Things to do in Orlando that do not involve Expensive Theme Parks

  • 1.Enzian-A Movie theatre that shows independent movies and serves actual food items such as penne with pesto or an excellent cheese steak.
  • 2.Pop corn flicks-sponsored by the Enzian,it's basically watching classic movies in a park setting.
  • 3.Rocky's Replay-A giant arcade.
  • 4.Will's Pub-A nice friendly place that has a poetry night on tuesdays.
  • 5.Devaney's-The best place to go for karioke
  • 6.Ibar-A club that always seems to have an 80's night
  • 7.Primal Urge-An excellent place to get a tattoo.
  • 8.Park Ave Cd's-They have every Cd you can imagine
  • 9.The Magic shop-A place that sells magic tricks
  • 10.Wonder works-An Upside down building filled with science experiments and mental trickery
  • 11.Leu Gardens-A place with pretty flowers
  • 12.Hindu University of Orlando-they provide free classes in yoga,ghandi and karma sutra.
  • 13.Winter Park village-A plaza filled with great resteraunts and stores.
  • 14.Colonial Promenade theatre-Tuesdays are .75 cent movie nights.
  • 15.The Dmac-A place where young film makers get together and show they're work.
  • 16.The Oval-A place where young artists show they're work.
  • 17.Skull Kingdom-A giant haunted house.
  • 18.Back Booth-Another club with a great Karioke night.

What a great list! I wish I had this a couple years ago when I was in Orlando for the first time. Now I feel like I have to go back. :-)

I'm glad you liked my list.Orlando can actually be a fun place if you know where to go.