Take It Or Leave It: The Strokes

  1. The Modern Age
  2. Automatic Stop
  3. Hard to Explain
  4. Between Love & Hate
  5. Reptilia
  6. Under Control
  7. Is This It?
  8. Meet Me In The Bathroom
  9. 12:51
  10. You Talk Way Too Much
  11. Soma
  12. Last Nite
  13. Barely Legal
  14. NYC Cops
  15. Alone, Together
  16. Someday
  17. Take It Or Leave It
  18. What Ever Happened?
  19. I Can't Win
  20. When It Started
  21. Trying Your Luck
  22. The Way It Is
  23. The End Has No End
Author Comments: 

As far as I know, these are the only released tracks by The Strokes. In order from favorite to not-so-favorite.

These guys are solid.

They have a few more, visit a fansite...same thing with modest mouse btw, I was quite surprised by the amount of unreleased material both of the bands have, modest mouse more so.
Oh yeah they only thing I don't like about your list is where Last Nite is....for some reason I can't stand that song!