Television shows watched on DVD in 2003

  • August
  • 24 (Season 1) : This was very very good! We watched all 24 episodes in a period of four days while on vaction from work. It was a very enjoyable vaction. I am very much looking forward to season two.
  • September
  • Oz the complete first season. : Another very good television show. I am quite liking this trend of putting TV shows on DVD, there are a lot of good shows out there that I either did not get a channel they were on or I missed the first few shows and decided not to bother with. Now I can catch them on DVD and I think its great!
  • October
  • Oz the complete Second season. : I liked the first season better but this is still very good TV. It is a shame each season is only eight shows long.
  • December
  • 24 (Season 2) : I also liked the first season of 24 a lot better then the second. It is very good TV but I wasn't drawn in as much this season as I was the first. My biggest complaint was
    Spoiler: Highlight to view
    with Kim's story it didn't have anything at all to do with the rest of what was going on and just started to get annoying. I think it would have been better if she was away at collage somewhere

My favourite is The West Wing - The First Series
- surely the best thing on TV (perhaps ever).

West Wing - The Second Series is available soon in UK / Europe (beware - region 2).

My other recommendations include:

Homicide: Life On The Streets (more quality TV from the makers of Oz).

NYPD Blue Season 1.

NYPD Blue Season 2 - even better than the first season
(and later seasons match it - Jimmy Smits is fantastic in this).

To be honest I have never really been that intrigued by either the West Wing or NYPD Blue, perhaps this will be a good way to check them out. I am on the other hand very interested in seeing Homicide. I have no idea why I am only interested in one of these shows because I have heard from many sources that all three are very good, just the way the mind works I suppose.