Television shows and Mini Series watched on DVD in 2004

  • December
  • Lexx. Series one. Episode two, Super nova
  • Monk. Season one
  • Lexx. Series one. Episode one, I worship his shadow
  • The Sopranos season two, episodes 1 to 6
  • November
  • Law & order Special Victims Unit : the first year.
  • October
  • Best of the Muppet Show - Steve Martin / Carol Burnett / Gilda Radner
  • Best of the Muppet Show - Elton John / Julie Andrews / Gene Kelly
  • Six feet under the complete second season.
  • Six feet under the complete first season.
  • September
  • Firefly the complete series.
  • August
  • Coupling the complete first season.
  • Will & Grace: season two
  • July
  • Sex and the city the complete third season.
  • The Sopranos the complete first season.
  • June
  • Queer as folk the complete third season
  • May
  • Will & Grace. Season one
  • Oz the complete third season
  • Friends the complete first season
  • April
  • NeverWhere
  • March
  • Queer as folk the complete second season.
  • February
  • Best of The Muppet Show - Peter Sellers / John Cleese / Dudley Moore
  • Best of the Muppet Show - Mark Hamill / Paul Simon / Raquel Welch
  • Sex and the city the complete second season. : I am happy to say that I liked this season better then the first, and I have heard that the next few are just as good.
  • January
  • Queer as Folk: Season One
  • Sex and the City the complete first season. : A good show. I enjoyed it enough to check out the next season, but I do hope that this is a series that gets better and not worse with age.

Do you know if "Fawlty Towers" and "Home Improvement" are available on DVD?

I know Fawlty Towers is available, I have been meaning to add it to the list of series I want to watch for a while now, but I have heard nothing about whether Home Improvement is on DVD. I thought someone had a list of what DVDs are being released when. I can't seem to find now, but that search did turn up that dgeiser13 has a whole list genre for DVDs so he might be a better person to direct the question to.

What did you think of Coupling ? I just watched the first season this weekend, and I thought it was hilarious.

I also found it to be hilarious, but thought it was much too short. Of course pushing it up to twenty plus episodes may have started introducing a lot of scenes that wouldn't work. I am looking forward to the next season I expect that I will be getting it out of the library sometime this spring.