Strange Facts About Me

  • My only irrational fear is that of being a waiter.
  • Strangers often mistake me for a thug or a gay man. I am not at all sure how both of these is possible.
  • I have made love in a cathedral.
  • People have fired loaded guns at me before. I have heard bullets whistle past my ears.
  • I have slept on top of a mountain in Amherst, Massachusetts in the middle of sub-freezing temperatures with only a single sheet as shelter.
  • The only two people who have ever punched me are also the only two women with whom I have ever been in love.
  • I read the entire Gospel According to St. Luke aloud one night without a pause to an audience of two.
  • I ran naked around a busy neighborhood block three times at six p.m. Nobody called the police or spoke a word to me.
  • I know somebody famous, and I have never told a soul about this.
  • I was over six feet tall when I was thirteen years old. I have not grown an inch since seventh grade.
  • I went an entire six-month period with no more than three hours of sleep a night.
  • Once, on a whim and without training, I ran eight miles.
  • One day, I smoked six packs of non-filtered cigarettes.
  • I have read the entire King James Version Bible through over eight times.
  • The scent of lipstick is one of my greatest turn-ons.
  • I wrote my first novel before I was twenty. I have not written my second one yet.
  • I once drank a liter of gasoline.
  • At one point in my life, I could distinguish the color of an M&M by taste alone.
  • I always wear white socks, regardless of the color of the rest of my clothes.
  • I kissed every girl in one of my senior classes on the lips my final day of high school except for the one I had the biggest crush on. (I also was asked out by three different women as a result...)
  • I never drink beverages (including soda) with ice (only exception: occasionally water).
  • I do not carry a wallet or wear a watch; my few attempts at doing so drove me crazy (can't you tell?).
  • I have never had any work beyond regular cleaning done to my teeth - no braces, no cavities, no fillings, nothing.
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One of my best friends once claimed that she could tell the color of an M&M by its taste. Then she waffled a bit and confessed that actually she could only tell the brown ones from the other ones. I gave her two M&Ms and she correctly picked the brown one, but it could've been a fluke.

Amen to the white socks. I always wear white socks too, much to the chagrin of my parents.

This is an awesome list. But a liter of gasoline?! How are you alive?!

I once allowed a few friends to give me the blind M&M taste test. I missed two out of thirty, and I was correct on both of those on a second attempt. The orange and yellow ones are the trickiest.

The brown ones are certainly the easiest to single out.

I am thrilled to hear I am not alone on the white socks front! I have heard too many people tell me that I am the only one with that strange quirk...

The gasoline incident happened when I was very young, between two and three, I believe. My grandfather kept gasoline in his garage in old glass pop bottles, and I, not knowing the difference, starting chugging. I have no memory of this, and I suspect the liter quantity may be a bit liberal of an estimate, but I have only the stories of the older folks present to go off of.

You would think that would have killed all my taste buds, but as the M&M fact proves, I actually have a very sensitive tongue.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

i dont think u can die from gasoline

Explains a lot...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I'm afraid if I was ever drunk enough to drink gasoline, I might try and piss fire? OUCH!! hahaha

Ah, it is probably good that we cannot remember everything that happened to us in our youth...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

It did occur to me too late last night that the gasoline incident might have happened to you as a toddler - thus not being funny. I'm glad you took it the intended way. If I'd have known...

:) No offense whatsoever. If I was touchy about it, I probably would have never posted it on this list!

As I said, I have no memory of the incident, so I can hardly feel any pain or regret. It does make me smile, though...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

This is a fascinating list. You are a much more daring person than me. Or is it that you're much less inhibited? Nevertheless, I am strongly tempted to clone.

Why have you read the bible eight times, and what have you gained from that?

The truth may be that I am just a bit dumber than the average person, especially when it comes to my personal safety. Marriage and age mellowed me a bit, but with one of those restraints dissolving, I shudder to think!

I was raised in a fairly conservative Christian household, and I was a borderline fanatic by the time I could read the Bible, which was the age of three. Although many of my convinctions changed over the years, I still love the book and read it some most days. There really is not another book quite like it, and as goofy as it may sound, I swear at times I can hear the voice of God speaking through it (although it is not the only work of art I will make that claim for).

Which does not necessarily mean I think God wrote the book... That is another discussion for another website!

Some of the Psalms, Job, and Ecclesiastes especially rock my world!

Besides whatever spiritual and emotional benefit the reading has granted me, it taught me at an early age the joy of language. The King James Version was written at a glorious time for the English language, and few, if any, English books can come close to its verbal power and beauty. It also probably lets me feel extremely comfortable reading contemporary writings, such as Shakespeare and Chapman's Homer, and there is oodles to be said about that.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs (who really thinks you should give in to the temptation to clone...)

You do surprise me. All this time I had taken you for Jewish. What's with the "Shalom"?

I was lucky enough to be raised a Christian half-heartedly, and the virus never infected me. I find the phenomenon of religion interesting, of course, but I will always be on the outside looking in. I think I have an appreciation of the influences, both bad and good, that religion has on history.

The King James bible and Shakespeare were two of the biggest influences on the English language, but I have read more of the latter. What I have read of The Bible never struck me with as much power as The Bard did. I can believe I am the poorer for not putting aside my prejudice and studying it more closely.

I might do that clone, but it'll be a pale shadow of the present list.

Speaking of Shakespeare and the King James Bible...

When I went to London, one tour guide told me a theory about the translation of the King James version. He said that the translators were fine with the prose, but for the psalms, they wanted someone who would be better at making the words sound poetic. Of course, the poet would just be a ghostwriter and could not reveal his true identity, but perhaps he could slip a little esoteric hint in there somewhere. The King James Bible was published in 1610; Shakespeare was born in 1564, which would make him 46 at the time of the publishing. The guide claimed that if you look at the 46th psalm, the 46th word from the beginning is "shake", and the 46th word from the end is "spear." I checked this out myself and found that it's actually the 41st words from the beginning and end of the 46th psalm, but even if it is just a speculation, it is one interesting coincidence.

I have ran across that before, and it is very interesting, if not entirely convincing.

I have also heard speculation that John Donne might have been involved, which for some reason I can find a bit more plausible, even if I still remain doubtful...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Well, I do love to surprise...

'Shalom, y'all' is a college phrase I created, although I now find on the net that others have happened across the phrase as well. I researched the word 'Shalom' and loved its wide envelope of meaning. I started saying the word quite often. Finally, a Jewish friend made the comical statement that white males from Oklahoma are probably not allowed by law to utter the word in New England, at which point I added the 'y'all' (possibly, along with 'Howdy!' my lone Okieism; everybody at college was so disappointed that the one Okie they knew did not have an accent) to Okie it up a bit. Somehow, the phrase stuck.

You know, I hope this does not offend anyone, but to a large degree, you may be able to better appreciate the linguistic achievement of the KJV Bible if you do read it with some prejudice...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I can't clone this without exposing myself (again) for a dullard! Good god man, a liter of gasoline?! Three times around the block?! In a cathedral?!

I am not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Though I do have some very interesting memories...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Well, since no one else did, I have to ask about these bullets. Why were people firing at you? Was it a run-in with some street thugs, or are you actually an international secret agent?

BTW, I'm working on a clone of this list, but it's not nearly as cool as yours.

Well, now I do not want to tell the story, since the international secret agent idea is so much cooler than the reality...

I was with a friend in the middle of nowhere late one night, and we hopped a fence to hang out in a field. The owner of said field found out about us. He fired a warning shot or two to scare us off. This caused my friend to leap up, flip him off, and curse him, despite how much I asked her not to. The owner decided not to warn any more. He started firing at us, and he came damn near blowing my head off.

I will never forget what a bullet flying closely by my head sounds like.

I do not think I ever ran faster in my life, not even around the block naked...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Hanging out on the field to get some fresh air as you planned your attack on the fortress of the nefarious Blofeld, right? I'm assuming the friend was Moneypenny...

I am afraid that is classified, AJ... ;)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Was your novel ever published?
And why are you afraid of being a waiter?

For the good of the world at large, the novel is still unpublished.

As for the fear, I really have no idea. If I had a decent reason, I guess it would be a rational fear, but as it is...

Just the other night, a regular haunt was packed and a waitress had to leave early. The manager, as a joke, asked if I wanted to help out. I felt the fear rise.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

OK, I must admit that the (only) experience I have made as a waiter was not very positive either:
I spilt a bottle of Coca-Cola on a piece of cake. The woman wasn't very pleased when she saw this mixture...

Gee, 1922, you're not helping any!

Although let's be honest - somewhere in the world, that concoction would have you hailed as a culinary genius. :)

A girlfriend and I waited on a dating couple once in our college cafeteria as a favor, but somehow, that is just not the same.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Here you can find an interesting list of MANY phobias.
Hmmm...I couldn't find the fear of being a waiter. They should probably add this. :)

If it were more common, I would have to take it off my list of strange facts.

Please, don't spill the beans to them... ;)

Shalom, y'alll!

L. Bangs

They call it "servousness."

I was right you are fascinating

Thank you, though I suspect the more accurate adjective is indeed strange.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs (blushing)

Damn, guess I need to live a little before I try to make my own list.

Have you not told what famous person you know because you don't want people to beg you for his/her autograph or telephone number or whatever?

Did your height make you an awkward 13 year old? Were you happy or sad not to grow any more?

Was it dark out at 6 pm where you were when you ran around a block naked? Did people stare, or did they embarrassedly look away?

Why were people shooting at you?

I've stayed mum about the famous person at the person's request.

I was a lanky beanpole at 13. Growing so quickly left me quite uncoordinated and gawky. I was only 165 lbs! Once I hit 6'1", I wanted to stop. I did not want to be any taller. Oddly enough, I did stop. (I am now 185 lbs., a weight I am much more comfortable with).

"The Run" took place around 7 PM; it was close to twilight, but certainly not dark. There were many starers; I am surprised I was not arrested.

The shooting incident is fleshed (giggle) out above.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Heh, I was over 6ft as a 13 year old.. 6'3" at the moment (I'm 14 now).. hope I don't grow too much more. :)

Wow! You outstranged my strange fact!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

My little sis just turned 13, and she's 6'2'


Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Hey, you have got sth. in common with John Cleese. He was 6'4" 1/2 at the age of 13, and then almost stopped growing.

Wow, I didn't know that. I don't mind having something in common with Mr. Cleese!

He is taller, though. I have no problem with that. I remember always wanting to be 6'1" growing up (I devoured Fleming's James Bond novels while in elementary school; Bond was 6'1", and I, terrified I would be a giant, thought that sounded like a perfectly great height), and sure enough, that is my height!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Now that reminds me of two other film celebrities with similar... heights:

1) At the age of 13, Sigourney Weaver stood almost 6 foot tall and stopped growing then.

2) Cary Grant (whose biography I'm reading at the moment) was also pretty tall for his 12 (!) years, with 6'1" (I hope that is the correct conversion for 185 cm, because I have got some problems with inches and feet and yards and whatever)...


I hate to tell you this, but the internet also thinks you're gay. The "Google Ads" on the right side of the list includes one for "tall gay men"; some kind of singles site apparently...I don't see one for single thugs, but I'll keep looking.

I'm afraid if I did a list like this, people would fall asleep:)

Johnny Waco

Gee, and with all the time we've spent together, you would think the internet would know me better by now. It must be the way I type...

When I view this page, I only see ads for better abs. A subtle hint to me?

I would love to see your version of this page. I won't yawn. I swear.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Um, how do you function without a wallet?

Also, how did you go about kissing every girl in your class? Did you just track all of them down and kiss them unexpectedly, or did you ask, or did they line up before your awesome studliness, or what?

I have two back pockets. The cash folds over and goes into one, a few like-sized cards (driver's license, SSN, debit card) goes in the other.

As for the women, I surprised two I was good friends with and enlisted them. We then lured women behind a curtain under the pretense of telling a secret (I think we concocted some sort of faux game a la 'Telephone' or something), and I laid one on 'em. Great fun was had by all.

Well, okay, by me, at least. :)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

You have weak bones, strong teeth. I reckon I have it the other way 'round.

Probably so.

I broke most of my bones playing sports or pulling off stupid stunts (or, more correctly, not pulling off stupid stunts).

So you knock the beast out, and I'll chew it. ;)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

To come back to your novel. Maybe there is a great writer in you and a great work in your drawer (or wherever you keep/hide (?) it) waiting to be read by millions of people.

Franz Kafka, for instance, wanted his entire work to be burnt before his early death. Very fortunately, his friend Max Brod didn't respect this last will.

Thanks. The real problem with my first novel is that what reads as accomplished for a 19 year old fails to flatter a 32 year old. I think my book was somewhat impressive for my age at the time, but if I could get a second one cranked out, I hope it will please me more, and I know in my gut that that is where I should focus my efforts.

In anyone is curious, I'll let on that the title of the novel was, "Macanudos, Pizza, and Cookie Dough Ice Cream A Fairy Tale Sans Fairy." See, it very much betrays the age of its author!

I think I will get started on the next novel very soon, however...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Wow, those are some unusual facts to have under your belt. After a pack of cigarettes in a night, I feel like the inside of a Dickens-era chimney the next day. I can't imagine what 6 packs unfiltered would be like.

And SERIOUSLY - what's with the white socks, you guys? No, no, no. Just.... no.

Cigarettes are nasty and evil and I love 'em. Still, I suspect I will finally quit those disgusting little buggers long before my white socks (trying again today to kick the butts, in fact). I throw myself at the court's mercy.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Hey, great list, but let me say something about the gasoline one - I do not think it is possible for anyone to even take a SHOT of gasoline, much less an entire liter! I would think that would kill any toddler instantly, and I don't know if even a 2-year old could drink any amount without spitting it up.

Also - if the only women you ever loved have punched you, does this mean your wife has hit you?

Good point. Here's what I wrote above...

"The gasoline incident happened when I was very young, between two and three, I believe. My grandfather kept gasoline in his garage in old glass pop bottles, and I, not knowing the difference, starting chugging. I have no memory of this, and I suspect the liter quantity may be a bit liberal of an estimate, but I have only the stories of the older folks present to go off of."

So that's all I know about that!

I'm happy to report that I can no longer report that every woman I've ever loved has punched me.

My wife is now my ex-wife, so out of respect for her privacy, I'll decline from answering that question, if that's okay...


Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs (who probably should edit this list a little...)