Things that annoy me

  • Internet
  • When people post on IMDB about a film "Okay for a ?? year old?" stop looking for parental avice from a bunch of strangers on a chatboard, make your own decision its your kid
  • General
  • When celebrities / people in the media bash "Media Course" discounting it as a real course..uh..your in media! its the course you would of done if it was around when you were at school, idiots.
  • Music
  • When people refer to The Beatles as a "boy band" or "the first boy band" because given the negative connotation that usually holds, the beatles werre so much more than that
  • Just because i like rock doesn't mean i hate all pop
  • All these "EMO" bands (my chemical romance, Fall out boy, panic at the disco ect. ect.)
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