Things That Creep Me Out

  1. Music Boxes
  2. Empty Wheelchairs
  3. Clowns!Clowns!Clowns!
  4. Rusted Tricycles
  5. Old Dolls, especially porcelain
  6. 1970s-1980s Vans, especially without side windows
  7. Polaroid Photos
  8. Mannequins
  9. Bare Light Bulbs
  10. Antique Medical Instruments
  11. Public Bathroom Stalls
  12. Dirt Roads
  13. Dumpsters
  14. Ice Cream Trucks
Author Comments: 

Do all or most of these stem from seeing horror films when a child? Maybe. Whatever the cause, all of these things make me feel uneasy in the wrong circumstances...

You have issues ahah... I agree that porcelain dolls are freaky... especially those with gem-like eyes that glow in the dark... and a vicious grin... and their little porcelain hands holding a sharpened stainless steel steak knife as they stealthily enter your room while you're sleeping... and they climb up on your bed...

Thanks, cramoukji. I'm sure I'll sleep very well tonight...

Johnny Waco

that was the idea :p

I'm happy to report that, despite a furious battle in which I sustained numerous injuries, I fought off the porcelain doll and survived another night. You should see the doll's head now...

Johnny Waco (who is now a light sleeper)

You have a good ear for the creepy (although you'd have to explain what's scary about polaroid photos to me).

For a hyper-eerie effect with music boxes, try playing two of them at once. The jangly, discordant notes make the perfect background music for a Victorian haunted house.

The thing about Polaroids is that they always pop up in serial killer movies because there is no need to take a roll of film in where someone may see the gruesome images on them. Polaroids eliminate that risk...

Johnny Waco (shuddering)

Ice cream trucks? Seriously? I guess I can see the music part of it - usually off-key, too-slow melodies. But it's an ice cream truck - purveyors of sticky sweet sugary treats! Well, to each his own, I suppose. Men with beards have always given me with willies for some reason.

Now, I do want to point out that these can be creepy "in the wrong circumstances." On a bright day in the suburbs, no, an ice cream truck isn't too bad, but in another location, maybe after dark, the truck with its off-key, desperately cheerful music, slowly cruising the streets is something else altogether...

Johnny Waco

Fair enough. Have you seen The Grudge? That film manages to make every object seem scary - even your own bed. Is nothing sacred? They've left us no safe place left to hide. Between Psycho's shower scene and What Lies Beneath's bath scene, I think we have a bunch of people even scared to get clean any more.

Yes, I've seen The Grudge, and you're right about nothing being safe in that movie; the bed scene freaked me out! I guess that's kind of the idea--take away any sanctuary even for the viewer.

I was going to say that Psycho's shower had no effect on me, but then I remembered I never buy shower curtains so thick or dark that I can't at least see light through them--if anything blocks out the light, I'm ready...with the shampoo bottle maybe?

Johnny Waco

Does the dumpster thing have anything to do with Mullholland Drive?

Not specifically, but Lynch understands how many people get chills around dumpsters, and he totally exploited it...

Actually, my dumpster hang-up started a few years ago, when several different times over a period of a few weeks, I would take my garbage out to the dumpster behind my apartment complex after dark. On each occasion, as I got right up to the dumpster, I would hear a furious noise among the trash and then a cat would rocket out right past me, nearly making me lose all bladder control. Ever since then, I have certain OCD rituals when approaching dumpsters, including shaking the bags or talking to myself to let anything in the dumpster know I am approaching...

Johnny Waco

does Waco not creep you out? I guess I've just heard nothing good about it and the whole David Koresh thing ... I'm assuming Waco is where you're from, anyway, and it would seem like you'd run into many items from your list there.

Waco is definitely not a normal city. I always considered it rather Lynchian, to be honest. A major tornado destroyed parts of the city in the fifties and seemed to shut down any progress from there on out, so you have sections that seem out of some timewarp, not abandoned, but just kind of "off." Some odd musuems, like the Dr. Pepper museum (it was invented there), the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame (which is the largest collection of guns in one place I've ever seen), and the National Red Men Museum (some fraternal organization where the members would wear Indian headdresses to meetings--the museum is mainly the personal collections of former members, things like an actual watercolor by Hitler sitting next to the glasses Clyde Barrow was wearing when he was killed). And all of this doesn't even include Baylor, a large Baptist college, being dropped right into the middle of all this, and George W. Bush setting up shop at his ranch in a nearby small town.

And Koresh's compound is pretty eerie, but it's a good twenty minutes out into the country, so I'm not sure how much it adds to the atmosphere of the city itself...although I guess its proximity couldn't be a coincidence, hmm?

Johnny Waco

I so have to agree with you on clowns. Nothing is scaries than a clown.

I don't think I have things that scars me to death but when I get into my memory foam beds and my friend try to put the pillow on my face I scream like someone try to kill me and I think that is the only thing that scares me .