Things That Annoy Me

  • I havent got anything else to do, so im starting this list for the hell of it and also to keep a tab on the many things that annoy me. This list is set to grow......!!!!!! [!!!UNFINISHED!!!]
  • Weetabix Packaging: because no matter how carefully you try to open the packet you still manage to get the crumbs absolutely EVERYWHERE
  • Bristol (UK) Bus Service: the buses are never on time. My bus is meant to come every 10mins but i have to wait for 30mins and then all 3 turn up at once. Then when you get on it costs £1.60 for a single. Now they have changed "change tickets" so that you cant use them to pay for your fare and have to go to their travel shop to get your change within 7 days. Grrrrr.
  • Pret a Manger: all the crap they write on their coffee cups, napkins and everything else they serve food in about them only using the "freshest ingreedients" and having used "rachaels organic milk long before it became popular" (what is it/ so special about it anyway?) and giving me the consumer the healthiest stuff possible. For gods sake, your owned by Maccy D's (mc donalds)!!!!!!!
  • Airport Security in England: all this rubbish about only being able to take 100ml of liquid through customs and everyone being so uptight and telling us that its for our own safty and we will die otherwise. Give over, in Europe they barely look at your passport and allowed me to walk through customs holding a huge bottle of water in plain sight!!!!
  • People Wearing Fake Tan: What is the point? It doesnt look like a real tan and everyone can tell its fake. Men that wear it especially annoy me. Im a strong beliver in Metrosexuality but men with fake-tan push that too far an look plain stupid.
  • People That Say Dance Music Is Bad: they can never give a good argument to why its bad and just make the same dumb ignorent comment that its "rubbish and not real music". God at least come up with something original to say why its bad. Also, the fact they make the comment having probably listened to 3 tracks out of the hundreds of different genres of dance (well EDM to be specific).
  • [NOTE: as im very into my EDM music i will be continuing to add and organise my responce to this annoyance, I just havent got the time or energy at the mo to do so :-s]
  • Commercial/Scouse Dance/Trance Artists: I will admit that they are how i got into EDM but i very swiftly moved away from it as a realised that there was stuff 1000's of times better out there.
  • Anyway artists such as Cascada, Ultrabeat, Flip & Fill, Groove Coverage etc annoy me so much because they get commercial success and so everyone thinks that all dance music is like that and results in the "dance music is so bad" commnets i talked about above. Prehaps the most annoying thing is how catchy some of it is and i often find myself humming and tapping my foot to it :-S even though my mind and heart is telling me that it is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!
  • People That Correct My English: although on here my grammer etc looks ok because i can read and change it when i speak its a different story! e.g. I is well tired (responce: "its not is, its am") or I am proper bored (responce: its not proper, its very). Its hard to explain but if you ever meet me you will know what im on about. Anyways the annoying bit is that people know what i mean but still feel like they have to correct me.
  • Polititians/MP's: Shut up you posh, arrogant, up-yourself twat. You do little good for the country and when you are trying to get elected go round to all these places acting like care when all you really want is to have you picture taken umpteen times to make you look like a good person and that you care. Also when someone asks you a question ANSWER THE GOD DAMN QUESTION, dont go off on some tangent that has nothing to do with the question you were asked.
  • Football Players: why do they deserved to get paid so much? A good deal get paid in a week what regular people earn in a year, and what for? For not studying at school and getting no qualifications. Then when they do play football, loads dive and roll on the floor like they are in the most horrible pain. For gods sake get up you panseys and play what you are being paid for at least.
  • Patronising People: Stop talking to me like im an idiot you arrogant person.
  • Maths: Why is maths a compulsory subject for so many years making you learn a load of rubbish that most people will never EVER need to use?
  • English Literature Lessons: Why oh why do you have to annalse EVERY single word and explain why the author has put it there? When an author writes "he gave her a flower" it is NOT a bloody metaphor for "thier blooming love". If he had wanted to say their blooming love he would have just said it. Teachers, stop making up a load of rubbish. Books are meant to be read not scrutinised.
Author Comments: 

I realise how pointless and irrelivant this list is but it is better for me to rant on here than to people in the real world that dont rely care!!!