Ten Best Films Of The 1980's

  • 1.Raging Bull
  • 2.The Elephant Man
  • 3.Das Boot
  • 4.Reds
  • 5.Ordinary People
  • 6.Full Metal Jacket
  • 7.Do The Right Thing
  • 8.The Right Stuff
  • 9.Amadeus
  • 10.Once Upon A Time In America

THE RIGHT STUFF taught me to be careful, when you recommend a movie, that you are recommending it to people capable of appreciating it. After watching the video with a group of friends I had urged it upon, the most positive comment I heard was, "Gee, it was long, wasn't it."

I just saw The Right Stuff for the first time, and it was marvelous. While my wife and I both felt it lost it's way a bit in the final fifth, that certainly didn't detract appreciably from our overall enjoyment. And I personally didn't think it felt long.

Jim, four out of five ain't bad. :-D Compare, if you will, TRS with a piece of flashy trash like ARMAGEDDON (the training scenes of which pay a modicum of homage to some of the scenes in TRS) and you gain an increased appreciation for a movie that tries, and largely succeeds, to record for posterity some of the true sense of wonder and historical significance of the early days of the space program. And consider that in the first decade of the 20th century the first airplane flew, but travel to the moon was a laughable notion; then in the seventh decade the lunar dust received human footprints. To me, this will always be an awesome statistic.

The Right Stuff and Apollo 13 have a lot of similarities in the filming and the way the screenplay was written. I recently noticed this of both of these great films.

Btw, you missed a decade. I'm sure the 70s were real, though you could be forgiven for believing they were made up by satirists.

Look closer Bertie. It is The eleven best 70's movies. Its closer to the top of my lists.

"Look Closer Bertie" - sounds like a great title for a movie :-D

i guess you're right.