solo
  • electric guitar wall-o-sound
  • electric pianos
  • electric rhythm guitars
  • electric rock instrumentation
  • electronica influences
  • an emotional male lead vocal performance
  • extensive vamping
  • folk influences
  • folk rock qualities
  • folk roots
  • a good dose of acoustic guitar pickin'
  • gospel influences
  • a gravelly male vocalist
  • great lyrics
  • groove based composition
  • heavy electric rhythm guitars
  • intricate melodic phrasing
  • latin influences
  • major key tonality
  • melodic songwriting
  • mild rhythmic syncopation
  • minor key tonality
  • mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation
  • political lyrics
  • a prominent accordion part
  • prominent bass riffs
  • prominent drums
  • a prominent flute part
  • a prominent harmonica part
  • a prominent harpsichord part
  • a prominent mandolin part
  • prominent percussion
  • prominent synth drums
  • prominent use of synth
  • punk influences
  • punk roots
  • repetitive melodic phrasing
  • rockabilly revival style
  • romantic lyrics
  • slide/pedal steel guitars
  • a smooth male lead vocalist
  • subtle use of acoustic piano
  • synth rock arranging
  • the subtle use of a horn section
  • subtle use of strings
  • subtle use of the accordion
  • a subtle use of vocal harmony
  • thru composed melodic style
  • triple note feel
  • a twelve-eight time signature
  • upbeat lyrics
  • use of ambient synths
  • a vocal-centric aesthetic
  • vocal harmonies
Author Comments: 

I've only been listening to this for an hour and a half or so, but here are all the characteristics of songs I like, according to the Music Genome Project. Some of these made me laugh. For example, I apparently like songs with "a prominent harpsichord part?"

You may notice a prevalence of male vocalists. For some reason the female vocalists I've heard don't have attributes identifying them as "[adjective] female vocalists." Also, I don't really like synths this much; pretty much all the synth/disco attributes come from me liking one song ("Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode).

By the way, I think the most common things in the songs are "a subtle use of vocal harmony" and "major key tonality." So if you want to write a song I'll like, write a major key song with some vocal harmony but don't overdo it. That won't ensure that I'll like it, but it will be more likely. Also, throw in some harpsichord.

You should listen to Yellow Moon by the Neville Brothers.

Come to think of it, everybody should.

Art Neville plays a mean harpsichord. I imagine.