Strange Facts About Me

  • 1. I have incredibly long fingers
  • 2. I got kicked out of Montessori school when I was 3 for pouring paint on the floor, and painting on the blackboard.
  • 3. I started writing stories when I was 10, and my first story was "Orlo and the Monkeywrench"
  • 4. The first movie I can remember seeing was "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I was about 4, and I remember the movie in graphic detail.
  • 5. I made a cartoon called "Meat Boy".

How long is your longest finger? Both of my middle fingers are 9.5 cm from where they connect to my palm.

My middle finger is 10.5 cm log, and it is 1.5 cm wide. My hand in total is 19.5, so I have a small palm and long fingers. It's useful for typing.

"Meatboy" sounds cool! Please tell us more?

Meatboy is a huge sausage who fights crime. His only superpower is that he smells so bad that he can knock out criminals just by arriving at the scene. However, he knocks out everybody else too. The President of the United States determins that meatboy is a threat to the well being of the american people, and he has his secret service people take meatboy down. They stuff him through a meatgrinder, and he gets made into packaged meat, which gets sold around the country.

lol lol lol That is the coolest thing ive heard in a long time! lol its sad that he just ends up being made into packaged meat!...His memory lives on (R.I.P Meatboy)

Man great idea!

Thanks, someone suggested that I make a meatboy website, and sell meatboy tees and bumperstickers, do'ya think I could turn him into a political metiphor for how screwed up the country is?

yes that sounds cool. cool on all acounts. I'd visit the site everyday and buy the t-shirt!

While you're at it, you should also visit When they were giving out superpowers, he was supposed to get the ability to manipulate gravity, but an accident happened, and, well...

Well, I know I've got one fan ;)

Very interesting list.
4. An excellent idea I have never thought about. The first movie I can remember seeing would probably be 'The Return of the Jedi'. But only the end of it.
2. Respect. Being kicked out of a school at the age of 3! Not everybody manages to do something like that.
1. I have seen your comment above. 10.5 cm for a middle finger is indeed terribly long, even though that always depends on how tall you are?